Help Me Achieve Mental Peace

 ashton (@ameginnis) 6 years ago

Hey all, forgive me if this topic has been posted many times but I am posting it to get direct feedback on my experiences so I feel that a new discussion is merited. I have read many of the discussions here and elsewhere about meditation techniques and I have the basic understanding of how you’re ‘supposed’ to meditate but no matter how hard I try I always find myself unable to clear my mind even for the shortest periods of times. My tactic is to sit either cross legged or in a comfortable position leaning back and focus on my breathing. When my mind wanders I acknowledge the thought and what caused it and try to go back to focusing on my breathing. I have tried counting to ten between breaths and have tried meditating in a variety of locations from under a tree in a park, to in my room in the dark. My problem is that no matter how hard I try my mind is always racing. I can only go for about 3-4 minutes before I become restless and I feel as if my legs are trying to jump out of my skin. From here I normally give up.

I am looking for any advice to help me clear my mind. This could be tips on my current technique or a new style of meditation I have not even considered yet.


June 19, 2012 at 4:41 pm
skippio (3) (@skippio) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

Personally (that means you should not take what i say for granted and i hope you do not for I am only a kid) I believe spirituality is a myth. Clearing your mind means you should see nothing and think of nothing. That is however, impossible. Meditation does achieve calmness within but that is because you are putting your body at peace. By trying to “clear your mind” you could be in fact putting more pressure on your brain. The search for spirituality is in itself never going to get you there. Again, this is just a view(probably formed by other people around me and the books i have read). But isn’t your view just the same?

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