Doing what I enjoy for my life

 Shea (@sheameis) 5 years, 7 months ago

Alright I am a sophomore in college and majoring in mechanical engineering. I have been doing fine in engineering and some parts of it I really like, but it has never really peaked my interest. Really, I’m just doing it for and salary and because I’m decent at math and science. What I am really interested in is music. I play guitar and sax. I’ve played with a few bands and I’ve wrote many songs. I really enjoy it, music is my passion. One day it hit me, why spend your life doing something you really don’t have much interest in when you can do something you really enjoy. So I’m thinking about switching my major to music technology. I’m wondering if anyone is in this field and what they think about it. But on the other side I wana know if anyone is in mechanical engineering and what they think about that. I just wana do something I enjoy for the rest of my life.

November 4, 2012 at 1:29 pm
DaJetPlane (994)M (@lytning91) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

@sheameis, I know a TON of musicians and people generally affiliated with the arts. Several of them chose to major, but most of them go about their musical passions outside of schooling.

Take for instance one friend of mine: he wants to be a music engineer. He enjoys sitting at the computer tweaking the various sounds and making it come out the best he can. Rather than major in this area however, he decided to just teach himself thoroughly and then intern at a studio in Miami. This was a lot more rewarding and when he graduates he already has a job lined up waiting for him.

Nick (195) (@nickc2007) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

Do it if ya feel like it, but if you DO start doing a music tech course, most of what you learn will be self-taught stuff from Youtube. There are thousands of good tutorials out there, all for free, so you can start immediately. Why wait for someone else to teach you?

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