Go do graffiti

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You are graffiti.
You understand that?
Unless your a conformist,
egg-shell white block of nothing important,
easily replaced by the next person.

Go show off your colors.
Challenge the norm.
Challenge authority (You have authority).
Challenge power (you have power).
Question structure (you dictate the structure).
Voice your opinion.
Spread some fucking art.

November 15, 2012 at 9:23 pm
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Jordan Lejuwaan (23,249)A (@jordan) 4 years ago ago

It’s open now @ijesuschrist. Dunno what happened

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VernalSoul (598) (@vernalsoul) 4 years ago ago

@ijesuschrist, I tried once and I really really sucked at it :[ but that was a few years ago and it’s actually been on my mind a lot recently to try again.

Also, we have this thing in Dayton called the Free Wall, and I was wondering if other cities have similar things:
It’s a big ass concrete wall, just by some railroad tracks, kind of visible from the highway, not hard to get to. It is constantly covered in amazing graffiti. And i mean amazing. A lot of better known graffiti artists will travel to paint it. It tends to break into sections of different pieces of art, and a lot of repeat people come back. No one ever fucks with someone else’s piece, but they might completely cover it to make their own; they have to of course for the wall to be always changing. It fun to go look at it regularly and see the changes. I have seen some of the most amazing fucking pieces of artistry up there, even in comparison to all the art exhibits i’ve seen at museums.

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Alex (345) (@staylucky) 4 years ago ago

I’m doing my second piece on a legal wall tomorrow! Can’t wait to get out there and try and put my plan into effect

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Anonymous (2,832) (@) 4 years ago ago

@vernalsoul, yeah minneap had one place that was legal, here in cali there are many legal walls, and plenty of businesses that support it.

nobody masters the can overnight :P

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