My interview with anxiety

 MPHill (@everymorningbornfromtheashes) 5 years, 5 months ago

Okay so I just went to get a new job and had an interview today.
I killed it. And want to share with you in which ways I did, and how you can apply this to other situations that make you nervous!

I noticed somethings about how I was anxious!

Okay so firstly, I need the job. But it is a casual position *work only every weekend*…
Is that even legal? I guess. But anyways, so I was practicing my mental loops (acting as if I had already gotten the job) and that worked out really really well.

I would get nervous when meeting tons of people. And found that when I am nervous I stutter a bit. I was asked: So tell me about yourself…

I said “Where-where to uhm start um…” I caught myself doing this several times and instead of continuing I found that forcing myself to say “I would have to say” Really worked.

When it came to people I didn’t know I joked around about how I would know their names a week after working with them. It seemed to get a lot of appreciation.

When it came to the dreaded do you have any questions, I remember everything my interviewer prided herself on when it came to the tour and asked her to elaborate on those things. This made her feel in control, important, and got her talking a lot!

When it came to the overwhelming paper work I talked about how I preferred the paper work compared to computer applications because I can really get everything about myself that applies to the job and people I’ll be working with.

When prices were discussed I challenged the price a bit by playing on the fact the lady knew the facility was small. I said “this is quality work it is very personal I am surprised the starting work pay is only that much.” (in control but not to much, just an observation!) Then talked about how it was calculated, and found out it was on experience.

And finally when it came to good-bye I shook each persons hand around me, told them I look forward with working along side of them soon.

Now whether or not I will get said job is circumstantial. To take it I don’t know, because it is only casual. But man did I kill it.

Good luck future job hunters!!

December 13, 2012 at 3:19 pm
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