Third Eye experience?

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This story begins with a fun day at delores park. Note that I consumed kratom earlier as well as some wine at the park. Much later I ended up at a bar for some live music. After a couple beers, many cigs, (not a regular smoker) I took a toke where I found myself extremely nauseous (much like Ive experienced with kratom in the past, but never so much later).

I made it back upstairs to the bar for water where I literally ‘found’ myself laying down on the ground beside the bar. Totally could have been a panic attack, or ego collapse type thing. I regained consciousness and stood up as the bar tender returned with the water for me to then stumble across the venue to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for a while to catch my breath where I noticed the purple eye ring in my focal view and the rest of my vision going nuts. The weirdest part was how familiar this visual felt. My mind was repeating, “Where have i seen this before? I don’t give a fuck! Not about anything!” It was like this entity telling me it was ok, comforting me despite the fact that I felt I was about to die. I just didn’t care. Immediately after this, I felt more exhausted yet relaxed than I have felt in my entire life.

On the drive back, my eyebrows shot up! I felt an almost cool sensation directly between my eyes inside my head, almost like a lid had opened. Ive read about this stuff before, so it’s possible this part was just my imagination, but the sensations were real! I guess it’s closed again for now but the whole experience felt like a much needed release of pent up tension.

The combination of kratom, nicotine, alcohol, and weed, and the craziness of life (I’ve been extremely manic recently) seemed to be major triggers for all this. The weed seemed to really be the trigger, yet with kratom and nicotine I have had somewhat similar reactions. Ive also made a lot of major changes in my life where now I feel I have left behind something that wasn’t needed. Almost a week later, I feel so much more calm, relaxed, inspired and intuitive.

I wanted to share this mystifying experience and see if anyone had any insight on this?

August 18, 2012 at 4:06 pm
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Meridian1124 (6) (@jbaker15) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

@heavydreamz, Take a look into the “pineal gland”. Literally referenced as “the third eye,” very interesting stuff.

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