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I was interested in starting a thread on this topic and seeing what everyone has to say on it.

Personally I believe it is a fact that it can be achieved, but the patient in question must believe in its power to influence the mind otherwise it will not work. Placebo affect. It doesn’t matter if there’s real substance or not, because if it works regardless then it achieves its purpose and has ended successfully.

Has anyone here tried it? I’d like to hear personal experiences with it.

November 21, 2012 at 8:15 pm
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Drew (3) (@d3lilley) 4 years, 1 month ago ago

I have many times. In fact, my mom’s a hypnotherapist, and I willingly volunteered to be her “guinea pig” for new methods / approaches. Have you ever heard of autosuggestion? Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, and all the greatest “self-improvement” authors are huge proponents of it. Hypnosis is essentially auto-suggestion, minus the prefix, so if you believe in its efficacy, then you also (albeit unknowingly in some cases) believe in hypnosis’s efficacy.

You asked for personal experiences… here’s one for you. A women in my mom’s training group needed practice with suggestive hypnosis (as opposed to a regression), and I volunteered to receive a hypnosis that would help me perform better in school. Obviously, this sounds very general, but before the hypnosis we really fine-tuned the purpose, focusing more on my capacity for concentration and focus. Although still a student, the women was highly skilled and very fluid, and I woke up feeling “vibrational” (just made up that word). Anyways, if its any indicator, my g.p.a went up by an averaged increment of .4 each year from Freshman year (the time I had received the hypnosis). I am not saying the hypnosis was the ONLY reason for such a drastic turn-around, but hey, it should certainly get factored in there. I also got a hypnosis right before my 2nd SAT, and my score went up about 200 points. There were many others, but I don’t want to scare you away with a lengthy post. Let me know if you have any other questions! My mom’s a hypnotherapist… I am sure I can at least touch base on most of them

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@beardlike, Your take on hypnotherapy is the exact same as my own. Subjective patient experience is the only perceivable way that I can see this working. The mind has too many fail-safes and defense mechanisms active to allow someone to utter some calming, carefully-tailored words and have the instantly unlock their deepest subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Just too divergent from the user experience I have day-to-day for me to believe it applies to EVERYONE.

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@lytning91, You’re absolutely right that it’s imperative and subjective on the patient itself. Just as different patients won’t respond well to all therapists necessarily, especially considering since a lot of them differ in the methods of treatment for patients that may or may not work for the collective public.

@d3lilley, I find that fascinating and would enjoy hearing more anecdotes about it.

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I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and could add some stories and thoughts on this topic.

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. Most people’s only exposure to it is a stage show (for entertainment purposes) or something they have seen on TV or a movie. The perception is that it is mind control, which is absolutely incorrect.

@d3lilley explains it well. Hypnosis is so natural most people do not recognize trance when they go into it because we do it all the time. In fact, daydreaming is one of the lighter stages of trance. In daydreaming, your eyes are externally focused, however your mind is focused on some imagination, thought, or emotion (all of which are subconscious functions).

Using hypnosis, you are able to directly access the subconscious which is the goal-oriented portion of our brain. You can use this access to change thoughts, reprogram your mind for goals you would like to achieve, and even experience improved health from putting your mind back in its natural healing frequencies.

I do not want my post to be really long, but I have personally witnessed many amazing things through hypnosis. This would include helping people to stop smoking, lose weight naturally and easy, clear up allergies, improve self-esteem, improve athletic or sales performance, control pain, and overcome abuse. When you work with a trained hypnotherapist, they can teach you how to use your mind to accomplish the goals that are right, true, and correct for you. The mind is unbelievably powerful!

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