Reality Distortion: What do you see?

 Tine (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago

to explain what i mean i offer a simple example:

you are 50 ft back, staring at a fire-lit scene, where there is a small bonfire surrounded by chairs against the backdrop of woods. when you scan the scene left or right (or the opposite), you take in the dancing light, the shadows it casts around it, and the sight / smell of the woods,

but if you were looking intently, directly above the flames, you could see the heat causing the air to take on a distorted look, bending what we see,

unless i was intently looking at it, my eyes would skip over this distortion and not register it, this made me wonder, how often does this happen? am i not seeing everything despite me thinking i am? is there something within my spectrum of vision that would require an explanation prior for my brain to be able to see it?

so, how about it? do you see something others do not? have you learned something that has literally changed how you see reality? are there distortions out there, rifts, etc, that can only be seen if the right thought is in the mind?

December 10, 2012 at 11:24 am
stonedragon (142) (@stonedragon21) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

of course there are! all the time everyone sees everything incredibly different and hears things differently too. it is amazing we can communicate at all.
but sometimes we can and that is a miracle
sometimes i can look at the moon and see a rainbow around it and no one else does or even a cross of light thru the moon. i wonder sometimes if i am strange!

James (121) (@alljuicedup) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

the very nature of time is a “distortion”. Just like the frames in a movie, we do not experience a true flow of time, our brains simply do not work that way. We process individual “frozen” moments and weave them into a coherent flow.

There are plenty of other examples of this happening. For instance, take a moment and and read this sentence and see if you notice anything. Now read it again, but this time read each individual word on its own, rather than as a part of a sentence.

Kristian Jaded (75) (@mentalkink) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

I read a book about hypnosis a while ago, and a part in the book might take some interest in this conversation. I cant quote exactly what was said but I can tell the jist of it.

So there was an experiment that occurred, it involved a man and his daughter; as well as the scientists, hypnotists and any others in the room to observe.
The father sat in a chair and the daughter stood in front of him, the hypnosis shows the father and everyone in the room the clock watch and swings it back and forth in front of the daughter, asking if everyone can see it. Everyone agreed to seeing the watch in front of the daughter standing there.
He the father was put under hypnosis, was under for a bit. the hypnotist did some basic tests to make sure it was all good.
Than he told the father that he would not be able to see his daughter until he was told by the hypnotist that we could again.
He woke the man up and held the watch behind his daughters back, the hypnosis asked the man if he could see the watch, he said yes.
He asked if he could read the time on the watch from where he was, and he did, it was correct. The father was confused as to why he was being told this, they put him back under and he was told he would be able to see his daughter again. He was woken and asked the same questions but told them he couldent see the clock because is was being held behind his daughter.

So basically, they were able to make him not only ‘not see’ his own daughter, but fucking see through his daughter SOMEHOW. He was told what happened after the experiemnt happened. Now I’m not going to get into if this was morally a right thing to do (i could imagine the dad freaking out)

But my point of putting this in this conversation, is that with this in mind, imagine what we could be getting hypnotized or ‘brainwashed’ not to see. everyday!

Aline (22) (@aleen) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Very interesting @mentalkink! *0*
The brain is so mysterious, some scientists say that we use only 10% of it but others say that we use 10% only during a certain moment and when we try to remeber something for example, we use another percentage…
I think we will never get the right answer…

(Btw, this thing reminds me a dream i had once where there is a mobile phone like iPhone which have some applications to activate or desactivate some functions of the brain XD).

Kristian Jaded (75) (@mentalkink) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@aleen, I don’t believe that its true that we only use 10% of our brains. I believe that shenaigians, to a certain degree. And that sounds like a rather insane dream :P

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