Other Spiritual/Open Minded Websites or Forums?

 chopsticks (@chopsticks) 1 year ago

I recently came back to this website after like a 3 year hiatus. It seems like it isn’t nearly as lively as it was back then, so I’m wondering if anyone has other websites they like to visit? Of course, I won’t be replacing this website with new ones. Just looking to broaden my internet stomping grounds (:

April 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Andrew Pegram (0) (@Andrew-Pegram) 1 year ago ago

What are you looking for exactly? I have a long list I could give you. lol

Jordan Bates (4,527)A (@bashfulkoala) 1 year ago ago

I recommend a group called ‘The Terence McKenna Experience’ on FB. Really good group.

Kitty (0) (@Kitty88) 1 year ago ago

I hope to see some more answers to this thread myself.

Minds.com seems promising. It’s a new social media site built on the principals of transparency, privacy and anti-censorship.

I’m also starting to explore the forums on TheMindUnleashed.com

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