Gates of my own hell

 WiredWarrior (@warriorwaz) 5 years, 6 months ago

I been on a journey,
a trip and a half
Tempted my fate,
decided my path.

To the gates of my hell,
my journey did lead.
My own dark creation,
my pain giving speed.

I stood right before,
my hell’s open door.
Sick fuckers inside,
Taunting me more.

Pulled down my zip,
stood proud and stood tall.
pissed on their heads,
till their hatred did fall.

Laughing and smiling,
I skipped and I jumped.
My blood it was racing,
my ego was pumped.

Returning once more,
I made my way back.
To my world now so different,
I climbed through the crack.

I faced my own end,
with pride and with grace.
I stared my own hell,
straight in the face.

With only one choice,
thats to rise on above.
I’ve found new resolve,
my heart filled with love.

My life was not over,
not ended complete.
And in my short madness,
I defeated defeat.

Have strength my dear friends,
have hope for today.
For tomorrow in hell,
all can be taken away.

We make our hell real,
we give it it’s life.
Fueling its fires,
with hatred and strife.

So stand tall and proud,
don’t walk through their gate.
Give them your kindness,
with love, and not hate.

Destroy your own hell,
break free of its rage.
Releasing your soul,
you’ll open the cage.

Take heed of my warning,
and learn from my tale.
Or it will consume you,
and cause you to fail.

December 14, 2012 at 2:17 pm
Anonymous (78) (@) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

@warriorwaz, Congratulations on your transformation and rebirth. Thanks for sharing. Namaste.

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