Human Survival Was a Fluke

 onelovechange (@jakefloria) 5 years, 7 months ago

I’ve been thinking… when you look at the natural human being as what it is, it appears rather unsatisfying. Humans, without clothes, tools, weapons, or any sort of apparatus, are pathetic. We are naked and have almost no hair/fur to keep us warm, we are slow in comparison to most surviving creatures, we are weak in comparison to most creatures our size, we are vulnerable, no claws, sharp teeth, horns, camouflage, or special skills to help in survival. One would think, according to ideas of survival of the fittest and natural selection, we would have been wiped out or at least hardly progressed and remained an inferior race. However, something happened that had never happened before: we became conscious and smart. We figured out that we can create tool and things to help us adapt to our needs. We created clothes and tools and homes and fire and weapons. This sudden drastic change in consciousness happened and separated us from the entire animal kingdom including our ape ancestors. What could it have been? It was a fluke. We weren’t meant to survive, we probably would have died out or at least dwindled. Instead some kind of mistake, mutation, leap, or whatever allowed us to spring forward and become the most powerful, dominant species in history. No matter where we lived, we were able to adapt to the environment by learning from experience and creating a solution.
I’m sure many would say that we have over-progressed and over-done it. We have gone too far and have started to mess things up. Others would say that we have accomplished astounding feats and we should be proud of how far we’ve come. I think both are true but I just thought people should maybe stop and consider this idea. I doubt I’m the first to think it but what I’ve seen is people tend to think that humans are the “chosen” ones by god or we were put here for a reason or we have a purpose. There are the religious and spiritual sides and the other sides but I think that we just happened to be here and through an accident, a fluke, we survived. Dinosaurs lived much longer than humans have and they nothing like this ever happened to them. Our only attribute is our brains and our minds. Our ability to analyze, rationalize, invent, and keep coming up with things so that no matter what, we’ll survive it. We have gone past the stage of survival and progressed to a leisurely stage. We now create in the name of entertainment and recreation. We have gone farther than any creature on this planet, yet we still cannot and will not be perfect. We cannot get a system that works for everyone and there has not been one that has worked perfectly since the beginnings of civilization. I like to think I have a purpose here, that I’m meant to do something, but I accept that this may not be the truth. I am open to the possibility of a nihilistic existence and that there is no great essence, or purpose, or god, or anything. A scratch in the natural order. An exception to survival of the fittest. Just an odd chance of mindfulness.

Please comment, I’m eager to hear your ideas on the matter :)

November 5, 2012 at 8:03 pm
ELizard (229) (@heavydreamz) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

A rock floating in space eventually evolved into micro-organisms, which evolved to plants, which evolved to animals.. we see a trend of evolution that has lead to us. We have evolved to a higher level of consciousness. What separates us from the animal kingdom is that we have developed an advanced awareness of our own existence. Still premature, considering most people are still incredibly dominated by their egos, primitive instincts, and subconscious minds. It makes sense that we are a fluke, that we weren’t meant to survive, perhaps thats what motivated the evolutionary leap. Keep in mind, we are discussing our own existence.. I don’t see dolphins doing that yet. They are far too in harmony with the earth to need any of that. So whats next? Im guessing a higher level of consciousness is in order.

Egarim (362)C (@egarim) 5 years, 7 months ago ago


The key thing that separates us from the less cognitive lifeforms is imagination. Do not forget that. We can rationalize and analyze all we want, but it is the imaginative part of our brain that allows us to be creative and construct new, never-to-have-existed solutions.

Technological advances are usually the result of people using what we have and what we know to create something that first originated in their imaginations.

onelovechange (440) (@jakefloria) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

@egarim, Good call, i forgot to mention that

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