When you knock down your Dad's Car!

 Shreya Mittal (@shreya) 5 years, 11 months ago

It has been over a week now but I cannot pull myself out of the guilt storm that I feel I am caught in. I knocked down my Dad’s Car and what makes it even more worst is that He did not even say a word when I know that he loves his Car so much that sometimes an iota of doubt surrounds me that I am probably second on his list of priorities.

From the time I have remembered, my Dad has been very caring and possessive about his Car.Despite we having people who would dust and wash it regularly as a part of their job, he would not mind to get up early in the morning and clean every bit of it with his own hands.
He would make the chauffeur sit on the seat next to him and would himself drive for hours. He takes serious offense when someone says something to his car pointing out to some New Model that fires the roads.

I remember being pretty jealous of his car when I was young and used to question him about this inordinate affection that he always holds for his Car.

And now it is in the Workshop, where he goes everyday to maybe just see it once!!
I Hate Myself!

May 9, 2012 at 3:34 am
Ray Butler (1,422)M (@trek79) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

I don’t really know what you mean by knock down, you had an accident? Talk to him about it, I’m sure he knows you were not acting in malice, he probably thinks your irresponsible or careless not spiteful. But accidents happen all the time, especially when you are young, it is a learning curve. If you have a frign chauffeur then surely he can afford to buy you a piece of crap car so you don’t need his, that is his fault for not hooking you up.

Shreya Mittal (1) (@shreya) 5 years, 11 months ago ago

Hey, You get it wrong Ray.
For first, I know how to drive, and knocking down dosen’t really mean an accident in all weight of the term. It was a crash when a motorbike hit my dad’s car which I happened to drive that Day. The body of the car was a little dismantled.
And of course he knows its not malice. In India, we never think of this term in cases where family relations are concerned. He never scolds me tight because most of the wrongs that I do qualifies as minor for him.
And we can afford more than a piece of crap even to learn driving and to add I learnt to drive from my Dad and that too when his car was freaking New!! It is all a matter of how I am feeling and not what it is all about. No one in my family would give a shitt even if I explode my a Car an come!

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