Have you ever gotten a bad vibe off of a person that's otherwise nice?

 Sean LeBlanc (@bongodeburrito) 5 years, 10 months ago

There’s this guy I work with back home, and he’s a really cool guy, in all instances of the word. He’ll help you out if your car is broken down, be your last minute DD, never minds sharing, always has a smile on his face. Everything points to him being a good, trustworthy guy. But for some reason, I get the most uncomfortable, eerie vibe off of him. Like he’s gonna slip something in my drink if I turn around or something. Its like an axe murderer vibe, maybe not so crazy, but its just strange. I almost feel bad about it, but I’ve told some of my close friends I work with about the vibe I get, and they get the same one.

No matter what, I trust vibes. I knew this other guy, where I’m originally from that I got this evil vibe off of. All my other friends loved the guy, but I could never get over that vibe, and thought I was just being irrational at first. Then a couple of them moved in with him and realized just how fucked up he was, and I guess you could say I was right. This makes me want to assume that when my vibe senses tingle, they are accurate, but I just dont know. Does anyone else have any similar experiences?

July 15, 2012 at 11:03 am
Chris (74) (@comicsanmc) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

Humans are pattern seeking animals, and where very good at discerning emotions from physical cues. Especially empaths. Whether or not your right or wrong about them being different from what they appear, if your not comfortable around them it doesn’t really matter.

Millions of years of evolution are behind why your feeling the way you do. You might be looking right into the eyes of a predator (socio/psycho-paths) so you might as well just avoid them, (when possible).

Sean LeBlanc (76) (@bongodeburrito) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

@cognizantelephant, You’re getting all scientific and intelligent on me. I dont speak with them fancy big words.

@mikeyw829, Possibly. His personality does almost seem fake. But its such a good fake.

@stephaniekaitlyn, Everything always does. I think there’s a chance I’ll figure something out when I get back there.

@comicsanmc, Sounds like sound advice to me.

Sean D Stevens (155) (@thelaughingfool) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

Odd. I don’t get that vibe from others, but some people tell me I give them a bad vibe even though people who know me say I’m as nice as they come. Of course, that was back in the day when I had long hair and wore a black trench coat.

zoomboom (24) (@zoomboom) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

once someone told me….people with extreme vibes can effect the place upto 20 kms. its actually a very interesting topic

Webshea! (9) (@thelightofgod) 5 years, 10 months ago ago

People have to realize that you can sometimes pickup on someone else’s internal emotions and thats a good thing. I forget who said earlier ” it could be his insincerity ” this is most likely the answer to the vibe that your picking up on, there are people all around you everyday that are going through changes mentally and this will cause a person to be stuck in thought. So when you ask them something or try to socialize with them you get a reaction that your not used to and in turn you dont know what to make of it so you say ” I get a bad vibe “.When this happens your looking for an answer of some sort so you make one up like (Bad Vibe) but in reality he’s just not 100% in the moment with you. All you can do is wait for the guy to sort out what it is he’s pre-occupied about .These situations force you to think about the reality of connecting with people, it takes two peoples understanding of another to fell comfortable, if he is having difficulty understanding himself at the moment I would not take it in a negative way , its up you to bring forth some positivity to the situation.You allways want to keep a positive light on things and when you see someone having trouble to do that simple thing, its time to step up and make light of something. All we have is eachother ,you never want to let your fellow man/woman fell alone .Keeping a positive perspective on things will allways be the best thing for you.

Alex Eastman (70) (@alex) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

I have, but try to be nice back. Sometimes the only thing keeping a person together is a friend or social interaction. There’s this kid at my college that I only see at night. Sometimes when i go to the smoking section he’s standing out there. He has an odd voice and always seems to be creepily hitting on me, but I ignore it because I also feel like he is just trying to be friendly. Some people can’t socialize well and give off those creepy vibes on accident.
And when I say creepy vibes, I mean “he’s going to tie me up and take me home with me” vibe. He is a college grad who is going for his master’s, so why is he outside with his car at 12:00 at night? Who knows. He’s odd, but hell, who isn’t?

Anonymous (7) (@) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

maybe you’re the creepy one, and this guy thinks he’s normal. relax, smoke some weed and just forget about it. vibes are a lousy indicator of what a person really is.

highorange (0) (@highorange) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Are you people in my mind? everytime I have a weird question wandering through my mind it appears on HE front page.
I am always getting this kind of bad vibes from my friend. He used to be my best friend but sudenly is tarted feeling uncomfortable in his presence. I always have a feeling of him laughing at me. Somedays I cant stand him and he is basicly one of the most nicest people I have ever known. Its weird.

Ponysparkles (196) (@Ponysparkles) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

I know a lot of people will press the fact that you don’t KNOW anything about them, that it may be an assumption or something underlying in your own nature that you’re sensing. But I disagree, as I do believe in “vibes” very strongly.

I can’t see auras, but I’m being as serious as possible when I say that I pick up on other people’s thoughts/feelings/vibes. You know how they say that we all give off a certain energy, part of it being energy from our personality as a whole, and the other part consisting of our emotions/reactions in the current moment (similar to what auras are representative of)? Those are the vibes I sense, and they feel much like they’re a part of me when I first sense them. It took a lot of meditation before I was able to identify what my thoughts sounded like, and what it felt like when I “heard” other people’s thoughts/feelings.

For ex. There was a pretty good collection of friends at a bonfire one night. We all got onto a pretty interesting topic and one of my friends was telling a story, other people cutting in and creating that sort of wall that leaves you wanting to say something but you can’t get a word in. I started to feel like I really had something to say and I was looking for a gap to say it, as I focused on that I started to join the words of what I wanted to say. When a gap opened in the conversation, I felt the thought “this is the time” and the mother of one of our friends spoke up immediately saying the exact same thing that I was thinking with the same urgency. – This happens to me a lot.

How those thoughts and feelings come about is typically how I pick up on vibes from people who seem otherwise nice and trustworthy. I get the sensation that there is a wall between us, like a veil that I can barely see through. The air around them is generally thicker, like there is a lot inner-activity going on (their thoughts, manipulating their own emotions, etc). It strings in really well with my intuition, so sometimes I get this “knowing” about where a situation will lead to, or how their persona will change over time depending on the situation.

I’ve avoided many people in life due to vibes I’ve gotten, and somewhere down the line they do wind up becoming the true personality I was picking up on. So, it’s hard for me not to trust it.

I’m not trying to sound all hokey-pokey, as stuff like this is usually discounted and considered mumbo jumbo, but vibes and things within that realm are very real in my life. I totally understand what you’re saying.

Marlon (97) (@shoeopener) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Jesus fucking Christ. Fucking idiots. How do you even have a goddamn conversation about picking up on vibes when it’s in our nature to pick up what other people just fucking do because they’re fucking alive?

Holy fucking. Motherfucking. I wasn’t that stupid when I was fucking 12.

@ponysparkles it’s obvious you cannot help or give attention when it could be needed beyond your abilities.

Talk about not knowing how to fucking communicate.

Ponysparkles (196) (@Ponysparkles) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

@marlon Who peed in your cheerios this morning? From your comment, it appears that you are the one with the inability to communicate.

“How do you even have a goddamn conversation about picking up on vibes when it’s in our nature to pick up what other people just fucking do because they’re fucking alive?”

This seems like a really easy problem to solve. Close the tab and move on with your life. If the way you thought and the way you perceive things was the end all be all to existence, then I’m pretty sure people would have called you god by now. But no, you’re just one comment on one post that is easily looked over, and you wasted it on being an offensive prick. Plus, if you don’t know how to have a conversation about it, why are you even here?

I wasn’t talking to you personally, so if you disagree with what I have said enough to pick me out then I care very little about your opinion or justification. Maybe you’d have a little more luck swaying people to your liking if you weren’t so abrasive and inconsiderate.

But, if you care to elaborate on why you think that it is “Obvious” I cannot help or give attention when it could be needed beyond my abilities, that is your prerogative. I can at least be thankful that I’m not as crude as you are. You must experience a lot of negativity and shit in your life to be that insulting.

Marlon (97) (@shoeopener) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

I just needed to explode, nothing personal. It’s not about my life, though. A lot of people seem to lack comprehension, so you were actually mentioned, not technically replied to.

“Maybe you’d have a little more luck swaying people to your liking if you weren’t so abrasive and inconsiderate.” Can’t argue with that!

Now, what the fuck is wrong with you to have felt my bad vibes and still replied to me to change that? That’s how simple it is and that was the whole point.

Thank you.

Snephanie (0) (@sneeze) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

maybe it just means that you are supposed to stay away from that person for whatever reason. they might have a problem or a complex that they need to fix but you wont be the one to teach them. or something like that. trust the vibe but don’t be too superstitious about it ;P

tearoom (6) (@tearoom) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

@bongodeburrito, I mean, in what way is he fucked up that people that moved in with him figured out? He could just be trying really hard to cover up severe depression at work, but I get what you’re saying about vibes.

Marlon (97) (@shoeopener) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

It’s a 2 year old thread again. You’re hilarious, though.

tearoom (6) (@tearoom) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

@shoeopener thanks, looks like you also open eyes besides shoes. I guess I need to stop living in the past and using the mainstream discussions sidebar choices.

Marlon (97) (@shoeopener) 3 years, 11 months ago ago


iamjimmy (27) (@iamjimmy) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

My guess is that this guy has some heavy baggage that he is avoiding… Trying to move on but never really coming to terms with whatever it is. He probably has some anxiety or something as a result, which can come of as sketchy vibes in my experience.

Doormousse (0) (@Aihia-Kashieka-Sabello) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

I feel them the most when people are going through difficult periods in their life. When I turn my head toward someone who is passing me by or approaching I always get this feeling that their energy was calling out to me, or that my intuition is raising red flags around me. However its very rare for red flags to appear when a person who is a psychic vamp, sociopath, and extremely negative like evil energy I get a bizarre feeling and try to get away as fast as possible. If you feel that way about that guy then why don’t you do a bit of snooping around. It is kind of invasive, but it never hurts to learn something about a person. The worst case scenario is you get involve with some so negative that it suddenly blows up in your face, and you’d wish you have listened to your inner voice first! You can also talk with them. It’s easier to find out what makes you uncomfortable when you interact with them. I learned the hard way that I was naturally introverted, did not indulge in gossip, and definitely did not speak a lot in school or work. That didn’t stop me from doing a good job though, but its the opposite or shallow people that doesn’t like you. They find you threatening for a reason. 

That happened to my mom and brother too. Had relatives and friends who were so nice to their faces even offered them many things just to gain their trust and loyalty, but once my folks said “No” or stood their ground. These same people went bat shit crazy. My estrange aunt filed a lawsuit with ridiculous grounds and even forge a few documents (luckily the cases were all dismissed and my mother didn’t file a lawsuit against her instead. 

If you can easily pick up energy then black is a good choice. Helps me when my channels are open. 

Hippy Love (1) (@Hippy-Love) 2 years, 4 months ago ago

Yeah. Trust your gut.  

Really good discussion on here. I especially like what one person said about giving out good vibes. I know that I can totally change the energy of someone who is down and got some “bad” vibes sometimes just by acknowledging them or giving them some positive energy.

That said, some situations are difficult, like about the boss with temper issues who is usually nice. I have not always been able to recognize bipolar stuff. One guy that I knew for a while REALLY threw me off. His mood could turn on a dime and he would turn completely paranoid and irrational, then later be back again as if it had never happened.  Sweetest guy in the whole world, and abnormally intelligent, but wow!

Now I take plenty of time to get to know someone before we are besties, but I always give them the benefit of the doubt at first. I’ve found that if you treat people well and with acceptance they usually rise to that level of behavior themselves. 

myownworld (0) (@sicotetion) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

I know this reply is mad late, but I gotta get this off of my chest;
I know I personally give off the same sort of vibe, for me the serious vibe is determination (mainly to move on and forget about the past, along with other passions such as video games, ideas for generating electricity, philosophy…) combined with the hell I carry around with me (very, very shitty life experiences, kind of like the types you would see in a really dreadful horror movie, except instead of being over in 2 hours, it takes 5 years followed by the fallout of the experiences (captivity in own house/room, mental, physical, sexual abuse)

misery makes a person cherish the little things, no matter what kind of anger/hatred I feel inside, I cannot possibly wish torment on another person, therefore I try to alleviate any bad vibes, whether it be from me or someone else, by joking around (horribly)
or just doing something to make life more bearable for me and others close to me.

in a song by mushroomhead, some lyrics say you have to know suffering before peace- I don’t know if that was the exact wording, but it seems to be the case.

Dee (1) (@Dijana-Bonecker) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

Trust your instincts. A psychopath is charming and generally liked by others because they know what they have to do to win acceptance and trust. If you have a bad vibe, move on. It might save you one day.

Personally I don’t remember meeting guys that seem nice with that evil vibe. If someone feels wrong, I don’t mix with them.

mkultra358 (0) (@mkultra358@gmail.com) 2 years ago ago

The Human- psyche can to powerfull i can remote viewing i can not read some-ones mind they call it picking and receive pictures  i can tell when he/ or /she have fear and guilt if they are by me but is the way it is the way there parents put fear in them  STOP trying to get into peoples minds  you will drive youself crazy some people have Psychic abilities  put know how to use them /delta/ th-9 helps

NickAM_86 (0) (@nickmihal) 2 years ago ago

Use your gut instinct.  I have met some really nice people…people like who you described…but they had ulterior motives and were very manipulative and controlling while maintaining the facade of “Mr. Nice Guy.”  I consider myself to be a good judge of character and I am very observant of the vibes I get from people.  9 out of 10 time I am usually right, but I have also been wrong as well.  Just use your gut.  I treat people as I would want to be treated until they give me a reason to other wise.  Just be aware that not everyone is who they say they are but in the same respect, don’t assume that everyone has a hidden agenda or personality.  Always be accepting but be on guard!

nyx (12) (@wanderingmoons) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

this is really cool actually.

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