telepathy, coincidence when meeting people

 Dreamer (@heartbeat) 5 years, 5 months ago

I found that i run into people more than once when i have some sort of connection to them. I don’t know if that is coincidence or some form of group consciousness or telepathy on baby level or something. For example:
-One guy i had feelings for i ran into him so many times i thought he was stalking me but he thought i was stalking him while i was actually trying to avoid him because i didnt want to get involved, yet apparently i already was involved.
-One teacher with some chemical attraction towards me i also ran into him across the whole building, when i turned he turned too, we end up saying hi all the time, i even found his room in the whole building on so called “coincidence”, i was not looking for it. It was really awkward. I only had this in the period that he was my teacher, not before and not after that.
-Two females from my study of around 400 people i became friends with because i ran into them so much without having a clue, so it was not that we became friends because we were in the same class or something.
– One female friend, i thought of her, and she suddenly shows up out of nowhere. Obviously i think of friends, and they also don’t show up suddenly, but when it happens it is weird.
– One far acquaintance guy who had feelings towards me, i once looked at him on facebook, NEXT DAY i run into him in the city.
– One guy i worked with, he lives near my house, but i never ever ran into him before i didn’t knew him and after the time i worked there. When i worked there for only 3 months i ran into him twice. And i never saw him before, while he is really excentric with a big afro head,he would really stand out in the crowd.

and so on..

Am i being paranoid, or is there some hidden link between people we meet, and connect to.. IF so, how does it work really. And why, if you consciously want it to happen it doesnt happen (yet) or maybe that is not the purpose in the first place. Maybe it should not happen because we want it to happen, just because it is suited to happen, but i dont know why and how:S….weird..

December 16, 2012 at 6:35 am
Ray Butler (1,422)M (@trek79) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@heartbeat, I think that because generally people can co-exist at all tells us that we are sychronized on some level. I don’t believe in co-incidence, life is forever presenting options to you and it has ways of emphasising that it is an option, to find a friend or a lover that may change your life, to trigger a learning curve that can round your judgement, or to walk away and become an observer.

grok4life (6) (@grok4life) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

You’re not being paranoid, just curious. Noticing patterns that you would otherwise dismiss, but in such cases, they are significant to you. Especially with those that you have a deep interest in. However, when you consciously try to aspire towards these interests, blocks occur. I personally think this has to do with you’re own personal blocks between your conscious self and unconscious self, there is perhaps a disagreement. Become more clear with what you want, and accept nothing less, maybe even create a mantra for yourself. See what that does for you. You may be amazed at the results.

uMaikelos (3) (@maikelos27) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Okay I belive and think that u can connect with other person who is often around you. It’s like tunning each other. You getting better and better in knowing this person thoughts , somehow u think about the same thing at the same time and u know what someone is going to tell you before he/she really do. I know it just sound like getting know better with each other but i belive it’s sth more. Anyways there might be some truth i what you are telling @grok4life . Although you seem to connect a lot faster it might be real.

Petey King (4) (@classik62) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@heartbeat, This occurs to me quite often. I will have a random thought of someone. Within three or five days i will have contact with this person. It’s happened with old high school friends and other random people in my life. I imagine it’s like broadcasting multiple frequencies of a CB radio at once. If said person is on the same frequency they hear it and reply, or it is a form of Pre-Cognitive telethapy.

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