Parental Abuse.

 Rocio (@riselis84) 6 years ago

I Find that Parental abuse is still a TABU in today’s society. There seems to be a lot of help out there for victims of domestic abuse.

But what about the kids that day in and day out is bashed (not in a good way) by their parents. The parent that come home and all they can do is make their kids feel inadequate with such sayings as you are a loser, ugly or useless..

I mean how are those kids suppose to go out into the world and feel like they can conquer anything?
To those who have study Psychology out there: It is from their parents that kids get their self esteem how they view themselves.

Are these individuals really not conscious of the damage their are doing, the pain they are inflicting and there lives they are destroying?

And how can a kids override this negative imput that was put in there by these parents?

Is there such a things as parents who just DO NOT love their kids?

Can a human being really be void of any emotions towards their own?

Im just saying.. There are a lot of crazy things going outthere with kids these days and I feel like society as a whole should give a lot of more attention to this subject.

Just saying…

(Oh) please excuse any typos..

May 6, 2012 at 12:51 pm
Anonymous (2,833) (@) 6 years ago ago

I’ve seen many parents who do not love their kids. They find them a nuissance – extra baggage, something they HAVE to carry around and can’t get rid of and it pisses them off. Now they can’t drink all the time?! Now they can’t get wasted off some drugs?! This kid is ruinign my life.

That kinda shit.

The kid takes freedom away, and if they don’t give back in some way, the parents (not really adults, but older children) get pissed they don’t get something out of it. Now they have to feed them too? The fuck is this!

I’m with you. The worst part is most of these kids will be filled with hate and anger, and continue the process. A few, a very slight few, will gain sadness and empathy from it, and grow (painfully) away from their parents. They may not be the happiest, most socially able, but they will cut the ties to the abuse.

But really. I still feel uncomfortable telling a pissed off parent screaming at their kids to settle the fuck down. I feel its not my place, but I know at the same time its a false conception.

Rocio (1) (@riselis84) 6 years ago ago

oK. makes sence.

Jason (111) (@thinknowlivenow) 6 years ago ago

Psychology is EVERYTHING. Your parents behavior directly affects your perception as your brain forms in your skull; there is no way around this. Even now, I am becoming more and more aware of the subtle ways in which I react and assume things, similarly to the way my parents behave. You can see these patterns plain as day in those who participate in crime related activities; there’s always a causal link that goes back to psychological perception founded in adolescent upbringing etc.

Anonymous (2,653) (@) 6 years ago ago

I agree with everything you’re saying.
Actually, when I see a mother yelling at her 4 year old kid on the street for crying, I find the mother more annoying than the kid’s cry. It’s just a kid for fuck’s sake. They don’t need to listen to an angry and complaining bitch all the time.

I’m sorry, I also hate this shit.

The truth is that these “parents” don’t leave their kids alone as much as they should. They either say that they “love” their children too much so they won’t let them do something (meaning that they want to show other families how they are raising their own), or they are strict and use them as giving them only responsibilities. NO FUN! Extremes, mostly. Stupid fucking parents.


I went to city schools as a kid and saw a lot of people who were fucked up from their parents.

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