Strange dream patterns

 Mr. Arbiter (@snaysler) 5 years, 4 months ago

Hello my friends! I’ve been having weird dream occurrences lately, and I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

So first off, I’m in college and I’ve noticed something rather strange. For the entire first semester I have only dreamed twice. That’s four months of dreamless sleep, when I was used to dreaming regularly the summer before I left for school. Now I’m back for winter break, and ever since I got back I’ve been dreaming every single night without fail. I have dozens of dreams each night, and remember much of them. I cannot say that there is any difference whatsoever in my sleeping habits between being at school and being home, so I really cannot determine why I only dream at home. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?

I have a question for all you HE people, as well. When you dream, do you have verbal, worded conversations with dream characters? Or do you sort of telepathically get the meaning of what’s happening in interactions? My whole life I’ve had the sort of telepathic conversation thing with dream characters, but I’ve been having dreams lately where I can remember having out-loud conversations, which I remember hearing word for word in the dream world. I’ve had this only three or so times and it’s been in the last couple months. The weird thing about this is that every time this happens, one of the dream characters casually uses a seemingly made up word or term that I’ve never heard before, but in the dream I fully understand their meaning. Then I wake up and think about it and realize I have never heard it before and I don’t know what it means. The first time was me walking along a sidewalk/road thing with two guys and one of them got up close to me while the other had wandered to the side a little, and it was as if we were considering whether or not to accept the guy into our group or something. We felt confident for the most part that he was alright, but then the guy next to me said, “I just want to make sure this guy isn’t just a space ace or something.” Then I woke up. I was like, “holy crap, I had a convo with words! That’s new…” But then I was thinking to myself, what the hell does space ace mean? I kind of forgot about it. In the dream I fully understood that space ace meant someone who is really spacey and absent minded, but I’ve never heard that term before as far as I know. Then a week later, my teacher for one of my computer science/math classes, tried to say ace of spades, but because of his accent and not speaking English too well, he said space ace, when he tried to say “spades ace”, but with an accent. Some guy in the class was like “space ace? what’s that?” I was like, holy shit. That was in my dream! Perhaps a coincidence, but awfully strange.

Then two nights ago I had another dream with real dialogues where a character used the word “azle”, and as soon as it was said, once again, I woke. I’m curious to see if azle will pop up in the future, so I guess we’ll see.

Also, I’ve been having dreams within dreams lately. Has anyone else experienced dream-ception? Like waking from a dream only to find you’re still dreaming, where each time you wake the dream increases in coherence and lucidity?

On another note, I was once told by a “psychic” in Sedona, AZ that I am a powerful channel for psychic information, and that I receive my information in my dreams. He told me “I must become the lucid dreamer” before I left, and since then I have been learning to have and control lucid dreams.

December 25, 2012 at 1:13 pm
Ray Butler (1,422)M (@trek79) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@snaysler, First question, yes. I think it is not so much that you don’t dream but that you don’t remember them for one reason or another. I think it is possibly because you are processing so much information, as what dreams mostly are is taking the information you have gathered that day and transforming them into longer term memory that is accessed by association. When you are at school you are absorbing a hell of a lot more info then when you are on break, so perhaps the whole process is more overwhelming that, even though you probably complete it sucessfully, the process is too compact or rapid to make any imagery formation.
Question 2, I have a bit of both verbal and “telepathic” communication, but I spend most time just experiencing not communicating. I know what you mean by understanding something in dream, you believe is so profound so you hold on to it as you pull out of sleep but either something is lost in translation or it was just mostly gibberish. I am good at retaining precisely the messages I receive and most of the time the message turns out to not be as important or logical as my dream state has accentuated.
Predicting something in a dream only for it to happen does happen, it may be coincidence but it may be your perceptiveness, you likely have a strong ability to anticipate human behaviour and nuances.
Question 3, yes I have woken from a dream into a dream, I rarely want to pull out of sleep and when I do I can usually do it with ease, but some times, perhaps due to exhaustion or tricks our minds play as in an intense or sureal state of mind, I have experienced these loops where waking takes a great deal more focus than usual.
With your final paragraph, although I do not doubt psychics in a sense that their perceptive capabilities can detect energies and subtle hints that regular people do not, I think psychics are predominantly masters of reading people, particularly their interests and weakness’ and use these clues to influence. I think that usually psychics are capable of putting people on the right path but quite often they will either tell people what they want to hear or tell people what will make them come back, they have bills to pay.

DaJetPlane (994)M (@lytning91) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

This might give you some perspective. This guy has had the most interactive and multi-leveled dreaming I have ever heard of:

Kazi (139) (@kazi) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

an interesting phenomena i have experienced with dreaming (and im sure you and the rest of HE have as well) is how sometimes ideas or things are just “known” by the dreamer, even though said ideas or things were not presented previously

for example i remember having a dream about 4 years ago where me and my math class where smurf sized people entering a plane as tall as a blade of grass. The dream started off at just me looking at the plane and i knew that the plane was going to Hershey Park. Upon awakening i found it odd that i knew that the plane was going there even though there were no conversations or signs to confirm that idea. It was as if that event had already been a part of a long timeline, and i had tuned in to just that moment.

Another example is when i had a dream where i was entirely with this beautiful redheaded girl, and throughout the dream i had acknowledged this girl as someone i had known at a very deep level for a long time; she was a companion and a lover. But she never spoke a word in the dream. I awoke feeling like i had just lost someone so dear to me and i had realized that she was, quiet literally, the girl of my dreams.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@snaysler, that’s pretty cool how you remember your dreams so well. I’ve been keeping a dream journal next to my bed so that I may record my dreams as soon as I wake, in hopes of getting good enough at remembering my dreams so that I can dream lucidly. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet, and indeed I haven’t had any dreams (at least, none that I recall) for awhile. But when I do dream, it isn’t really in conversations but rather the telepathic communication, more an understanding of feelings exchanged.

Sometimes there are no people in my dreams at all, and sometimes there are, and when there are, it’s always someone I’ve talked to before in some way even if it’s not real life…in the least freaky way possible, I’ve even met what I believe were a few of you HEthens in my dreams! Not to worry, nothing weird happened – I just had a vague sense of either meeting people, talking to them telepathically, or going on an adventure of sorts together, but I can’t remember exactly what. Just the vague feeling of travel.

SeniorPoncho (0) (@keru111) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Everything you said are dreams i’ve experienced basically through out my whole life. Ever since I was a child I had extremely allegorical dreams that to this day still remain solidly in my memory. If you had asked me what my dreams meant two years ago i’d say “idek”, but now? I’ve got plenty of answers,

I’ve also had dreams about the future which really trip me out. I have yet to master lucid dreaming, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately, and with the medication i’m on, it supposedly increases the vividness in your dreams… Sorry, this was a write as i think sorta response, but your post definitely gave me some food for thought.

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