The antisocial personality

 goodorbad? (@robbycool) 5 years, 5 months ago

In life, in order to search for a meaning i could not find in the environment i could not cope emotionally with, i found many things to be true or at least i believe to be true. First of all that God as the masses know the term, does not exist. Secondly that emotions as we know them are useless to rational thought and only good for self defense and survival. I am a nihilist , since knowledge is true justified belief from what i have learned. Nothing can truly be known until we can prove it to be true. Simple counterexamples exist for the entirety of life as we know it. For example that we are all just brains in vats created to think that we exist. This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “think tank”, sorry my attempt at humor. I have created an entire philosophy in order to curve my urges and cravings for meaning and psychological wholeness. My philosophy at this point isn’t important. If you want to know about it i can tell you. I am an antisocial personality, i have no comprehension of human emotion, i have the strong urge to kill human beings that i determine to be weak. The humans who i would target if i were to give in to these urges would be those who i determined to be ignorant. All human beings are basically the same physically. If people could realise this and not descriminate against eachother the world would be a much better place for people like me, and probably like you. The fact that you all think that you have achieved some kind of greater sentience is almost despicable as well. You’re brains operate at a different level than regular humans because you comprehend emotions differently than other humans. It doesnt make you any smarter logically. It just makes you less emotional. Most of you probably havent realised that there is a simple psychological diagnosis that could probably hit you right on the head. Sociopath. If you think im wrong. OK. Decide for yourself. Do some research on the subject. Thankyou. This information is not me trying to tell you that you are “bad” because bad and good do not actually exist in the terms that we understant them. They are simply labels. The things that you all seem to hate so much. You hipsters. Lol learn to think like a sociopath and join the cause for a true utopian society. Try to change the world. Try to get people to understand that we are just a species of animals who have achieved sentience. In my opinion the entire mass media , and religion are simply tools. Like shovels,hammers, wheels, and the human brain. These tools are used to brainwash the masses to make them believe that words have “Deeper” meaning than they actually do. We need to start truly articulating our ideas in a way that does not include this “emotional language” if we want to get anywhere. My platforms include improving the entirety of the education system. Also mandatory psychological counselling for all adolescence. We need to create our own meaning for life and not only siphon off of the ideas of others but create our own as well. If you feel that my response seems pigheaded and egotistical, that is because it is. Thanks for listening.

November 17, 2012 at 4:15 am
John (6) (@totempole) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@robbycool, My platform includes mandatory psychological counseling for all people like you.

goodorbad? (3) (@robbycool) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Thanks for the input. What does your platform include and what are your reasons? Or was that just you being counterproductive? I am almost certain I know the answer to that.

andresni (9) (@andresni) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

the way I see it, we could create utopia now, and in such a case you would be correct. emotion would be in the way during the process, and would be stabilizing during etopias maintenance.
however, utopia means no or little technological progress. with no emotional urge or desire to invent and research, we as a peoplewouldnt push forward as hard as we do now.

one question though, do you think that true relaxation and enjoyment can be had by an enotionless person? can one ever be truly satisfied without thosereleases from maslows pyramid of needs? like sex? would it feel as good?

would we enjoy utopia?

goodorbad? (3) (@robbycool) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

You make a good point, but, I think you miss my point. I never said anything about getting rid of emotions altogether. I just don’t think they should be used in our rational thought processes. In argumentation and formulation of worldly ideas. Have you seen the amount of emotional language that gets used on the news. Its all just a brainwashing tool to justify the actions of our corrupt government. The truth is our country is run on greed and not the betterment of the human populus. It’s a sick truth. What I think is that the use of emotional language in conversation is causing our population to become stupid and feel bad for themselves. Also maslow’s Hierarchy never mentions any emotion other than love. Which is an emotion I try to force myself to feel for my “close group of friends” so that i can keep them. If i didn’t have them I would be out killing people. I have learned to cope intellectually. All of my friends though just happen to be criminal sociopaths. lol criminal sociopaths are the only people i can relate to because of my views of right and wrong. I think that everyone is a “sociopath” who has been brainwashed to think that emotions have value in this world.

I feel very relaxed most of the time. When i don’t people get scared so i try to relax.

I enjoy hardcore sex. I strive to make the world a more logical one, it is my most important goal and is also something i use to stop my urges, as well as controlled use of drugs. Since lately I havent been using as many drugs i am venting my “creativity” through the expression of my worldly ideas.

These are the thoughts of the “criminal mastermind”

goodorbad? (3) (@robbycool) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Read on the Age of enlightenment, and Counterenlightenment. Romanticism is coming into fruition once again and needs to be crushed. The worlds outlets for escapism are dulling our wits. These romanticists seem to think that a more “natural” approach is the way to go. Naturally humans are selfish and parasitic. So how is that going to work out in the end. You tell me. No i’ll tell you. The people in charge are just like me, their plan is to wipe the middle and lower class out completely without us noticing by appeasing to our weaker sences. Humans are strong because of our intellectual capabilities, we should use that.

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