Share What You Truly Love(ALL HE PLEASE)

Profile photo of Landon Wills Landon Wills (@landon) 4 years ago

Please share what you truly love. Know the difference between what you strongly like and what you truly love. What gives you that passion, or what fills you with hope and ultimately love.

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October 3, 2012 at 7:20 pm
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Zykanthos (4,755)M (@chodebalm) 4 years ago ago

What fills me with love: living

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1.61803399 (246) (@drunkmonkmeth) 4 years ago ago

My mother.

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Benjamin Heldt (11) (@heldtbenjamin23) 4 years ago ago

Helping people develop what they believe in and following that. Helping people to actually do what they want, not do something they don’t want just for money, etc…

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Anonymous (3) (@) 4 years ago ago

Shredding the Gnar!

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Deepak (37) (@deepak87) 4 years ago ago


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Damion (8) (@noimadsuperlove) 4 years ago ago

Feeling good, helping others feel good, self-love, love from others, beautiful woman, shifts in consciousness, changes in my perception, and Euphoria

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pat (169) (@epath) 4 years ago ago

I love thinking and reading and sometimes writing. I hate humanity more than I love it, but feel obligated to do good for it.

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Bushido (31) (@rotsen) 4 years ago ago

I love love and rock climbing haha :)

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Adam Henderson (2) (@ahende12) 4 years ago ago

Drawing and just creating things. I can’t say Id be able to live without that. Also I love life in general.

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SherL (18) (@slloop3) 4 years ago ago

@epath, ditto! :)
I can honestly say that I truly love my husband & my daughter. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to have them in my life. That being said… I truly love reading (almost an obsession, actually) & letting my mind wander all over the cosmos, wondering how it’s all put together & what might really exist beyond our perceptions.

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Brandon P’naantan Pinkney (321) (@hlalhabattu) 4 years ago ago

I truly love art and exploring matters of the spirit, as well as helping others come to a state of peace. this life can take a toll on us menta-emotionally and if I can help someone out of the shadows of negativity I will try

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Anonymous (364) (@) 4 years ago ago


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Elizabeth (7) (@teathyme) 4 years ago ago

I’m so envious of people who can simply state with no hesitations what they love. It’s so hard for me to say. I like a lot of things, but as for love, it seems as if I am lost and cannot decide. How do you know what you truly love? Is there a defining moment, or did it just become a habit?

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Ellie (1,349)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 4 years ago ago

music, connections, creating.

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WompRatNate (0) (@nyoung09) 4 years ago ago

Ballet, My Imagination, My Parents

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Chris (48) (@cbrock) 4 years ago ago

I love being able to learn and improve myself.

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gazz (8) (@gazz) 4 years ago ago


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stonedragon (141) (@stonedragon21) 4 years ago ago

@drunkmonkmeth, this is so sweet. thank you. we have all been each others mothers in one life or another… we fill each oher with love and care over and over again.

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stonedragon (141) (@stonedragon21) 4 years ago ago

@hlalhabattu, yes brandon.i join you in exactly this. ART and LOVE and COMPASSION and WISDOM….

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St Emilion (2,984) (@manimal) 4 years ago ago

@landon, “Know the difference between what you strongly like and what you truly love.”

Important, yes. But you’re contradicting yourself.
All this stuff is all about what you strongly like.
If you truly love, you love all and everything, if it has a target it isn’t love.

But to answer the topic’s question, what I’m really really passionate about and enjoy the most:
Most of all it’s music.
I spend hours a day making music, just for fun but sometimes it’s business too. I jam out with my friends, my girlfriend, my family. I play with my band. I sit in my studio composing songs or making beats, sometimes just designing sounds for later use. I’m a major audio geek in general. And I’ve got 21 different instruments laying around the house, all of which I play frequently. And I often find myself singing, whistling, or banging on stuff when I’m doing other stuff if I’m not all that focused.
Music is my life, life is my music. And there’s so much stuff to learn from music and audio, about reality and life in general.

Also, sex. Awesome stuff in every way. The divine game, or just absolute enjoyment made simple. However you want to consider it, it’s great great stuff.

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djeyogalove (0) (@djeflowyogalove) 4 years ago ago

Creating a new vision for the way we live interact and flow as human beings. There is so much disassociation between our natural state and the chaos we live amongst which has ultimately all been constructed by us. My passion is to help others realize what it TRULY means to be free, to know no limitations, to realize that we have the ability to open our minds!

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CamilaBidd (0) (@camilabidd) 4 years ago ago

I love the way the adrenaline rushes when I get on stage. I love the feeling of an “I love you too”. I love how soldiers come home to crying, happy, family members. I love the smell of gasoline. I love that tomorrow is another day.

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Anonymous (216) (@) 4 years ago ago

Music and family, the two things that are always there for me, even when I screw up.

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Em (472) (@emily) 4 years ago ago

Coming across genuinely compassionate people in real life. And kids.. young children are so pure & unbroken.. they’re refreshing to be around. The silly games they play…they get upset, but get over it in two seconds & who was their enemy two minutes ago is their best friend in the next second.

And Landon, LOVE the name, that’s my new nephew’s name :)

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Shane (2) (@beu13) 4 years ago ago

Fulfilling moments of bliss, and moments that I feel at total peace and connection to my exact time and place in the universe-moments that let me know Im on the right path(often times I question if I am on the right path)

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