Have you ever gotten a bad vibe off of a person that's otherwise nice?

 Sean LeBlanc (@bongodeburrito) 5 years, 11 months ago

There’s this guy I work with back home, and he’s a really cool guy, in all instances of the word. He’ll help you out if your car is broken down, be your last minute DD, never minds sharing, always has a smile on his face. Everything points to him being a good, trustworthy guy. But for some reason, I get the most uncomfortable, eerie vibe off of him. Like he’s gonna slip something in my drink if I turn around or something. Its like an axe murderer vibe, maybe not so crazy, but its just strange. I almost feel bad about it, but I’ve told some of my close friends I work with about the vibe I get, and they get the same one.

No matter what, I trust vibes. I knew this other guy, where I’m originally from that I got this evil vibe off of. All my other friends loved the guy, but I could never get over that vibe, and thought I was just being irrational at first. Then a couple of them moved in with him and realized just how fucked up he was, and I guess you could say I was right. This makes me want to assume that when my vibe senses tingle, they are accurate, but I just dont know. Does anyone else have any similar experiences?

July 15, 2012 at 11:03 am
sandy (15) (@sandytorna) 2 years ago ago

YES.. ALL THE TIME…even with my close friends. We have our third eye to thank for noting these vibes–since we are picking up certain things about a person in our higher and very aware conscious state. All I have to say is trust these notions. Keep a distance from your coworker; keep the relations LIGHT. 

Gloria (0) (@Gloria-Austin) 2 years ago ago

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teaflower (15) (@teaflower) 2 years ago ago

Yes! Definitely trust your instinct. If you’re a little skeptical and think you’re being unfair to the guy, you don’t have to cut all ties. Just be sure you’re always cautious and use the buddy system. There have even been instances where my gut told me “don’t go out tonight” or “don’t do this specific thing” and then I end up hearing about something that makes me glad I listened. You could also listen to those cues when you’re with him.

I view our third eyes as kind of a muscle, I work at building up its abilities because these vibes you get can really keep you out of sticky situations, and also help you with things regarding “luck” (:

becomingUndone (15) (@morro) 2 years ago ago

Although this is way too late it is too interesting a topic to not talk about it at least somewhat. I don’t get vibes as much from people, although I’ve started getting that more with more meditation. However there was once where I started getting terrible terrible vibes in a situation. I was with some friends having a few drinks out on the town, only having had one or two up to this point. Anyways, I walked into one area of the street right outside this one bar and just started feeling incredibly incredibly uptight and uncomfortable. I have never experienced anything like it, it was absolutely the most uncomfortable I have ever been, without question. So I got out of the situation as soon as I possibly could, ushering my friends away from the area (by making the excuse that the bar line was too long), and then literally not two minutes later we were waiting in line at a bar down the street, and six people were shot, with two fatalities. I definitely trust my instincts, and I believe that you should as well. Although I don’t think that would happen, just trust your instincts and vibes man.

Connor (0) (@Connor-Frias) 1 year, 10 months ago ago

Yeah bro you know I think its because the person that gives a bad vibe had done some bad shit like kill someone or maybe there just evil /posseSD idk something like that

Deeart (0) (@deeart) 1 year, 6 months ago ago

I completely understand.  The same thing is happening to me at work.  The girl who has been training me gives me a terrible vibe.  I can’t figure out if she just doesn’t like me or what.  She spends a lot of time gossiping which I stay away from.  I am new so I honestly don’t want to involve myself in the office drama.  I also don’t want to form opinions about others via big mouths.  

I can’t tell if she resents me for some reason Or if it’s that she’s been talking about me.  I just get a terrible feeling from her.  Everyone just loves her.  She seems nice but definetly caught up in the drama.  So perhaps it’s all it is.  Weird.  

Leon (0) (@Leon-Johnson) 1 year, 4 months ago ago

Yes. I”ve met certain peopel who are nice to most people. But they seem to have a nasty vibe towards me. Sometime back in 2013, I asked a question in class to my social studies teacher and I remeber getting a certain look. I hated the way that this person looked at me.

One time, this guy shook my hand and I remeber feelign a judgemental vibe.

Roshie (0) (@Roshie-Love) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

This happens more often than I’d like it to……I feel the energies around me very strongly and I’ve noticed that a lot of people who go out of their way to be extra nice, aren’t doing it for genuine reasons…..I’m nice because I really do want everyone around me to feel comfortable and happy, (the happier people are around me, the happier I am), but some people are nice for reasons that only benefit them, like they wanna be the best, or they wanna outshine someone, or things like that…..I don’t trust people I get those vibes from, I’m nice back but I try to avoid them.

Renée (1) (@Renee-Parrinello) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

There was a guy who was very popular among this one group of friends, but I got a bad vibe off of him. Turns out, unfortunately I was right. He wound up hurting a lot of people. 

Sherry KAB (0) (@Sharifa-AB) 11 months ago ago


Your intuition is always right, I truly believe that. People have become really good actors, and social pressures make them turn into people they are not. I mean, I had the situaiton with my cousin, and I was thinking shes my cousin! of course she loves me, I am being sily, but what is this weird vibe I get with her? She was always being so sweet, paying for me when we go out ( she is well off), buying me things, telling me she wants to help me by taking me to rehab & therapy cause she thought I was bipolar ( I am quite emotional and outspoken compared to her)…anyways long story short. She screwed me over big time!!! She has been gossiping about, told my mom crap about me that no mother should hear…I mean…it was a bit shocking, I thought I could trust her, that she was my friend! but there we go…some of those ” I am so innoccent always trying to cater to people and make things perfect” ARE THE WORST PEOPLE STAY AWAY 

penguinkitten (6) (@penguinkitten) 11 months ago ago

oh yes I have had the same thing :/ Especially when you look at the eyes of this person, gave me a tingly scary feeling. Make things more complicated I did really like this person argh.

marcoV2.0 (0) (@marcoV2.0) 10 months, 2 weeks ago ago

Sometimes I wonder if people get that vibe off of me.
I had a pretty messed up childhood that left me with a pretty messed up points of views about life and people, it wasn’t after I moved out from my moms house that I started thinking differently and trying to become a better person over all. Living alone made me realised so many things, it gave me some serious time to think on why I was the way I was; a toxic, laying narcissistic asshole, that was always looking for its next mating partner. Everytime I would talk to a girl I would just spit whatever lies that would work to get them get in bed with me. Most of the time it would not work because bad vibes can just stick out like a sore thumb. Eventually I had a girlfriend that was very compassionate, beautiful and full of good vibes, (I swear sometimes it looked like she was emating an aura) that changed the way i thought about other people and myself. Not going to go on detail on how she did it because it was a long process, but eventually when we broke up I started digging deeper on my problems and started the self healing. I’m still in the process of changing but now whenever i talk to anybody I put all of my attention and good intension to give the best of my advice so I can be able to help them out in the best way possible, but sometimes I feel like people still get that bad vibe from me not knowing that I’ve actually done the switch. Sometimes I feel like its just me because ever since I’ve changed the way I think people always seem to gravitate towards me.

Samuel (0) (@Samuel12346) 10 months, 1 week ago ago

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Reynevan (5) (@Reynevan) 2 years ago ago

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Connor (0) (@Connor-Frias) 1 year, 10 months ago ago

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Angela War (0) (@Angelwarrior) 1 year, 5 months ago ago

I have a friend who is really good.Has helped me out with things spends time talking to me on the phone ect.But I.notice that she always wants to have one up on me,and turns everything around to herself.I confided in her about stuff I.am going through.But she then sublimaly tries to use this agaisnt me.I.am.thinking comon now your being paranoid but it strange.The worst thing is I have experienced this before, and they turned out to be bad. 

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