Male Circumcision

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Why do we do it? Why is it that when female circumcision is mentioned in where the fuck ever most people think it’s weird? Ever think why we have most males circumcised when they’re born, to help with cleanliness?.. Yeah, right. I think it’s some sort of damaging process to the male sexuality which makes us accept propaganda more easily. What do you all thinkk bout dat

January 1, 2013 at 7:13 pm
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anna.leclair (2) (@12alecla) 4 years ago ago

Honestly I’m unsure if the reasoning behind it is truly about damaging male sexuality, though society does a good job of that in other ways. I think it has more to do with a tradition started in religion that we have rolled around in myth and misunderstanding. I absolutely agree that it is fucked up and pointless though. Just like leg shaving and women. Seriously. Why are women looked at as disgusting and weird if they decide they don’t want to shave their legs? Its fucking hair. Everyone grows it. *Scarrrrry*

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Anonymous (2,653) (@) 4 years ago ago

No freaking idea. It’s a fact that most of the circumcised men didn’t have a choice. In some cases it comes down to what women prefer? I wonder why would anyone even give a shit though. I don’t think it damages sexuality but I wonder if it makes the genitalia less sensitive.

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Matthew (1,127) (@ojai) 4 years ago ago

@cognizantelephant, I mean I’m circumcised. I feel like I’d rather be circumcised than not, too. Does that make me a bad guy? I don’t really know how I feel about it overall. Maybe I can’t say that though because I don’t know what it’s like to be uncircumcised. What’s it like? I imagine like a turtle neck for your penis. Does it have pros/cons? For instance, is it very uncomfortable on a hot summer day if you’re uncircumcised? Or is it the opposite and you’re more cool?

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KevinSG (105) (@flyingrhino) 4 years ago ago

Female circumcision…?

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ELizard (228) (@heavydreamz) 4 years ago ago

Honestly I have always felt the extra skin is there naturally for the man’s pleasure alone.. unfortunately I will never know for sure :/

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anna.leclair (2) (@12alecla) 4 years ago ago

Its not wrong to necessarily have it. Please don’t feel bad if you are circumcised :P Its just the social construction that its “unattractive” to not be circumcised is whats wrong. This idea that its “unclean” to not be circumcised is just a demonstration of complete ignorance and a continuation of social myths that are rooted in religion. Most studies say that it does nothing to effect the sensitivity or ability to sexually please. It just makes me a little sad to know that people feel insecure about something like this, when really it shouldn’t matter.

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Ben (148) (@cognizantelephant) 4 years ago ago

@12alecla, The process is extremely traumatic, and it happens so early when the brain is very malleable. Personally I think the experience embeds into the unconscious and stays with you for the rest of your life. It’s real impact is purely subjective, though it does skew up some natural stuff imo

@beyond, @ojai, I bet some women here could attest to preferring the natural *ahem specimen, but in the case they don’t – women generally prefer the natural penis, extra skin and all. Smegma is produced by the foreskin and acts as a natural lubricant. Also that’s part of the reason lubrication is so popular, the circumcised penis creates more friction and makes a vagina dry the fuck up some times. The whole thing reduces the sexual potential of a man, I think self-image too

And masturbating seems a lot more non-weird when you aren’t circumcised, which is interesting regarding how opposed to it our culture used to be at one point.

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anna.leclair (2) (@12alecla) 4 years ago ago

Interesting thought. I am very unsure how it would effect the subconscious at such a young age. And the degree of effect would be interesting to find out as well. Normally the babies are given something to take away the pain though (but who knows how good that is for the baby). and I’m rather unsure how much the process would directly effect their self-image, because babies don’t develop their sense of “Self” till 15 months or so. I agree it is unnatural, and might make it so that people need to use lubrication in response. But when using a condom, you might need lubrication regardless. I had no idea about Smegma! All this has been very interesting to think about!


Well circumcision like any deep-seated cultural belief is based not on reason or critical thinking but is reinforced through repeated exposure to tradition. Critically analyzing circumcision it would make sense that a religious institution governed by elites would want to reduce sexual pleasure because it cuts off man from one of his most natural and fulfilling actions. Thus this would lead them to seek fulfillment in other ways such as through ideological dogma.

This tradition also fits in with the Christian belief that man has dominion over the natural world, in this context circumcision allows for man to deny what nature has given him. The rise of organized religion would also likely want to prevent the trance states that can occur through the ecstatic experiences central to shamanism such as sex, drugs, and music.

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anna.leclair (2) (@12alecla) 4 years ago ago

Tradition is a short cut to thinking for ourselves. Circumcision is practically a pointless procedure in the first place. and I’ve found a more recent article that is conclusive about Circumcision and how it dulls the male’s sensitivity. How unfortunate.

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D.F.M.C. (2) (@dfmc) 4 years ago ago

@cognizantelephant, @12alecla, Interesting thoughts guys. A lot of what everyone has responded about this has weirdly felt like a compliment haha. I’m uncircumcised because I come from a Latin/Hispanic culture, and have always wondered what it would be like to get circumcised. But I guess I would agree with what most of you are saying, and to me there are a lot more pros over cons. The few cons I can even think of are having a few girls in my past that were very close minded about it, and that’s the problem they did not have an “open mind”. That’s exactly what Anna brought up about the social construction, that its “unattractive” to not be circumcised. And I guess this is the problem for the people that aren’t fully aware of how natural this is. Why else are we males born uncircumcised, just because that’s the way most people are raised, doesn’t make it right. There are really no strong arguments for doing it. Its the most natural thing in the world. I have never had a problem as far as the “unclean” idea either. And besides those close minded people, socially it has never really been a big enough issue for me to care. I do agree with the fact that to many guys are too ashamed of it and it just comes back on them and effects their social lives with girls. I’m not ashamed of it, especially after reading all the responses.

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Adam (118) (@moonglade) 4 years ago ago

I am not circumcised myself but I have plenty of friends who are and none of them really miss the extra skin, mainly because the don’t remember having it at all. It’s done for traditional/religious purposes and it really doesn’t traumatize people to my knowledge. No harm no foul.

Female circumcision on the other hand is completely fucked up and demeaning. To those of you who don’t know what it is it’s basically when the cut off a girl’s clitoris. It’s a shame that it has to be a thing.

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Ben (148) (@cognizantelephant) 4 years ago ago

@moonglade, Forgive me dude but you aren’t saying much here.
“none of them really ” “it really doesn’t traumatize people to my knowledge. ” “Female circumcision on the other hand is completely fucked up and demeaning.”

The whole thing is fucked up. It does traumatize you. You are a different man because you are not circumcised. Your psychical knowledge about your friends is probably so limited that I wonder why you’d even post about that. Look up what religion really is, organized religion, not that collective mindset stuff. You’ll see that whether or not it actually helps fight off diseases there is no point for it to be done without that person’s consent.

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Bobby (190) (@bobbylloydxd) 4 years ago ago

Circumcised guys don’t seem to stress out near as much about this issue as uncircumcised guys do. I have heard so many rants by uncircumcised dudes about how terrible it is and about how circumcision supposedly ruins sex and manhood. It seems to be bordering on paranoia. It’s leading me to think that being different from a cultural norm has lead some men to deep rooted insecurities about their penis.

I have heard women talk about it many times and I’ve never heard any of them say that there is a significant difference either way. My cousin was circumcised when he was 25 due to infection. He said that he couldn’t tell a difference in how it felt at all.

Sex is still extremely awesome, even with circumcision, for both men and women. There are millions of people that would attest to that statement.

I don’t believe at all that circumcision somehow compromises your manhood. Manliness isn’t stored in some secret compartment in the foreskin.

I feel that if being uncircumcised is leading men to paranoia, Looney conspiracy theories, and faulty science, it might be better to get circumcised and avoid the whole lunacy. Also I do believe that it is easier to keep clean?

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Dnonymous (18) (@udntnome) 4 years ago ago

@bobbylloydxd, your manliness might not be stored in your foreskin; but fifty or so percent of the nerve endings in your penis used to be. Quantity alone doesn’t fully account for sensitivity but it doesn’t hurt. I’m glad you don’t miss your foreskin but to imply that cutting off a useful and sensitive part of your penis might help you avoid paranoia… hah well I cant help but think that you’re the lunatic. Or perhaps just ill informed on the matter

I put a lot of trust in evolution, I wouldn’t consider modifying myself in order to fit into a societal standard or a religious/cultural dogma. And never ever because some girls are conditioned to like a “sleeker” look… that’s just silly. It’s sad that so many kids aren’t given the choice.

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Brandon Phillips (142) (@brandonphillips) 4 years ago ago

I’m kind of pissed that I wasn’t given the choice. What if it does dull the pleasure? Sex could be way better for all I know. It’s mainly a Christian thing and my parents are Christian, but I turned out not to be Christian… So now I’m like.. “what the fuck was the point in having them do that to me?” Why would God make us with foreskin and then ask us to have it cut off? I think it’s all some bullshit story by idiots hundreds of years ago to get what they want (what ever it was) from gullible idiots. It’s only that it’s become so normal to be circumcized that we think it’s frowned upon not to be. If circumcision never existed I’m sure we would all be fine with how we were and there would be no dispute between it. Sure sometimes it’s needed for medical reasons. But if you’re fine I say leave it alone. It’s uneccessary.

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FindYourGreatness (342)C (@jpete011) 4 years ago ago

With so many men having erectile dysfunction, premature ejac. and other sexual issues now a days, shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if circumcision has something to do with it.

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Bobby (190) (@bobbylloydxd) 4 years ago ago

@udntnome, or did you just display perfect examples of the faulty science and paranoia that I was referring to. The only people that claim that it makes sex so much better are uncircumcised men. I have yet to hear a qualified health care professional, or a man circumcised later in life claim that there is a discernible difference. In fact I’ve heard the opposite many times.

Excuse me for agreeing with healthcare professionals, and my own bodies sense of homeostasis as opposed to a group of paranoid conspiracy theorists that seem to have penis insecurities.

Is it too much to ask for science? Or am I supposed to blindly accept these ridiculous claims? Half the nerves of the entire penis in the foreskin? You willing to stake your reputation on that claim? Is it possible that some dope that also had penis insecurities posted it on some website, and then you regurgitated it as if it were a fact without ever seeing the science behind it? What’s your confidence in those claims? It doesn’t makemuch sense to me because the foreskin isn’t known to trigger orgasms.

I don’t really see any reason to have my children circumcised except that I see no problem with it and that I suspect there might be a correlation with uncircumcised men and penis insecurities in our modern society where circumcision is so common. I would hate to subject my children to something like that unless I saw hard science proving that I should. To be honest the only people I would believe if they made such claims would be circumcised men or women married to circumcised men. You uncircumcised guys seem to have an agenda.

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Ray Butler (1,421)M (@trek79) 4 years ago ago

@cognizantelephant, It is outdated now considering the hygene products and standards so easily available and expected of people these days. You have to remember that even less than 100 years ago, personal hygene was dismal, even the higher ups in society had some stank on them.
You look at 200 years ago, they had no hot water, or at least it was a very arduous task to draw a tub of hot water, these things we take for granted now but Winter in northern Europe or the U.S.A/Canada, it was far more practical to drown yourself in cologne or perfume than run a warm bath every day.
Some things are just remnants of a by-gone era but you have to realize just how recently that era is by-gone, historically it was last night, it takes time to adjust. But remember that even today, more people lack appropriate hygene than have access to it, most of humanity right now does not have access to enough water just to drink let alone have a lavish wash everyday.
You really have no idea of the horror poor genital hygene used to cause and circumcision was actually a genius thing that saved uncountable lives just in prevention. But yes, as with many things, people often do not understand the logic to something and so they use religious motivations, you can see this as a cop out but religion was efficient and effective in placing a lot of direction to the masses, both good and bad.

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Ben (148) (@cognizantelephant) 4 years ago ago

@bobbylloydxd, I respect your opinion, so don’t immediately reject me rejecting your statements.

I’m circumcised, and I understand the problems that come with it. I am also concerned that it reduces sensation.

It’s a removal of a piece of skin that covers the head of the penis to protect the nerves. It without a doubt serves an evolutionary purpose. To remove it diminishes the psyche of a man and creates barriers in real sexual release.

Check this link out:

” Doctors like John Harvey Kellogg, fundamentalist health reformer and cornflakes creator, decided the foreskin needed to go.

Kellogg wrote, “The remedy for masturbation which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision.”

Remedy for masturbation? I’d like to see a count of hands of my cut fellows who require vigorous techniques during sex/masturbation. It fucks you up a bit right? And why the fuck is the frosted flakes guy in charge of my dick?

I’ve never discussed this in person with anybody – for a reason! Guys typically won’t divulge their honest feelings about this sort of thing in fear of social rejection, it’s a fucking weird thing to talk about. The anonymity of online surveys show that most guys who are circumcised go through some sexual dysfunction way more often than if they weren’t. It’s really easy to find out about.

I’ve also looked at some forums where women discussed what they preferred and what not, and it surprised me that a large amount leaned towards the natural side.

But – The feelings of the men is what needs to be pointed out. That is the part being ignored.

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St Emilion (2,989) (@manimal) 4 years ago ago


“Why do we do it?”

-I don’t. Do you? If you do it, you know why.

“Why is it that when female circumcision is mentioned in where the fuck ever most people think it’s weird?”

-Why is it that people don’t think twice about boys beating the everliving shit out of eachother, but freak out when girls do it? Why is it that there’s so many charity funds that’s only for helping girls but not boys? Like those ads about helping girls in poor African countries get educated, but never about only helping boys.
How come gender quotas are applauded when they favour women, but not the other way around? How come there’s so many complaints about women being objectified, but little to none about men being objectified?

It’s because bitches whine a lot, and most people these days think women are worth more and need special treatment all the fucking time.

“Ever think why we have most males circumcised when they’re born, to help with cleanliness?..”

-You’re implying that the majority of males are circumcised? That’s dead wrong.
Maybe in a few backwards dummy nations, but not in the whole world, nor in modern nations.

-The cleanliness aspect is nothing but bullshit, circumcision doesn’t make anything cleaner.

“Yeah, right. I think it’s some sort of damaging process to the male sexuality which makes us accept propaganda more easily. What do you all thinkk bout dat”

-Sounds ridiculous to me.
Nothing seems to even remotely indicate that circumcision fucks with libido or sanity.

Circumcision is fucking stupid as shit, but it’s not some kind of mind control shit. If they’d start neutering or sterilizing people, that’s a whole nother story. But that isn’t happening.

“Remedy for masturbation? I’d like to see a count of hands of my cut fellows who require vigorous techniques during sex/masturbation. It fucks you up a bit right? And why the fuck is the frosted flakes guy in charge of my dick?”

-Mr Kellogg was a real asshat in every way. Circumcision is not the only “remedy for masturbation” he endorsed. For example he recommended burning or pouring molten metal on girls’ genitals to kill the nerves, and to insert metal rods into the frenulum of boys.
“Remedies for masturbation” is just one of the many horrible things this fucker was dealing with.
And those frosted flakes are an atrocity, all their cereal makes people dumb and weak and sickly. That’s the whole damn idea.

“I’ve also looked at some forums where women discussed what they preferred and what not, and it surprised me that a large amount leaned towards the natural side.”

-That surprised you? What? Did you grow up in the desert or something?
Sane people don’t prefer mutilation.

And to all those of you who are circumcised; your parents are dickheads, they had you mutilated when you were small and helpless. And they probably felt proud about it, told themselves that they’d done you a favour or someshit like that.

It’s 20-fucking-13, but it seems a lot of people think it’s still 1320.

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LiveItLoveIt (16) (@liveitloveit) 4 years ago ago


I have read studies that show that it is emotionally traumatizing and that they find higher levels of aggression in babies that were circumcised.

Personally I am not circumcised and glad. I have heard that as the nerves are constantly exposed to air they become less sensitive, and some are removed in the removal of the foreskin. When I am erect you can’t even tell that I’m not clipped. As long as you shower and take care of yourself it’s not gross and there’s no real reason to do it other than religious or cosmetic bs.

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Anonymous (60) (@) 4 years ago ago

Most circumcisions performed today have their roots in the Jewish practice. What “conspiracy?” I’ve witnessed several during my clinical rotations. There are some benefits to circumcision, such as decreased transmission of STIs, but that can be achieved through condom use. Over the years it just became widely accepted in certain societies. They aren’t necessary, and if I ever have a son I wouldn’t choose such a procedure for him. I don’t want children though.

As for female circumcision, many females’ survival in the past depended on how marriageable they were, and in certain areas they would not be without the procedure. There are different variations of the procedure, but a clitoridectomy was thought to reduce their libido (many women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation). I disagree with both male and female circumcision, but I also feel that female circumcision generally has more repercussions for an individual when considering physiological effects and social forces perpetuating it.

Again, I have issues with both, but in the hospital I must stay professional and honor parents’ wishes.

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Jhubel Canilanza, RN (48) (@jhubelcanilanza) 4 years ago ago

@flyingrhino, yah. Female circumcision once happened in some groups in Africa (If I’m not mistaken). They removed that so called “Clittoris”. Medically, it is said to me the Female’s Erectile Organ, just like what male have, the “Penis”.

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Ben (148) (@cognizantelephant) 4 years ago ago

@manimal, Yes actually I did grow up in the desert, Arizona to be exact. But that has nothing to do with dicks here, which is strictly what I’m talking about. Strictly dickly.

Oh my fault I didn’t have the actual number, I thought much more men had been cut.

““Yeah, right. I think it’s some sort of damaging process to the male sexuality which makes us accept propaganda more easily. What do you all thinkk bout dat”

-Sounds ridiculous to me.
Nothing seems to even remotely indicate that circumcision fucks with libido or sanity.”

It does reduce sexual performance, and in that takes down a portion of libido as well as sanity. However, many people have benefitted from “restoring” the skin, something to keep in mind yall.

@liveitloveit, Spread the word, don’t kut the kids.

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