Pacific Northwest

Profile photo of Jake Jake (@sonofsam) 5 years, 7 months ago

I love everything about it and think I will spend most of my years here. My name is Jake ask me anything!

June 2, 2011 at 6:52 am
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Matt P (16) (@mkp843) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

Are you in Oregon?

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Cody Barrus (2) (@scbarrus) 5 years, 7 months ago ago

Hi Jake! I live in the Pacific NW too, in the Seattle area. Great place to live, to be sure, especially if you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, or other outdoors activities. But beyond that, the nw has such a unique culture, and a very inviting one too.

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DareBob (1) (@smaug) 4 years ago ago

I am in Oree-gun :) I am a Vmware Specialist. I eat nuts n fruit and hug trees and ride Triumph motorcycles. What do you do in the great Pacific NW? :)

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Clovers (22) (@clovers) 4 years ago ago

Washington, representing

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Obviously, you’re not a golfer (604) (@donjaime23) 4 years ago ago

@sonofsam, Hi Jake! I’m from New England and I’m slightly ashamed to say that I’ve never visited that part of the US before. Say I were to make a trip there: Which state do you recommend I visit?

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Alex (345) (@staylucky) 4 years ago ago

@duganjames27, Let us not speak of the monstrosity that was that game.

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Megan (32) (@fearlessldr) 4 years ago ago

Love it here, I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up in Oregon. Laid- back people, progressive mindsets, and such easy access to the outdoors. It’s a beautiful place!

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Callisto (18) (@calypso) 4 years ago ago

@donjaime23, Definitely visit Oregon. Although Oregon and Washington are very similar in environment, Oregon has no sales taxes and the culture seems more laid back (I can’t say this with certainty, nor with 100% truth. Just my experience). Marijuana is legal in Washington though, so if you’re into that I’d say go there. Otherwise there are parts of the PNW that people don’t always consider. Go east in Oregon and you’ll end up in the high desert which has it’s own unique, desolate beauty. There are also the eastern states of the PNW like parts of Idaho and Montana, both VERY amazing and beautiful. The culture is less inviting in those parts though. Northern California is also considered in the PNW, and It is some of the most sublime nature I’ve ever seen (I would suggest Trinidad, a tiny coastal town near Arcata/Humbolt area OR/AND the redwoods forests, obviously).

Personally, I am from Oregon (reason for the obvious bias above). I was born and raised in Bend, the most outdoor recreational friendly place I’ve ever been or even heard of. The PNW is amazing.

CASCADIA anybody!!!??!?

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