The most fun you've ever had/Best memories

 Anonymous (@) 5 years, 12 months ago

What is your single most memorable experience?
The time of your life?
The epitome of happiness / glory?
The day where absolute everything was grand?


It involves substances, which amplified the experience, but by no means created it;

two of my friends and I awoke in a cabin, we put our proper clothes on and ate a hardy breakfast and inhaled some wonderful marijuana herb on a pristine lake, surrounded by fully blooming, leafy, green foliage. Not a soul for miles. No planes, no cars. The birds are sparse and far between, and the moose you can only get short glimpses of. After arranging a mood of extraordinary high-ness, we packed up the necessities and began canoeing across the lake, laughing, joking, under the blue sky and isolated fluffy white clouds. A perfect summer day. As we got to the middle of the lake we further increased our happiness mood with a few drinks of hard whiskey. The stuff is vile, but tasted so great that day. In the middle of the lake, three very loud teenagers screaming and laughing at absolutely nothing and everything. We paddled with all our might into a bog and succeeded in jumping all 3 of us out of the boat. Running around with nothing but boxers, consumed by the absolute freedom from judgement, guilt, or self-image. Laughing to tears at the air between the legs, arms, hair. Falling over, slightly intoxicated into mounds of soft, moist moss.

Whenever I’m down – I remember that day.

April 23, 2012 at 5:49 pm
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