Feeling alive, what a great adventure it would be..

 Matt Vine (@mztt) 6 years, 5 months ago

Hi, My names Matt, New HEthen 12/19/11. This is my first post!.. Enjoy, learn and grow. :)

The more I understand life, the more I crave the feeling of being alive. feeling the flow we can tap into, just to feel the rush of life hitting my soul, making me feel free to think, feel, smell, touch, breath, speak. No one wants to feel like they’re just a number to society.

My whole life I was brought up, being thought how to do this, told how to do that. It didn’t take me until recently to realize I have a choice, not just a choice, I have the world. Feels like we’re all just a tiny, insignificant part in this phenomenal life experience, but this phenomenal life experience is yours, and you do have purpose.

By the end of the day, your too exhausted and tired to be inspired or optimistic about figuring out what makes you happy. The only thought on your mind is recovering from your day to repeat what doesn’t make sense to you the next day.

Maybe the key is trying to be content with your current situation. Finding the good in it, and going all out to do the best you can, to feel satisfied with your self, and feel alive knowing you’re operating optimally. Everyone, and everything has a purpose, something that makes you feel a sense of being. Machines have a soul purpose, and machines that are build currently will run for lifetimes, because it’s healthy and not wearing on the machine to be doing what its job is.

Maybe your current situation needs to change, if not now, then soon, if not soon then… just don’t procrastinate. Your obligations may seem so set and stone, and can never change, but doing what your meant to do will make you feel so much more alive. Everyone has a purpose, and something they’re meant to be doing and are extremely good at doing, much like machines, yet so different, beautiful and unique.

At all cost, keep trying to find what your good at, keep trying to find what makes you feel alive. Keep thriving for life, because the more you aim, the more you gain. Life will find you after you find your self.

Keep searching. "All who wander, are not lost." Happiness is a direction, not a destination.

December 19, 2011 at 7:14 pm
stonedragon (142) (@stonedragon21) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

thanks matt vine. your name makes my soul climb
your story makes me smile
i think about shoes that hurt your feet
so you need to get different shoes that feel good.
that is what you are saying isnt it.

then you can dance!
and our path is the adventure. not the destination.

Matt Vine (3) (@mztt) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

Haha, I’m not sure about that whole shoe ordeal.. Barefoot and vibrams are my thing!

Ellie (1,358)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

The article on here with tips on how to feel ALIVE is really great. I’ve always been an artistic and musical person so those pursuits are the ones that pull me into my element most. That, and connecting with like minded awesomeness (such as that on HE :) ).

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

Feeling alive isn’t hard, just break your routines. Break some rules.

Go challenge death/pain/fear, like extreme sports or something. Or just go to the club and have sex with the hottest person you can see. Or create something awesome, use your mind to actually think instead of just repeating old shit. Do a super intense workout session. Punch a moose in the nuts. Do something extreme and unexpected, be spontaneous. Get your adrenaline pumping, as well as the other “feel alive chemicals” (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, testosterone etc.)

Most important, listen to your gut. What do you REALLY want to do. Your emotions are more true to yourself than your ego is, your gut always knows what’s REALLY going on. Don’t stifle yourself, don’t hesitate, just DO what YOU know you DESIRE to do. I’m not talking about something lame like eating ice cream or playing mariokart, I’m talking about stuff that you’re really passionate about. Listen to your gut feeling, it knows what you really want.

“Trust your gut, kid” – Donald Trump (a really rich motherfucker in case you didn’t know)

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