The Expressions You Steal

 Anonymous (@) 6 years ago

From your past, but never acknowledged or realized.

The same smile of someone when they looked at you, and you give it to others.

The sighs you imitate, but at the time you heard them, did not consciously appreciated.

The quick to judge reactions of the uninformed, from people who judged you. Probably your parents.

The excuses you make, not to learn something new, but just to get by, from bad people’s examples.

The way you sometimes kiss.

The way you turn your head in different direction from someone you’ve been staring and you have no fucking idea why.

The way you act in a crowd. The way you walk when you’re walking alone.

The way you lose, from someone who’d never won before.

The way you win, from people who never doubted you.

May 16, 2012 at 4:16 am
Sean (2) (@sean1028) 6 years ago ago

I like this. I find it very interesting to examine and look at how others impact all the small things we do everyday. Whether consciously or unconsciously, everyone does this to some extent, but the more aware you are of the bad things you have learned, the easier it gets to change these habits. (The bad ones anyway.)

Alex (550) (@hollowinfinity) 6 years ago ago

Oh yes! I’ve always been very conscious of this. I feel as though my personality is a mixture of all the people I have met, and those who I am around the most show the most. If everyone is like this, then its pretty amazing. It’s as if we are one person, or point along the circle looking inwards.
What in me is really me?

Annika (152) (@arenofnote) 6 years ago ago

@hollowinfinity, Exactly! This is something I’ve always felt since I was a kid, and have never been able to verbalize. Thanks!

Sean (2) (@sean1028) 6 years ago ago

Also, it kind of reminded about an article on here from a while ago.

How to Become A Social Badass

The “Anchoring” part towards the bottom talks about consciously and purposely attributing “bad ass” characteristics you have learned from other people.

“Imagine how this person walks, talks, thinks and drinks. Try to imagine exactly how this person feels when they’re walking through some place. How fast do they turn their head when someone calls their name? What is their posture like? Do they make constant eye-contact? Master their every mannerism.”

Flynnstone (813) (@flynnstone) 6 years ago ago

I was actually thinking about this yesterday. I had seen some of my friends from high school the night before, and as we talked we used different expressions to refer to the same things, but we all could understand each other. After a while, (this happens every time I come home), we will start to use the same expressions when we speak more often than not, until we speak like each other.
It’s funny because in high school, we all spoke alike, but then we went to college in three different places, and we now speak differently. When we reunite, though, we always reach some unspoken social agreement on which phrases are “cool” to use in our conversations, so it’s almost a mix of expression from everywhere we’ve been brought back here.

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