What is your purpose?

 Jbug (@jbug) 7 years ago

Something I have been contemplating lately is life’s purpose. What is that thing you live for and how did you find it? It is that thing that you can pour all your energy into because it feels fulfilling and feeds your soul. It helps define who you are and gives you purpose. It can be anything at all…

What is your purpose?

June 23, 2011 at 4:33 pm
Travis (1) (@zebabirul) 7 years ago ago

my purpose ( at least that i can tell right now) is to start a private school for introverted kids. Our current system (Canada) is mainly for extroverts and it is putting the creative and sometimes shy introverts down. I went through that hole and I almost didn’t make it back so now I feel it is my job to change it.

Ethan (1) (@ethanp94) 7 years ago ago

How do we define a purpose? Do we talk about our goals, aspirations, and desires or do we talk about some sort of divine meaning that makes our life worth living in a spiritual sense?

How can we know what our purpose is? In the 21st century where technology has expedited the rate at which we progress,communicate, and even think, how do we know that our purpose won’t shift in an instant?

Furthermore, is there truly only 1 thing, or idea, or value, or career that we pour all our energy into? Or is our purpose a collection and culmination of everything that we hold dear?

Sorry for the mini-Socratic, but your question is just too all encompassing to answer without a question ;).

daveb (119) (@daveb) 7 years ago ago

I don’t think life itself has a purpose. As thinking creatures, we choose what we do and can define that as “our purpose” but it’s just a title we give to our actions. of course, that’s skipping over the point of Jbug’s question to focus on words.

I like this part best: that thing that you can pour all your energy into because it feels fulfilling.

there is a collection of things I pursue that give me that feeling: walking barefoot on dewey grass. grazing from my garden and yard. sitting by a fire as the moon rises over the mountains.

simple moments, easily shared or celebrated alone, little money or stuff required. those are the moments when I’m not distracted by trying to do stuff. one of the people I’ve learned the most from put it this way: You’re a human BE-ing, not a human DO-ing.

Syn.Ther. (46) (@luna) 7 years ago ago


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