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“Happiness” is a thing which everyone desires. We do many things just to be happy, still we fail in it. Then we blame situations, persons, God, etc. to make us dejected. Now various questions arise like- Is our happiness dependent on others?  Is it a mammoth task to be happy? If no, then why we are not happy? What stops us to bring happiness into our life? Can a person be happy always? So friends, in this blog we will try to find out the answers of these questions.

First, let’s find out various situations in which we become sad.  If we keenly observe we discover that if a person does not react according to the way we want then we become sad. Let’s understand this with a situation. Suppose in office, you have done a project and you think you have done a great job. Your boss will be very happy and may promote you but he reacts contrary. He said what thoughtless thing you have done. Your work is useless. You are of no use. Then we will be sad in just a moment. Our happiness for the same project will convert in sadness in a fraction of time. Here we see that how much fragile we have made our happiness.

The second thing is that we try to find happiness in materialistic things like car, bungalow, money, jewellery etc. But the question arises that these things do not have the feeling of happiness then how can they give us happiness?  Also, if they give happiness then in each time and in every situation we should be happy by getting these things but it does not happen. Suppose parents get money for the martyr of their only child. Can that money give them happiness?  Suppose you have bought a new car which you have desired. You are driving that car suddenly you get the news that your house got fired so will you be happy being in that car? The answer is obviously “NO”.

So by these we can conclude that our happiness is not depended on others nor we can find it in materialistic stuffs. Things which we think are happiness is actually our imaginations. Anyone or anything else, other than ourselves, cannot create it for us. It is our happiness and we are the sole creator of it. Now question comes “How?” We will try to find out it in our next blog.

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May 3, 2017 at 1:19 pm
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