Reasons to become a Flexitarian

 McKenzie Kane (@mjkane88) 7 years, 2 months ago

1. Health Benefits- less meat options= lower blood pressure and protects your heart!
(plus meat, especially red meat, is high in fat)
2. Benefits the environment as well as your body
3. There are many other sources of protein (with less fat and more fiber!)

I believe that people should limit their intake on meat for those reasons. It’s not that meat is some sort of evil or anything, I just feel that eating it in moderation would significantly improve one’s health and environment.
Tell me what you think!

check this site out too

April 2, 2011 at 3:33 am
Mathias Iversen (0) (@mathiasiversen) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

Haha I love the term Flexitarian ;-) I guess I’ve started my journey as a flexitarian then ;-)

4. Meat production requires a lot more space and resources than vegetables

5. Meat often means brutally slaughtering of innocent animals that were not treated like sentient beings in the process.

6. When eradicating your deeprootet habbit patterns you realize that meat is not as tasty and delicious and you, due to many years of consumption, thought.

7. Eating meat makes your body more acidic, which developes a perfect environment for “deceases” or what other considers as healthy reactions from the body.

8. The world of vegetables are so rich on life force and energy.

9. Limiting consumption of meat does not mean boring dishes. One need to break out of the habbit pattern of building a dish around a big peace of meat and then it becomes exciting to eat lesser meat.

Thanks for posting the link, it’s a good article.

Be Happy

Jared Yates (0) (@darthjared) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I like this idea very much :D

Ten points to Gryfindor!

kiley (0) (@sublimelight) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I think you have great ideas and are absolutely on point! Though a full on vegetarian or vegan lifestyle wont hurt either (: Too much meat is really the downfall of health in American society. Cheap and easily accessible, people lose sight of how much they actually need (if any). 59% less cancer among those who eat only small amounts of meat, among many other facts. Those who rely on a meat based diet put their bodies under much stress, its really terrible. Google it!
And I will not even touch on the fact that the meat industry is cruel and disgusting and inefficient. I’m a bit biased though I have been a vegetarian since I was eleven.

Anonymous (11) (@) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I cut out most dairy last year and i’m really trying to limit the red meat that I eat; haven’t felt better.
Another good reason to at least limit your intake is the deforestation caused by cattle ranching, we’re eating our way through the rainforest one cow at a time.

Matt (6) (@mrgeetah) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

If I cared about my health at all I would totally be a vegetarian. But, as it happens, steak tastes absolutely amazing.

m. (8) (@mjmf826) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

@ Makenzie Kane & Mathias Iversen and to everyone else concerned: Not only is the majority of our meat slaughtered inhumanely, but the processes by which it is raised, fed, and “treated” (chemically) are grotesque. There are multitudes of information on this topic available at the click of a mouse.

However, I believe the issue isn’t with eating meat but with the kind of meat you eat. There are tons of options for organic, sustainable, local, pasture fed beef, as well as organic pork and poultry. Get involved with your communities! Support local farmers. If either one of you or anyone else lives on the west coast, check out, I recieve bi-weekly deliveries of 100% USDA certified organic produce as well as local grass fed beef and local poultry and dairy from them. also has some very informative blogs, my favorite is called Good Food Health. The Cheeseslave blog also has some great information about raw (unpasteurized) dairy. I encourage everyone to research their area and be pleasantly surprised at all the resources like this near you!

The good news for those of you who are concerned, as am I, about eating beef and other meat for environmental reasons is that you can avoid the insanity and destruction of the environment that large industrial dairys and cattle ranches wreak if you buy local. Pasture fed cattle don’t destroy topsoil! They help the environment! They maintain the pasture by grazing and fertilizing, eliminating the need for all that water to clean their waste and the destruction of all that land to grow their grain (though a lot of grass fed beef is still grain finished).

Concerning the statement Mackenzie makes about people limiting their intake on meat for the reasons she lists, I think it may be too generalized of a statement. I tend to think people’s bodies vary quite substantially in their nutritional needs. I just found this great website,, that has some really interesting ideas about individual dietary needs. There is a little test you can take if you are so inclined that may shed some light on your nutritional type. If you struggle with finding food that makes you feel good, this might be worth a try! Based upon extensive research, Dr. Mercola suggests that some people may need more veggies, some may need more protein, and some may need fairly equal amounts. Go to and search “Nutritional Typing” and the free assesment should be right there, along with an informational video by the Dr. himself. This site is also great for other reliable, well-researched information about anything from supplementation to fitness to nutrition.

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