The Human Evolution Challenge

 O’Reilly (@oreilly) 5 years, 8 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen. I have a new mission for each and every one of you. This goal is to see the human race evolve in a dramatic way into the next level of existence. Think of us as having gone from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. The Industrial Revolution to the Digital Revolution. Our goal is to take the human race to the next evolution of being within our lifetime. What do we need to do to do in order to accomplish this? I don’t know yet, but we are going to sit here and think of ideas that are going to take the human species to the next level. What can the government do at their level? What can companies and entrepreneurs be doing? What should scientists and doctors be doing? What should teachers be doing? What can NASA be doing? What should you and I be doing, whenever we can get the chance? In what direction will this new form of evolution take place? This is all up to us. It could be biological, technological, political, social, architectural, medical, educational, spiritual, mental, or from any other direction. Who knows. Maybe by the time we’re done, at the end of our lives it could wind up looking like Star Trek or something. Still, ask ourselves: What is the first step that should be taken?

July 29, 2012 at 2:56 pm
Jack Mitchell (28) (@jaackko) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

Colonising the moon

cryco (11) (@cryco) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

@oreilly, What you are doing right now is a great way to start. Proposing these questions is the first step. These questions must focus on our long term existence and the answers cannot be only short term solutions.

We think very hard in this society, but we do not feel very much. Thinking and feeling must go hand in hand to solve our problems, because emotions are real and probably more influential than any technology we can come up with. This is because emotions are what causes us to act. If we can become more aware of them and their consequences we can make better decisions. I believe this mentality will be absolutely necessary in securing a positive and sustainable future. This fundamental change is the responsibility of every individual on the planet. Everyone must be more aware of how they think and how they feel. This in turn will allow us to relate to others in a more positive and respectful way ensuring everyone will be heard and everyone will have their needs met.

Jesse G. S. (3) (@ehtrettahdammadhatterthe) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

i think instead of voting through polls we should vote online and see the results as they unfold for solutions to our problems. i feel powerless at the bottom of everything in the government. i don’t think students from harvard should run our country i think the smartest people in the country should band together to solve problems. i think everything that happens in the white house should be seen by the public, instead of just what they want to advertise and the bits and fragments we end up getting. i want to see looooonggg drawn out arguments and counter arguments, i want to see people get angry, cus and saying you fucking duschebag president, i’m running against you and i feel that you are a piece of shit for this policy.. or whatever.

Julia (120) (@collinsj2009) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

The age where humans are able to incorporate intuition and intelligence into every decision!

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

What we can do? That’s simple. Make lots and lots of personal progress, grow to never before seen levels. That means, cut all the bullshit out of your life, stop wasting time, stop pumping your heads full of junk.

The first step should be to get back to flawless health, physical and mental, that’s the default state, without this criterion you lack the very basics and so everything on top will be unstable and rendered more or less useless. And if you’re below the fucking default state, then you’re not evolving at all, you’re DEvolving.

What do I mean by personal progress? Everything. What is your ideal self? Be it, no excuses. Grow stronger physically and mentally, learn more USEFUL stuff, spend your time on better things, become a good role model and leader, learn a proper craft and be the best at it, find some cool sport or creative physical practice and push the limits on it. It’s all about MAXING OUT your genetic expression, filling out your full potential. If you’re not pushing the limits, they won’t expand, they’ll stay where they are or they’ll contract, meaning DEvolution.

What can the government do? They can stop all the bullshit, stop telling people a bunch of lies, stop making people weaker and dumber. Instead of encouraging all that is bad, they could encourage all that is good. Instead of stifling people to make them do their dirty work, they could encourage people to be great and make progress. They could ban all the harmful shit that’s somehow referred to as “food” although it’s not really food at all, get rid of all the shit that impairs brain function.

What can companies and entrepreneurs do? Inspire change, develop better ACTUALLY HELPFUL products to push the current weakening shit off the market. They could increase competition and offer greater rewards, inspiring people to greatness instead of mediocrity. They could get the right person for the right position and watch productivity soar while he/she becomes a skilled master, instead of hiring a bunch of random schmucks to do mind-numbing shit work because it’s cheaper in the short term (but in the long-term this stupidity hinders efficient productivity.)

What should scientists and doctors do? They should make sure that the REAL FACTS reach the public, instead of the distorted company sponsored bullshit that’s currently contaminating the “scientific knowledge pool.” They should encourage more people to do science, or at least learn the known facts for themselves. Doctors should definitely stop giving patients all those drugs that make them dumb and weak, they should stop all their money-grabbing bullshit and get back to doing the shit that actually works best like they used to do. And again, they should encourage health a lot more.

What should teachers be doing? Teaching, actually teaching real good USEFUL stuff, instead of simply carrying out indoctrination like they do these days. They should encourage growth, learning, and questioning, instead of stifling the kids.

What can nasa be doing? What they do best, keep developing technological stuff. I don’t see how they have anything to do with human evolution. Unless maybe they could find some weird alien life form and find a way to interbreed them with humans, perhaps? Assuming such a thing as an alien life form even exists.

What should you and I be doing? The stuff I mentioned earlier in this post. I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing the last few years, rapidly growing in every way possible and encouraging/teaching others to do the same.

In what direction will this evolution take place? Same as always, moving forward to being better adapted to this world. That means stronger and smarter, primarily. Strength and intelligence are the most important qualities of any creature, it’s what’s given us the edge over all other animals. We’re no longer competing with other animals, we’re competing with other humans. And seeing how most people are becoming more and more degenerate, I’d say I’m in a good position.

Whatever human thrives the most, is to be considered the most highly evolved human. Evolution is a natural process, there’s no need to interfere. In fact, I think the best thing for the evolution of mankind currently would be to stop interfering so much.

If we are to modify the human form, then we must do so genetically, not technologically. Adding a bunch of machine parts is not evolution at all, a cyborg is not more evolved than a human, it’s not genetically different at all. Just like a caveman wielding a rock was no more evolved than a caveman wielding a stick. They just have different tools, the cyborg is no more evolved at all. On top of that, machines will always be inferior to humans. Machines have no life, and they are our creations, they can never surpass us because their development is dependent on our development. You can’t create something greater than a human, if you can’t create a human. Cloning and birthing is not creating a human, it’s copying a human, literally creating a human is way beyond our current abilities, and so creating something greater is currently an impossibility. You can never create something greater than yourself.

I think the greatest improvement of the human form would be faster, more effective healing, like that of dolphins.

Ian (38) (@geryon89) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

compassion, patience, peace.
if people simply behave civilly and kind towards each other (dont rip each other off, steal, hurt each other, etc) then we have evolved as a species. people need to understand the ramifications of their actions good and bad.
for example: i don’t like seeing homeless people sleeping outside my door. it makes me sad, and i don’t want to be heckled by them. this is why i don’t whine about paying taxes, because it goes towards helping them. the problem is when there are rotten people. say the local government uses that money instead for personal/corrupt reasons or perhaps carelessly.
this is a simplistic example but imagine if really EVERYONE pitched in gladly towards the betterment of society knowing that it can only ultimately increase their own well being.

Mat (1) (@matwalker) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

We are using up all our natural resources/ breaking the planet and we know it, yet we still don’t do near enough to stop it. The next step in our evolution I believe should come from altering what we think we want from life. We are brought up being told that we have to do well in school, get a good job and be successful, everyone is out for themselves. I’m not sure that’s healthy and think that everyone needs a greater sense of empathy, to start doing whats best for the whole rather than themselves. If everyone could feel what everyone else is too, or see how their actions affect the people around them, and act on them, then that would be evolution. Not in some kind of new technological revolution, but letting our minds evolve.

HydeTheJekyll (12) (@hydethejekyll) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

Please everyone try to keep this one more in a physical sense.This is very much a real topic and this will/can be done with real innovations

O’Reilly (803) (@oreilly) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

I think that the next step in terms of biological human evolution will be an eventual breakdown of racial barriers. Everybody keep fucking everybody else until we’re all the same color.

jjj (32) (@crackedout6pack) 5 years, 8 months ago ago


jjj (32) (@crackedout6pack) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

?in a physical sense??? how the fuck are we gunna do that dude, real talks, takes a long bloody time. u dont just choose to evolve physically. unless you want to start spending 6 hours of your day 365 a year in water or something….. then MAYBE your child will have gills.

HydeTheJekyll (12) (@hydethejekyll) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

@manimal, I do not even know how to comment on your post. I will start with saying that lots of your points sound very good and I can tell you are passionate about how you feel :) please do not take these thoughts as direct criticism. Having said that free your mind and really try to keep it very open(not in a against mainstream way I think you have that part covered, but more in a against the way you have been think sort of way)

Flawless health – the default state(!) Please explain why average lifespan was 35 years back when we were in “default” state.(free of “poisons” such as penicillin)

Personal expression does nothing in this race. Team Work, common goals, innovation and the exponential growth are the factors that matter in our near future.

Governments are like people(the are run by people after all) They try hard to do the right thing constantly balancing right and wrong for a better end result. The problem with this end result is; It will always be subject and bias to the realitive perspective of the persons effecting policy. Only though Decentralization coupled with Technocratic elements supported by a much more diverse Democratic process will there be a better system.
IE: If I were to become ruler of the world I would build the absolute best world that I would ever want to live in. I group of people that share similar interest would also love this world and thrive within it. A group making up the majority would adapt to this world and find enjoyment in there own life ignoring much of what takes place “behind closed doors”. and a group on the other end would be completely miserable.
Base on the fact that I would like to be a robot and it seems you would like to be “one with nature” I think you would fall in the completely miserable side of things :)

Companies are doing much of what you say as we write. Take a look at Google, and SpaceX for example. More will follow for the near future. *Possible side note* The DIY revolution will cause a massive influx of micro business that will join together to form Union like larger companies. the large centralize dinosaur business model will become extinct.

Science Is one of the few areas that Is right on course and is generally moving completely in the right direction. Knowledge is being gathered and shared at rates never before imaginable! Doctors are implementing treatments and breakthroughs faster then can be cataloged and displayed in the main streams eye.

I could keep going but I will never change a mind not open willing learn.

HydeTheJekyll (12) (@hydethejekyll) 5 years, 8 months ago ago


For real? Physical as in NOT METAPHYSICAL! “PSYCHIC POWERS” are not “real” at least not proven.

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

Was all that stuff at the beginning of your post really necessary? There’s nothing to be apologetic about, no reason to “soften the blow.” If I’m wrong about something I deserve to know, and even if I’m not wrong your expression of thoughts and ideas is nothing to be apologetic about, it needs no justification whatsoever.

Health – The time of the 35 year life span was not a time of being in the default state, it was a time of poor health. Many native tribes across the globe have been living the old way for ages and ages, and they live very long lives. Because they respect the body and let it operate in its default state.

Genetic expression – I said nothing about personal expression, I talked about genetic expression. And yes, it is what wins this race, that’s evolution. This teamwork and interdependence stuff won’t make any significant changes, no chain is stronger than its weakest link. We’ve already been doing good teamwork for ages, not much has happened. Societal changes are not evolution, they are societal changes, it’s a completely different thing.

Government – The current leaders do not try to do what’s right at all. They try to do what will build their personal utopia, for them, no matter what. The leaders of society do not live in society, the live separated from it, society is nothing but a way to herd people. And just like with humans herding “less evolved” animals, the people being herded are the “less evolved” ones. Their power is indeed given to them by the human livestock, but the human livestock are dependent on the masters. That’s what society is, it’s all about human ownership. In order for an actual change in the power structure of society, society would have to be taken down and a new one be built. But then again, that’s society, not evolution.

Companies – I don’t see how letting people fly into orbit has anything to do with evolution. But I agree about the business model, it sure sounds great.

Science – Yes, there is more good discoveries being made. But there are lots of shitty false information in there too, due to sponsors with agendas tinkering with the lab reports or using them to claim things out of context. That’s an undeniable fact. Yes, doctors are implementing new treatments, but a lot of these treatments aren’t very good at all, and a lot of them are unnecessary.

You’re saying I’m not open minded? Well, you’re free to think so, but I really think you should check yourself before accusing people of such things.

HydeTheJekyll (12) (@hydethejekyll) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

Thank you, you are right. Perhaps I should have a more open mind. To get back on point.

Maybe one thing that could be done(in the US) is use the already hard working and well trained military personal to run and work in our social service and infrastructural workings. IE have ex military Build our bridges, pave our roads, work at our SSA offices. At the very lest it would get some of the money spent on war(though training) back into more productive actives, Whilst providing something of benefit for the soldier. Maybe Private Contractors should have to “buy out” the training (payed for by the people) of the ex-soldiers. They could have to divert X amount of asset to such and such approved program for each soldier they wish to hire overseas.

jjj (32) (@crackedout6pack) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

@hydethejekyll, yeah check yourself and open your mind. joking joking joking kind of.
errr, it depends what you constitute as proof? personally i didnt used to believe in anything that wasnt SCIENTIFICALLY proven. I was sort of under the impression most people on this site had a few inclinations towards thinking outside the box. Don’t you think that if we all stopped using fluoride toothpaste and had psychic lessons in school shit might start popping off???
I’m sure you have heard about latent mind power.
That would be some serious evolution. Imagine the harmony. Imagine how powerful our minds put together would be. ALL sorts of new crazy shit to explore that we dont even have names for now.

HydeTheJekyll (12) (@hydethejekyll) 5 years, 8 months ago ago

@crackedout6pack, and others. I believe in all sorts of meta physical things including God. but I think there is a time and a place for it. “The Human Evolution Challenge” is not it. This is very much of big interest to myself and other trans-humanist. I would enjoy a more serious and grounded think tank nothing more nothing less.

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