The Boredom Conundrum

 Alex (@alex510) 7 years, 3 months ago

We all have responsibilities to get done and what not… but when you get all the things that "must" be done out of the way, after you fulfill what you WANTED to do (for that day or week)… what next?

I would think travel is an option for those who can; unfortunately not everyone has the recourses to travel

Basically, what do you do when you are bored? (after you’ve surfed the net, read a book, exercised a bit; i.e. the usual "fun" things…)
How do you keep your life interesting/inspiring?

March 8, 2011 at 4:53 am
Adam (0) (@artful) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

I keep a notebook of things I want to do for such moments, they are mostly ideas that come to me before I fall asleep that I write down, such as an idea for a creative project. I also keep a blog where I post snippets of my dreams if I manage to enter REM sleep quickly, or quotes or thoughts from my day.

If all else fails, I watch a bit of Lost in Translation.

Anonymous (1) (@) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

Meditate. Boredom is a portal…to where….i have no clue. It’s almost as though no matter what you can think of to do to distract yourself from this boredom, it returns. It’s not as though it is an infection. I think of boredom as something that happens all of the time…just as frequent as action but perhaps a little more heartfelt. Let’s face it, I absolutely love the agony, pain, and despair of the world. It’s what creates the beauty we can all see. What is this place without it’s beauty? What’s important? Really nothing. It’s not the moment but the feeling within it. Maybe feeling is the only true thing in this world. I’m not so certain we should keep ourselves so entertained. The world’s a party one minute and a funeral the next. Experience all that is offered. Peace : )

PJ Johnson (7) (@pjjohnson) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

A good option is to be in the *now* sit, go into your center, travel out to your skin, then your clothes, then the air , then the room, feeling the temperature, the pressures, the sun, then reverse the movement til you are inside yourself, or just behind your head looking out. It clears your mind, and stagnant thoughts drop away to allow you more clarity. Your unconciousness may have a message for you.

Uday (1)C (@uday) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

Boredom comes when we have agendas that we are not inclined to go for because the process is painful, or waiting at length for the world to make us happy as if it owes us an obligation. Honest work undertaken to reach meaningful results keeps us motivated all the way, even when we are way away from reaching the destination.

Boredom also tells us that what we have is not what we really want. Maybe we are unable to appreciaate the value of what we have,because we are overconcerned with what we do not have. The way out is to open our eyes to the beauty of the present moment without losing sight of our long term goals.

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

Do you have any aspirations beyond your normal responsibilities? Any pipe dreams? I haven’t been legitimately bored in a very long time because I always have long-terms goals to work on (this site included).

Otherwise…meditation makes boredom disappear. After a good session, I could stare at a tree for an hour and not get bored. Although when all else fails, use StumbleUpon!

Anonymous (3) (@) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

@alex510…i agree…meditating is the best way to over come boredom…it opens up many windows for you to see…to me…the most important aspect of meditating…is it provides you the best opportunity to discover who you are (your true self) :D

also; for you… it will help you with your music…you could write songs/music…you will be amazed at how this works :D (i have done this myself…btw)

Alex Eastman (70) (@alex) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

Well, my idea on boredom in general: After millions of years of having to adapt to our surroundings, constantly watching over our shoulders for sabertooths and other large things that might eat us, we have evolved to always do something new. That is what boredom comes from i think.

Anonymous (3) (@) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I honeslty havent been bored in years. I guess you just need something to pursue. It’s almost like I have too much to do! meditation helps with that. Got to get me into a strict habit.

Matt (6) (@mrgeetah) 7 years, 2 months ago ago

I have about three pieces of music I’m working on, as well as a DnD campaign I’m writing, and I’m also reading through all the Sherlock Holmes books. I haven’t been bored in a long time, which is good because when I get bored, I get depressed.

John OMallen (15) (@omallen) 6 years, 1 month ago ago

Boredom isn’t the state of having nothing to do, it’s the state of not aspirating to do anything. I recommend that when you get bored do something you don’t really want to for fifteen minutes, and if you don’t feel like finishing that, try something else for fifteen minutes.

Anonymous (2,653) (@) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

My biggest regrets and successes came out of boredom. That’s why I prefer to let myself be bored and observe the boredom fade away.

Matthew L Wynn (14) (@matthewynn) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Hmm.. for me there are no “usual fun things”. Every moment is a fresh experience. There’s always new things to learn and discover and things to practice and things to create and things to consume and be entertained by and people to talk to and things to write and….

Boredom is man made.

A choice I made is that I always want to do more with my life. There’s never enough time as it is, which is why I’m starting a polyphasic sleep schedule next week. There are too many incredible things to experience to sit around waiting for something to come to you. Traveling is totally a great idea, but boredom is cured from the inside. I find it to be like any other recurring mental disorder. It comes in and makes you feel apathetic and empty about your current situation at any given time. People then decide they need to find some sort of distraction from it, only to end up in the exact same state of mind as they did after they “run out of things to do”.

I would say: find some passions, dude. Life is quite long when you realize you have an infinite amount of skills, knowledge, and abilities at your disposal if you care to put in the time to find and enjoy them. Boredom just becomes a thing of the past at that point.

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