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We are alive. We observe our world. We experiance each other. We bleed, we feel, We breath under the same functional process, We are each an individual mechanism in a existing universe of order and pattern. We are. I give thanx to that which was always, called God, I call him Jesus christ. I am a Christian believer…

September 11, 2012 at 2:49 pm
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Anonymous (33) (@) 4 years, 2 months ago ago

There are so so so many things wrong with your above statement.

I’ll point out one major flaw..
“We are each an individual mechanism..”

After reading the following text you will be dumbfounded.. That is, since you are a Christian believer. Enjoy!

I’m quoting the words of the British Philosopher Alan Watts here. “The ceramic model of the universe is based on the book of Geneses, from which, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity derive their basic picture of the world. In this book the world is an artifact, it is made; as a potter takes clay and forms pots out of it, or as a carpenter takes wood and makes tables and chairs out of it. So the image of the world is based on the world as God as a technician who has a plan in mind and who fashions the universe in accordance with that plan.

Basic to this image of the world is that the world consists of stuff. Basically; primordial matter, substance, stuff, as pots are made of clay. And the potter imposes his will upon it. And so, in the book of geneses, the lord God creates Adam out of the dust of the Earth. In other words, he makes a clay figurine then breaths life into it and it becomes alive, because the clay becomes en-formed. By itself it is formless, it has no intelligence; and therefore it requires an external energy, an external force to bring it to life and to put some sense into it.

So in this way we inherit a conception of ourselves as being artifacts; as being made; a mechanism. It is perfectly natural for a child in our culture to ask its mother “how was I MADE?” or “who MADE me?” Contrary to this, a Chinese child might ask its mother “how did I GROW?” Which is an entirely different procedure from the making.

When you make something you put it together, you arrange parts, or you work from the outside in; as a sculptor works on a stone; as a potter works on clay. But when you watch something growing it works in exactly the opposite direction. It works from the inside to the outside; it expands; it burgeons; it blossoms; it happens all over itself at once. In other words, the original simple form of the living cell in the womb progressively complicates itself. And there is, for that reason, a fundamental difference between the maker and the made.

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matterofthought (0) (@matterofthought) 4 years, 2 months ago ago

LOL. you were right i was dumbfounded which means that is the substance of your opinion to be found as dumb. and i did enjoy the challenge of trying to find an intillectual response but as you would see if you read into all the deffintions of your examples their is a lack of understanding which produces condridictions. becuase you already called the out come im going to asume you know whats inside the truth and are trying to reshape it from the outside which saves me from being trapped in a spiral of misinformation and confusion and leads me to my final statment. you seem to be a good reasercher and a fun person who enjoys challenges like a parent enjoys watching their child over come opsticles so i thank you for the challenge but by telling me your intent to dumbfound me you told me the the secret with in your text, i thank you for that as well, so God bless you brother, i enjoyed the brain tease.thanx for taking your time and reading The Truth As You Know It.

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