Jesse (@saint01) 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Imagine we had no sense of memory and we were just conciousness(intelligence) experiencing itself as material expression, we would walk around the earth never going to the same place twice, every step would be a new experience without any memory of the previous one. The world would be infinite and never ending , once we went around it would be completely different and we would never be able to find the place we started. Without memory we wouldnt be able to progress, there would be no sense of identity just expression which never ceases.

February 22, 2018 at 12:02 pm
Pizza Time (0) (@PizzaJakeVelociraptor) 3 weeks, 2 days ago ago

Guao this is an amazing thought experiment… 

ButI think I’ve seen a Rick and Morty episode that this is from.. 

pleasecite your sources so we can all learn from the materials you learned from…

Jesse (0) (@saint01) 3 weeks, 1 day ago ago

Space is our mind , there is no end to the space wich thought comes out of. We are the inside out expression of intelligince..

Jesse (0) (@saint01) 3 weeks, 1 day ago ago

Space is our mind , there is no end to the space wich thought comes out of. We are the inside out expression of intelligince.. Anything we can think of is within the boundries of previously expeirenced phases of expression, language is the result of expression. Look how far we have come from developing the ability to express our feelings, the desire to communicate was so intense that language developed out of nothing …. Desire to communicate is the desire to expression…. Matter is the expression of light, our reality the inside out expression of light in its infinite variations, there will never be two humans born with the same experience as another. Exactlly the same form of experession with its own infinite space of reality. 

Jesse (0) (@saint01) 3 weeks, 1 day ago ago

“emotion” is a word used to measure various states of expression. Eyes use light to measure various forms of substances and materials used and needed in order to produce its ultimate being of expression, humans. What we do as a race in its entire existence is a result of that same desire to express whats on the inside and bring it out, into “reality”. There is no end result , we are the end result, the rest is a prolonged , dragged out experience of the first atom expressing its existence. The atoms purpose is its existence in physical expression, its source was nothing…. It’s ability to produce something out of nothing is the intention behind its purpose. The possibilites of what it can create within its endless space of nothing! unique forms of existence based on the materials which exist from that same source of empty space. Look at nature and tell me thats not expression in its most genuine efortless existence.The fact that we have a reality as rich as ours , SO full of experience and possibilities , so many unique forms of expression all from one same source. There is no chance of something that comes out of nothing to have a flaw in its result. The source needs no evidence , its never hiding anything , its forever complete in its inside out expression.

Freyzi (4) (@freyzi) 3 weeks ago ago

I like the way you think:)

But have you managed to live this way, with this thought process? 
Letting go of what other people think of this world and enjoy this existence that you can create to the fullest?
Make wealth and live the good life?

Its seems so easy to create these amazing new thoughts and kind of worlds but in the end getting dragged back into this silly material world existence most people choose to live in….

What are you thoughts?
Just wondering:)   

highStudent (2) (@Levitator) 1 week, 5 days ago ago


What about FAMILY ????? Feeding kids? Care for things? Are those bad things? …. reality won’t work thisway sorry.


thomp327 (0) (@thomp327) 1 week, 3 days ago ago

If we did not have a sense of memory, how would we know if we learned? We would not know if we have been to the same place twice because once we experience it, the experience would be forgotten. It would be like a a person with alzheimer’s walking around the street. Memory is how we learn and grow. Without memory we would be in a constant state of naivety. We would essentially walk in a circle for the rest of existence ignorant. We would all look literally insane. 

christinemeany (0) (@christinemeany) 1 day, 13 hours ago ago

well what is that for? 

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