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Does anyone know anything about this diet and if you do please give a broke college student living in the dorms in the UP of Michigan advice on how to stick to it.

December 3, 2012 at 7:44 pm
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The Thinker (2) (@mindsdisciple) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

I’m not really experienced with it at all, though this is a source I trust:

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cory (1) (@cory) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

I highly recommend paleo. I don’t do it 100%, although I wish I did. I feel better when I eat paleo.

Here a few of the best sites I found when getting into paleo, hope it helps:

Tons of info between the 3 of these. I’m pretty sure if you search around they have some posts/articles on eating paleo on a budget.

Good luck!

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cory (1) (@cory) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

Just another site I really like…def worth checking out too

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Max Nachamkin (170)C (@feren6) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

@biga69, I’m in college and I eat Paleo.

Couple tips: don’t stress it if you’re on a budget. Paleo calls for the elimination of industrial oils and a lot of foods. The key here is to eliminate anything gluten and NOT cheat on that, but if you have to eat eggs cooked in canola oil at the dining hall then so be it.

Are you cooking yourself?

If so and on a budget, go grass-fed meats when you can, but if not, no biggie. If they’re grain-fed (any normal meat at the grocery store) then just get more lean meats (for instance, 96/4 ground beef at Trader Joe’s).

Cook with the Paleo Scramble. Basically throw everything in on one skillet. Makes cooking so easy and you can change the flavors with spices. (wrote up a whole article on it here..

If you’re not cooking, salads are gonna be you’re go to because they’re mostly Paleo friendly (as long as they’re gluten free). Eat a lot of meat. Steak, chicken, whatever.

Chipotle is also pretty Paleo friendly, sans beans/rice.

Oh, and also as a college student, don’t be a carbaphobic, especially if you work out. like @cory said, check out and if you’re interested in more macronutritient partioning and intermittent fasting.

If you want more details I’d be happy to help you out, just let me know what your situation is and what questions you have.

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Anonymous (134) (@) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

What are people’s thoughts and opinions about a paleo diet? Anything and everything.

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Heed them, HEthen (91) (@heedthem) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

@francina, I’m interested in it and will try it when school is back in session. I started eating healthy on a regular basis back in January and have changed my life since then… I did vegetarian/Vegan for a small bit when I fell off the health wagon for a month or two and I love it and all, but find it too easy to eat fattening carbs and it’s really really annoying to have to flavor tofu so much each time when meat already comes so flavorful and is easy to make delicious. (I do love tofu, though.)

And it caters to my needs and wants. I hate counting calories and nutritional content. I never did it to the T, I always just kind of rounded the calories I had in a day and kept it relative. This makes my grocery shopping list extremely easy. And it’s obvious that it’s not really just a “fad diet”, youre SUPPOSED to cut out a bunch of carbs because we consume too much anyways. Carbs are generally supposed to be kept at about 25% of the diet if I remember correctly, while for whole meals people will often make it the majority (i.e. spaghetti, Chinese food, pizza).

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ButternutSquash (75) (@equanimity) 4 years, 10 months ago ago

If you’re on a tight budget you can still do it fairly easily. There are local meat/produce resources in most areas that follow the organic/free range/etc. They’re cheaper than big “health-centered” chains. I’ve even found some groups that are all about it.

You can do a quick Google search to find local resources.

I’m a fan of this particular blog, among the ones other have listed:

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