I don’t do poetry butuhhhh here is this poem thingy =)

 Renee (@themorning) 6 years, 7 months ago

My mind is in such a strange spot lately. I haven’t been able to write. I haven’t been able to successfully balance an extremely high stress situation and the joy I’ve found and the truths I’ve experienced. I’m everywhere, and nowhere. How is it possible to feel so utterly hopeless and so happy to be alive at the same time? Can I stop the world for a bit? Can I stop time? Anyways–this is what came out of me when I tried to write my normal stuff:

The light
It starts so bright
There is no fight
All new, intrigued, overtaken by senses, warmth, love
No notions of right and wrong
good and bad
No answers and no questions
Just light
The light consumes all sight smell sound and touch
all direct connection to the light
Slowly, words come into the light
words, lessons, labels
what is right and what is wrong
words, lessons, labels
They push on the light, cover it up
The light dims
The light must dim to give room to words, lessons, labels
time to learn
time to learn
about what is good and who is bad
time to learn about how we learn
the light doesn’t fight–never leaves, it only waits
patiently, patiently, perhaps until another lifetime
It’s dimmed by the words
such strong words. we become the words.
time to learn, to struggle, to fight
for what is right–but what is right?
the light never leaves, only dormant
Keeper of senses, keeper of experience, keeper of now
The light lies dormant underneath all the words

It waits for silence

It waits for senses, for experience
It waits for newness
When the words stop being enough
when good and bad becomes confused
When new thinking arises, new ways are found, a reworking, a jumble
A pleasant jumble
An impossible jumble
The light turns round and round, churns it all
Tastes bad
The light spits out the unneeded
The light gets rid of words–it grows
The light grows bright, words pushed out into oblivion
into the nothingness from which they came
There is no fight
All new, intrigued by senses, warmth, love
The light, it starts so bright


November 12, 2011 at 1:11 am
Em (473) (@emily) 6 years, 7 months ago ago

That was so beautiful Renee :) “The light must dim to give room to words, lessons, labels”—-I know, what a bummer!! It’s always there…it’s all there ever was, all there ever will be, it was there before us and will be there after us, & nothing (especially negative) we can say will change the truth of it.

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