On the path to mental clarity ?

 Jaeden Miller (@jaedenm) 6 years ago

I recently was turned to minimalism by a close friend and after the cluster and mess of my daily life was gone i felt stronger mentally. Then i started researching ways to become “smarter” or to increase my mental capacity and productivity, all i could find was websites with guaranteed ways to improve them…….But at a small cost. Anyway i started looking at the benefits of various foods, Which led me to become a raw foodist raw fruit and veg eg. And along with the new diet i started polyphasic sleeping and exercising and after a few weeks my ability to process and retain information were rediculously magnified. I was just wondering if there is anyone else who has had a similar experience or another method they have tried that has had similar if not greater effects?

I look forward to hearing your replies, Thankyou.

June 17, 2012 at 7:16 pm
Brett (39) (@brett) 6 years ago ago

Lumosity, Meditation, Cold showers, learning a new language, intermittent fasting, binaural beats, nootropics.

Peaceflower (71) (@cosmicplur) 6 years ago ago

Music while reading.. doesnt matter what it is, as long as you enjoy it, and its loud enough so that you dont have to actually try to hear it, but no so loud you can feel youself reading.

In the car alone, if the opportunity arises.. headphones, yes, but I find this more effective through bigger speakers…

My friend has a metal band, I go to his practces and read biographies of people like dimebag, jimi hendryx, cobain, even charles manson, alice cooper, the lis goes on, but listening to live music, personal music, is by far the best method I have found for being able to actually connect with what I am reading, the source of it all, the inspiration.. and that feeling, the thing that lifts the words off of the paper, that feeling is what I go to when I want to remember. Go there and get centered in your mind. What you need will flow to you.
Works for me every time. Not tsure if this is a universal truth or not, seems logical it would be at least helpful to someone.

I get nervous talking like that, ideas such as these are often met with some type of resistance.

Peaceflower (71) (@cosmicplur) 6 years ago ago

*but not so loud you CANT feel yourself reading.

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