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 Harjot (@godslight) 5 years, 6 months ago

Fellow truth seekers,

First of all, thank you for allowing me to be here and share my thoughts and experiences with you. And I thank you all for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me..I’ve admittedly been surfing this website for a while now..and felt it was time to join in on the fun :)

As per the title, I have just recently been laid off was a good job, and I know I am slimming my chances of finding something similar when I get back..but this plan I have of world travel is something I have always visioned myself doing..I don’t want to physically pass not seeing every corner of this earth. There is so much beauty out there..and I want to interact with it all (as much as possible) before I rock a zimmer frame!

So, I have decided that I would like to spend the next 12 months travelling around the world..I have enough saved up to live in cheap hotels and luckily for me, I have a father who works for a well known flights anywhere will be cheap. This money was going to be used to buy my own place (or a car) but I choose to do this instead. I think this will be the best investment ever..

I know this experience will open up so many doors..broaden my horizons (albeit I have traveled a fair bit already in my life, this will be totally different though)..and definitely be a life changing experience..something I will always look back on fondly. I am so excited and can’t wait..who knows, I might even bump into some of you on here :)

My question is, has anyone here done anything similar, and if so do you have any tips of
-where I should go? (places I simply cannot miss out on)
-how much should I expect to spend?
-what things to avoid/look out for/dangers?
etc etc.

I would love to hear what you guys think because I feel that you all have a similarish mindset to me..that’s why we’re all here and connecting. So I’d value your opinions highly..

Look forward to hearing from you all


December 11, 2012 at 4:14 pm
Myriad Creatures (2) (@thedao) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

@godslight, You should read The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham. I think you would like it and benefit from it very much.

Alex (345) (@staylucky) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

Have a blast man!

Fluxface (32) (@fluxface) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

Im doing it right now buddy, currently writing from a hostel in Kathmandu. Im going to spend my christmas in the mountains of nepal without power or lights – just for doing something totaly different. Ive been 3 weeks in bali before this, i wouldnt recomend Kuta as this place was full of tourists and was very busy. Gili islands where nice doh, and I heard lombok have some great trekking opertunities. I also heard from people i met that Cuba is a fantastic place! And many places in africa.
Ive been in mexico, us and many other places before and its not really dangerous if you use common sense, your intuition and listen to advice from other backpackers :)
Anyone can be unlucky but i met a girl who has traveled alone for a year in the whole word alone without one bad experience.
The only thing she said was negative was China. Rude people etc..
Dont plan it too much my friend, just get out there, then the rest of your journy will create itself :)
Wish you the best of luck!

Achyut ram (125) (@achyutram) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

As per me the best thing that you are doing is You have decided to travel the world and the second best thing is that you are using the money for something more than just a ‘possession’! Awesome bro! \m/
I need to surrounded by some people like you I guess. :P

You sure must have read it but just mentioning ‘Into the wild’.

Harjot (11) (@godslight) 5 years, 6 months ago ago

Thanks for your responses brothers..I’ am just in process of putting down all the places I want to see…I’m getting my PR application for Canada as we speak, so I’ll wait until that’s complete before I go off on my adventures..which should be in 8-10 months..plenty of time to save more!- can’t wait!!! :D

Any one who is willing to share there experiences on here would be highly appreciated..I’d love to learn more through the minds of those who have done it/are doing it..

Light and Love!

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