DMT and Death

You know how DMT gets pumped through your brain when you’re dying? Imagine getting shot and pushed off a skyscraper, just for example. Imagine the amount of adrenaline combined with the DMT swimming throughout your brain and body. Can you imagine how amazing that would feel? Does that not seem like a beautiful way to die? To go out with a head full of both chemicals. It would seem totally morbid to the rest of the world, being shot and pushed off a building, but to you, the person having this experience, it would be the most incredible feeling. So I’m thinking that perhaps the more tragically you die, the more beautiful the experience. Just a theory :)

September 25, 2012 at 11:56 am
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Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 5 years ago ago

@yougottobefree, I disagree. your brain remains active for 5-10 minutes after death(till it suffocates); this time can be experienced subjectively and you might live your whole life again or go on some internal journey… but not if your brain’s on the sidewalk.

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Rob Goughnour (9) (@thegouj) 5 years ago ago

Dmt is released after your dead not while your on your way.

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Anonymous (2,833) (@) 5 years ago ago

“You know how DMT gets pumped through your brain when you’re dying?”
please confirm this… lol oh you can’t and nobody has.

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ZionBorn (89) (@irievibes) 5 years ago ago

All I know is that it was pumped through my brain this afternoon and it was fucking incredible.

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Shivvy (86) (@shivvy) 5 years ago ago

I don’t get why people keep thinking that dmt is ”pumped through your brain when you die”. It’s never been confirmed. It’s a theory science has come up with to explain near-death experiences, but it never actually has been confirmed.

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Anonymous (8) (@) 5 years ago ago

@udntnome, I remember reading about the way people experience death and learning about the fact that if your brain is damaged, then it could prevent that experience all together. makes you want to be really careful about the way you die eh? really interesting stuff

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