Thoughts on my acid trip

 Rob (@facets) 5 years, 5 months ago

This weekend, I tripped acid for the first time.
I had planned on only taking one tab, as it was my first time. I took the tab, and my and my friend started walking around campus. An hour later, I hadn’t felt anything from the tab. So I went back to my room and put two more tabs in (while I kept the first tab in also).
At this point, I had three tabs under my tongue, and I began walking around campus with the same friend again. We walked around for about half an hour and then walked back to my friend’s dorm room because he had to go to work.
In his room, he had a poster of a beach, with waves and a palm tree. I knew I had begun to trip when the waves and tree started moving.
As my friend left, his roommate came in, and I hung out with him for about 5 minutes before he announced that he was going in our friend’s house to teach her how to roll joints. I tagged along, as did one more friend.
When we got there, we hung out and cracked a few jokes as my friend taught my other friend how to roll. At this point all that was happening for me was image trails on things that were moving. However, I was beginning to feel more and more trippy.
We all went outside because my one friend wanted to smoke a cig, and my conversations always seemed to come full circle in some way.
After the cig, we went inside and we sat around for a little bit. After a few minutes, my friend turned on Bassnectar and plugged it into a subwoofer that was laying around. We listened to Bassnectar and smoked a bowl pack or two of weed.
After we finished smoking, the music took center stage in my trip. During the build-ups in the songs, I became increasingly nervous and anxious, and as soon as the bass dropped, I felt immense happiness. These emotions (to me) were not only my personal emotions, but they appeared to be the emotion within the room as well. While these emotions felt real to me, I realized that they were simply manifestations of the drug.
At this point I wanted to be alone, but I couldn’t trip alone in the house we were in because I had tripped shrooms there before. So we left to head back to our dorm.
The ride back consisted of more crazy music mixed with emotion. And for a little, I could taste the bass on my tongue.
When we got back to the dorm, I went to my room to be alone for a little and realized that we shouldn’t shun social interaction, because that’s what makes life interesting. We shouldn’t be afraid to be alone, but we should prefer to be with people.
After being alone, I came back out and hung out with my friends for the remainder of the night.
My most profound thought about the trip is that it will be whatever you expect it to be. I recognized moments during the trip where I could have allowed a bad trip to happen, but I didn’t want one to happen, so it didn’t.
If you want your trip to be spiritual, it will be. This doesn’t prove that there is a “spiritual realm” anywhere except inside of your mind.
It’s all your expectations and beliefs.

November 13, 2012 at 7:13 am
Conner J. (1,557) (@connerj93) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

There’s this thing about psycadelics (shrooms, LSD, mescaline etc) called Set, Setting, and Drug. It’s basically how you can make your trip to experience literally anything you wish, but it all comes down to the ‘Set’ which is your body, your mind, and your thoughts; ‘Setting’ which is who you’re with and where you are. Are you with a friend, or a complete stranger? Are you indoors, outdoors, in a rural environment or urban? Then ‘drug’ which is the type of chemical you ingest and how potent that drug is. All of things can be altered to alter the trip you have. If you want a spiritual trip, your mind and thoughts must run that direction, as well as you cannot be with very many people. That “loneliness” you speak of wanting in the trip is absolutely normal. Only in solitariness do the deepest activities begin, you find action without movement, vision in obscurity, and most of all a fulfillment whose limits extend to the limits of your imagination.

Please know that having a bad trip is NOT always a bad thing. Even though the problems you’ve suppressed come up in nightmarish form on psychedelics, it is essential to get them out of the way and dealt with or you will have one of the worst experience tripping the one time you believe you are happy and are ready for a trip. I’ve tripped LSD well over 15 times, 5 of those times of which were me in absolute terror and fear, but to me it was essential to wipe out the bullshit from my mind. Don’t be afraid to dig a little bit deeper with your thoughts while intoxicated on any psychedelic, even though what you find may scare the shit out of you, you’ll learn more and more about your unconscious mind and begin to co-mingle conscious and unconscious together.

Vinny (1) (@theteamification) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

You have to remember acid can effect in different ways and at different times (such as who you are with, the memories you have with them, location of where you are and weather you have had past experiences that where there) Also this drug lasts about 8-18 hours, but stays in the system for a minimum of 3 days. Which means that the drug may just take longer to kick in because of body size or a different thing. My opinion is I think you should take it again and plan it out where you are with the people you want and the right place.

Vinny (1) (@theteamification) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

Nothing i like more than a fat, juicy cock up my asshole while im tripping on acid. it makes it feel like an anaconda is slithering through my intestines. mmmm<3

Rob (75) (@facets) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@connerj93, That’s a good point, but I really do think your outlook has the most influence in your trip. More so than setting at least.
And I agree, bad trips can be extremely beneficial for your introspection
Can I ask you: what makes you want to keep tripping so many times?

Conner J. (1,557) (@connerj93) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

For me, when I was fifteen or so, I sat down and looked at a picture of psychedelic art. It absolutely captivated me to the point where I told myself I want to be able to imagine, envision, and draw the same thing. It’s curiosity for the abstract world, and I live to explore those psychedelic realities. However, through that phase I found the most fundamental and powerful spiritual connection and that alone drove me to search further. Most people just want to escape their reality, I just was curious of what else is still locked up in my mind. But tripping that much is a dangerous game and i’ve only met a few who come out of it ‘okay’ to society’s standards :/

Living Stone (153) (@cloudstuck) 5 years, 1 month ago ago

Hmmmm, it is very intersting hearing about what people view as a lot of acid. Like frequency. It is very different from everyone’s perspective. I would’ve tripped countless amounts of times and I am still okay. I still have my own shit to deal with, but that to me is because I haven’t consciously dealt with it whilst tripping.

The limit is whatever you create (and/or feel) it to be.

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