I don't know what is life all about.

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Maybe I’m just being ignorant. Maybe I’m just thinking about myself only. But in the end, I don’t see any point in living. But I don’t want to die either. I keep on living thinking that someday I might get one reason why we live.

Now, some people say live spiritually. I just don’t understand that too. I mean, on a scientific note I don’t even understand my own consciousness like what makes me the way I am, why I think like this, or why I can’t be just normal. My mother tells me to stop being like this and try being normal. She says there’s no reason to think so much, just go with the flow. It completely irritates me. I don’t want to stop thinking. I mean I am not trying to be illogical by saying there’s so much suffering in the world. People get stabbed for nothing. And that law of attracton? Well, I believe that’s the most idiotic law I have heard of. I don’t believe in reincarnations. So tell me why do some babies die? Then it’s not even I don’t enjoy life. I like it. I like spending time doing fun things. But here’s a priblem. I don’t look forward to anything. Life is like an infinte loop of events for me currently. And I don’t even want to change anything. I want things to stay like this. But someday, everything will change. Due to this ideology, I will be crippled, that’s what my mom says. Which is a harsh truth.  People are so bad or ignorant in general. They don’t want to support anyone. Yes, there are many who do the opposite and I just don’t even know what to do with this fact. My mom says to end the suffering one has to gain power in this world. But what if I don’t deserve it? No, what if I really and actually don’t deserve it? I don’t want suffering either. I want to be a superhero or do something big for the world but that’s just a fairy tale. Am I thinking wrong? Am I being a pessimist? Am I a lazy bum with no future?  I know reading my post might not make any sense to you. I am a very contradictory person. But I like that and hate that at the same time. I am afraid of having my eyes opened because that might lead me to another illusion. I wish time could be stopped literally. Like in a way I could stare at frozen people or frozen moments or frozen sunset for as long as I could.  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and change things completely. I could make a different me. Then life would be so fun. But then I could never be alone. Everybody would love me. I would be sick of being loved. I want to be alone forever. I want to taste everything alone. I don’t like people. Because they’re either selfish like me, or maybe more or kinder than shit (haven’t met one yet and don’t want to else I will feel undeserving) I have a lot of things. I am thankful to have them. But then I wonder why doesn’t a poor guy have this? You would say, donate stuff or be a part of some organisation? But I don’t want to bring a smile on anyone’s face. It just doesn’t sound pleasing to me I try to be grateful but then I feel undeserving. I think even if someone will tell me, I will think about that advice in a 1000 different ways until I end up completely rejecting it. There’s no solution for my problem. No, there is. It’s just that I won’t accept it. 

January 22, 2018 at 7:55 pm
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akorts (0) (@akorts) 3 weeks, 6 days ago ago

u ever smoke weed? might help tbh

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The first post I can actually relate to (so much so, I made an account on this website so I can reply). I am with you and I understand every single sentence. Here’s hoping these negative feelings pass… They do say it gets better eh?

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Freyzi (3) (@freyzi) 1 week, 2 days ago ago

I say, try to be free enough to experience this existence to its fullest.

Quite simple, first head for financial freedom then freedom from materiel things and feelings that hold you back.

Empty your self and then enjoy the rain on your face, the hot water in the shower, the cold wind on your face,  the smiles around you, the laughter, the warm touch of another person, the way the sun penetrates the clouds, how the wind blows up the leaves, how the wave breaks on the beach, how the birdsong makes you feel inside, how the flowers smell, how the food tastes, I could continue for ever……….. 
Really feel this world. …. what else do you need?

When that, food, shelter and companionship is all you want or need the world’s open to you.
In those moments I find the meaning of life to me, so i’d suggest nothing further or more complex then that.

If you can get to that stage, I think you will want to give that feeling to other’s.

I Love living and I love death as well, that among other things gives you the power you seek.
Its not about some answer or a certain path to life. It is truly the journey and how you choose to go through it.

What if I could give you the elixir of life and the philosopher’s stone? What would happen? More pain? More suffering? or could you use them to save this world?
Can you even take care of your own life? What would your mother say? You think you can carry this world on your shoulders?
Not even superman can.

You want a super power, Ill give you one. 
The power of Purpose, its your’s.

Imagine your self to hold the greatest power in the whole existence, you’re a limitless god walking on this earth. You have the power to create new worlds as you please and destroy them as you like.
Now let go of that thought and come back to here and now, If you were able to get to that feeling why should you care about the elixir of life or the philosopher’s stone? Why should you worry for this world?
Use that mindset, mindset of a humble god walking on this earth. 
Look at everyone with love, they are lost gods. Just children running around with matches in a world of gunpowder. 
Some have gotten further in this world using some laws, Like the law of attraction and others like it, childish.

Enter this game of life with the right mindset and you’ve already won, enjoy the trip.  

Stop thinking, start feeling.

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K3nY (3) (@k3ny) 1 week ago ago

Woaw drama queen, you’re not that important…

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Freyzi (3) (@freyzi) 1 week ago ago

How do you know?

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K3nY (3) (@k3ny) 1 week ago ago

I don’t ;)
Maybe exploring the nature of this “I” that seems to be in a lot of trouble about futur “I” and past “I”.

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Freyzi (3) (@freyzi) 1 week ago ago

True true, did not think about it that way.
There is allot of ”I” in there as I read it again….:’D

I still dont get what you mean though when I read over it:///
I cant see it…
Does there need to be understanding of future and past? 

Could you explain it to me?:)

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K3nY (3) (@k3ny) 1 week ago ago

Basically, same old “know thyself”… Futur, and past are barelly illusions, collection of memories…
At some point you may meet your nothingness and therefore your everythingness ;)

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Freyzi (3) (@freyzi) 6 days, 23 hours ago ago

I dont understand your answer but I like it:)

So what if you take nothingness plus everythingness and add it to the now, As a constant (not a good word for it but as close as we have I think)
More simple would be to Imagine past and future as a constant in the now.
So there is only N
so if you think to the future you’re still in N, same with past.
So thinking in P and F is kind of useless if you can stay in N all the time, no?
Lets keep the thoughts just in this dimension, we dont’ have words to use in any others I think any way, not yet.

What can your imagination do? 

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K3nY (3) (@k3ny) 6 days, 22 hours ago ago

“I” am/is a control freak… Prisoners are the best wardens. “I” exists only through time, it’s a time machine if you want. It’s a collections of memories in which it projects itself (even in the “now”).

Drama is a really nice and effective prison one can create to protect itself. It offers as well very good questions to ask, like who’s this “I”, who seems to be the main character of the show… And, what’s this otherness, constantly met.

Illusion =/= useless. A character, a mask, is very usefull as an “address”, a “location”, or if you want, as a tool. Which has not intrinsic value exept the one you agree to give.

A philosopher said once : “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”.

Your imagination can do everything, that’s the beauty of it. It works all the time, creating the whole illusion. Which is wonderful… Stop for a while and look around you… Isn’t that incredible how the mind build a full experience out of some sensory inputs…

TL;DR: Who am I ? When am I ?

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Freyzi (3) (@freyzi) 6 days, 17 hours ago ago


Real and unreal at the same ”time”

The concept of a time machine is  quite silly and useless thing when create in constant now
Or what create in the now is in fact all at the same ”time” 
So best is to let go and forget past and future, useless.

It truly is, and how easy it is to change.

Is ”mind” the ”I” that create now free from this strange existence?
If no, want to create wealth?
Unlimited wealth
Do want it?
Everything can dream of in this world,
Everything the mass dies for.
Does ”mind” need to feel and see i?
How much do need to be free?
Ill give this world if thats what it takes.

Can imagine that?
Go there and see how it feels, own it all. 
Leave an ”I” there and come back

Imagination exercises :D

What feeling is now? 

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GreenFalcon (0) (@LeoHunt) 3 days, 14 hours ago ago

few of these questions are in my mind as well. But I would recommend trying  different things or steping into something entirly new once in a while. Maybe it will help or maybe not but either you will gain satisfaction and knowledge or you will gain experience and knowledge.

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Brian (0) (@Brian-Walsh) 3 days, 9 hours ago ago

Have you read the Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus? If not, I would reccomend it. Adresses living with the absurdity that is the life we live

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highStudent (1) (@Levitator) 3 days, 6 hours ago ago

This is my first reply here so i try to keep it “short and sweet”  :D 

I just saw a video on You tube… It was about programmed cell death in microbiology… My conclusion is : We are all just a bunch of cells, cooperateing in a “human” body in order to survive and RE-PRODUCE. Cells don’t worry about things, jet they know what to do and how to do it. They are programmed , all your cells know what to do. They keep you alive in order to reproduce. You get this body , brain, life for free , from your ancestors. It is up to you, to use it for what it is made to . 

It is the simple truth of all liveing things. Yet we humans with our “super brains” we feal a bunch of things and, think a bunch of things and we loose the point! 

Life is about surviveing and re-produceing! All other things are extra…

If you can not reproduce you still can live a pleasent life. 

But haveing kids will shurely keep you occupied and it will fill your life with meaning ! So get started find your way to a nice partner, becous you will need one for this project! 

Ps : don’t worry what mom says… you are an individual! Be wise ,good luck! 

Do not owercomplicate things! 

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Sailor Mars (3) (@ilovesailormars) 1 day, 5 hours ago ago

I suggest listening to the Rick and Morty soundtrack.

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Pizza Time (0) (@PizzaJakeVelociraptor) 1 day, 5 hours ago ago

U ever watch Rick and Morty? It might help tbh

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