How to Contour and Highlight Your Nose

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Most of the modern time celebrities have high cheekbones and small nose perfectly combines with a glowing face and without a turkey neck. While some are naturally born like that, the largest number relies on makeup. You would also want to realize this makeup tricks but haven’t had a chance of trying it out as it may not have occurred to you that it’s all not natural.  The following simple steps will form the backbone of highlighting and contouring your nose.

Prepare for contouring

Every successful makeup activity calls for appropriate preparation. The following steps should guide you on how to prepare adequately.

1. Apply a base

Contouring and highlighting need a strong foundation underneath. Powder highlighting and contouring, as well as liquid highlighting and contouring, require a base. A foundation base will be more appropriate for the liquid one while a powder base serves best the powder highlighting and contouring.

2. Commence with basic make up

For any of the highlighting and contouring, you should begin with either a foundation or a concealer. Basic make up should precede contouring and highlighting.

Do Liquid Contouring

The following steps should guide you while doing liquid contouring:

1. A darker color should be prepared for liquid contouring

Foundations and concealers are supposed to have concealed your imperfections. After they are concealed, you can now go ahead and apply a darker foundation or a dark matte with a cream brush.

2. Accentuate your cheekbones

Carefully look for hollows on your check bones. Then draw an unbroken line from your eyes to the middle point of your cheekbones. This should be done on either side. Using a clean foundation brush, blend back and forth. Keep on blending slightly on the up side. A small stippling brush or even a Beauty Blender can be used in place of the foundation brush.

3. Make your head look smaller

Carefully establish the arches of your eyebrows. From them draw a trajectory line up to the point the hairline is. Repeat this on the other side. Draw a line horizontally that touches on the two lines you had drawn. This should leave at least a quarter between the line and the hairline. Outwardly, blend everything.

4. Hiding you double chin

Trail your jaw line keenly. From this line, draw a line closely neighboring the neck region. Blend towards the neck region downwardly.

5. Complete the cycle and connect everything   

Draw a three along the sides of the face. This connection should involve perfect blending.

6. Work on your nose to look smaller

On both sides of your face draw a straight line. This will make your nose look smaller. These two lines should merge at the tip of your nose and form a “U” shape. Creases on your nose should reveal. Just like when you are applying a cream eye shadow, draw a curved line. After connecting the crease lines on the side of your nose, blend outwards.

Powder Contouring

The above steps should be used in this contouring but make sure you don’t use a lot of powder. Also make sure that it blends with the shade of the foundation or powder.


Get your highlight concealer, which is two to three shades lighter than the foundation.

Using this two ways highlight the area under your eyes

•    From the inner corner of your eyes, work downward towards the nose and then finally to the edge of the nose. In between the triangle formed, draw dots. Then blend using either a beauty blender or a foundation brush.

•    Work on the area all the way to the temples. Using the above steps go past the edge of the nose to the temples.

Work in the central region of your face

At the middle of your nose draw a straight line and at the tip draw a fine horizontal line. Draw a straight line above your nose, which will be right at the heart of your forehead. Then draw lines along the cupids and vertical lines on the chin. On you, cheekbones draw dots and blend.


Using a blending brush, blend the surface in small swirls. It will give your surface a cool and soft airbrush feeling. A concealer blend or a foundation blend can also work well. Since the concealer is two or three shades lighter than the foundation, blending short is done keenly to avoid the appearance of lines.


The above simple steps will guide you too achieving highlighting and contours you yearn for. It is, however, important to select your foundation and concealer keenly such that they will blend easily. These steps should be followed keenly to achieve this as one of the best makeup tricks.Anchor

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