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(Just to set things straight, I’m not judging anyone. This is a school asignment). I just want to ask, to the people who don’t believe in God’s existence, why you believe that, how you got to that conclusion. I’m curious to read/listen what someone has to say about that subject, since I have just one friend who is atheist and I already know what he thinks about it. 

August 28, 2017 at 7:05 pm
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I am not atheist but I am not religious in the sense that I follow a man-made religion. I think things are a lot more complicated than they appear. My personal ideology is something like what Marcus once stated: “

“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

Let’s say that there is one true God, for an example it is Allah. That means, all the devoted righteous living Christians, Jews, etc. Will burn in hell because the chose the wrong God. Doesn’t seem very Fair does it?

Then you have this deduction argument:

“If God exists, then God is omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect.

If God is omnipotent, then God has the power to eliminate all evil.

If God is omniscient, then God knows when evil exists.

If God is morally perfect, then God has the desire to eliminate all evil.

Evil exists.

If evil exists and God exists, then either God doesn’t have the power to eliminate all evil, or doesn’t know when evil exists, or doesn’t have the desire to eliminate all evil.

Therefore, God doesn’t exist.”

Just a viewpoint for your reflection. 

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Peace and greetings brother joshua i respect you response and the way you backed your opinion.

There is certain levels of depth to everything to the point that language and speaking does not seem to be natural a depth that is almost unspoken yet and unseen whilest still being felt so vivid that it can deffy reality.

You spoke about duality with everything you backed you opinion when it is plausible for their to be more levels and more levels and in depth till you reach an acceptance that our finite minds are trying to understand something infinit, the small self is trying to find the big SELF like a journey of life throught the dark birth cannel almost like something peirceing through a black hole only to emerge out the other side as light.

The journey of life the search and growth begins at an inner world not understanding time nor space and  that we are constantly in esctacy of joy and full of energy causeing us to be naive and veiw the outside world beautifully thats why evil doesnt make sense or thatmnegative into positiveex it is and not many thing make sense at that time but as we build a relationship with the outside world which its egxistance is constantly stimulated to us by our 5 senses taking everything in only causes us to move out leaveing the inner world  and live in the outter world like a bird leaving its nest. Which inevitably leaves us always lost after feeling disconected and empty. enough time of the outter world will make you reach another level a point where we enter to the other side the end of the beggining and the beggining of the end the realisation of duality of the two sides where everything can and will appose to creat the relative and the absolute and once you realise the true nature of it all you must come back to your inner world where duality is non egxistant killing the Ego and overcoming the i (eye) and realising its a WE are one with everything even if everythingbelse doesnt know it. By no longer creates two sides of the one whole we can take it further to a HIGHEXISTANCE where the two rivers of inner and outer knowledge meet and become ONE and that is at the HEART,Only then will you find GOD

No one ever saw god the almighty but people got close by understanding the un known,ALLAH is everywhere, see everthing and hears all. By bileaf on that statement its like reverse engineering now constantly knowing ALLAH sees everything hears everything and is everywhere you will feel his presence because you constantly are aware of his presence and will expand your consciousness and level of awareness to hights unfathomable and comeing tonthe true nature of humanity by our actions,speach and intention because you are constantly aware and become a beacon of light in the dark. The state of a humanbeing is the ultimate battle for younare a human and a being at the same time. A being of light+energy=source or sole inprisoned in the human the flesh blood bone and meat. Until ourself finds OURSELF then the miracle happens and we are one with everythinging becoming our SELF the frequencey of love and onesess help and help humanity do the same to unite and become Love and only when you give you will find the source that is undoubtedly all around and within and never run out for you have come home when you give love regardless of what you get that is the miracle and power and ALLAH created us with the gift to turn negative into positive. Causeing us to be the latest and greatest creation the leader of all creations.

Have faith and you will find for will withought faith is ill and incomplete. Much love and blessings as i only share my opnion and dont want anyone to approve of it but i would hope it causes you to ask why for we must all have our own opinion one that is come to with great contemplation and research otherwise we will all listen and obey and cycle will repeat be free be unique be oneness=love.

Excuse my lack of grammer as i was freestyling all this of my head as it was comming to me and so doest art immitate life or does life immitate art lol..


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There is literally no proof of anything like that ever existing.

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or, could God be flawed just as he made us in his NATURE? (Somewhere in the book of wisdom)

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   I believe in a creator. I left the church after my kids got their basics… I hold some cofliction concerning that diseccion and I not only accept but am always reconsiling by offering wisdom to my kids on their understanding! We are NATURE!  Our spark will seek the path of least resistance as it returns to from which it came.

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