Why and how often do you use cannabis?

 Garrett Payne (@gpayne44) 1 year, 2 months ago

Hello HEathens,

As the title suggests, I am interested in the frequency and motivation behind cannabis use of the people in the HE community.

Personally, I have had different answers to these questions at different times in my life. I have used cannabis for many reasons, including pain relief for a herniated disk, inner exploration, creativity, mixing up my meditation practice, relaxation, and just plain old intoxication. The frequency of my use has also varied since I first started using cannabis about 4 years ago. When I first started I used it a few nights a week to relax after a day of school and work or to let me escape into my guitar and composing music. Now, I use cannabis almost every day as a way to calm my body and help my mind wander after a day of focus and concentration. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘heavy’ user although I smoke every day because I consume cannabis in low doses (a pinch or small grav) 1-3 times a day, almost always at night after I have done productive work with the rest of my day (some people might consider this heavy use, but I’m gauging myself against the heavier users that I know). I feel that using cannabis in this way allows me to experience its many benefits while minimizing the negative side effects; the contrast of my focused days and stony nights often allows for insight into the contents of my day from a new perspective. 

Overall, I feel that cannabis improves the quality of my life and helps me stay true to my life’s path and goals. Of course I have fallen victim to laziness and procrastination from time to time as a result of using cannabis (as anyone who regularly uses it has), but I feel now that I have learned how to make cannabis a healthy part of my life through experimentation and time.

What about you? Do you use cannabis at all? If so, how frequently and for what reasons? I would love to hear from you!

March 24, 2017 at 3:14 pm
Ellie (1,359)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

Hi Garrett,  I use cannabis a few times a year, on average. I only do it when it seems right and when the opportunity is available to me. Also, these days I prefer edibles to smoking because smoking is just too intense for me and causes anxiety. I used to smoke a lot but I feel like it made me dull and it lost its benefits. I have tested out a lot of different frequencies of use with cannabis and this is what works best now.

I like it every so often because altered states are fun and it lets me see my own mental patterns in a different way and see what’s holding me back. I also like to meditate with it.

It sounds like you use it a lot so I would just say be cautious of dependence and it’s good to take breaks every once in a while (like deciding not to smoke for a week here and there). If the thought of that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, that’s definitely worth looking into! I did this recently with alcohol. I realized that I was drinking very regularly and when I thought of taking a break I really didn’t want to, which made me think I probably should.

Garrett Payne (17) (@gpayne44) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

Thanks for the response! I do enjoy an occasional 4-9 day break from smoking, but I should definitely try to take more breaks from it just to keep myself in check. My frequency of use has been regular for about a year and a half now (a couple hits a day after I feel that I can say I worked hard enough towards my goals, or a couple hits when I’m just relaxing with friends), so I might take a really long break from the green just to make sure I’m fully aware of how it continues to affect me as I progress through life. One of the most common misconceptions I’ve noticed in people with regards to cannabis use is that they believe that it will always affect them in the same way each time they use it regardless of their internal state, so I’d like to avoid falling victim to this myself!

The last long break I took lasted around 5 weeks and that period of time gave me a new perspective on drugs in general. Prior to that extended break I had let my use become just a bit too heavy, and the break revealed to me exactly where the imbalances in my use had come up. Breaks are crucial to anyone who chooses to regularly use drugs of any kind (alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, etc.) for ensuring that the main force driving your decisions is your truest, best self. It definitely took time for me to learn how to balance the impact of cannabis with the rest of my life, but I feel that I am better off now for having learned how to make it a healthily accessible part of my life.

CrunchyNika (1) (@crunchynika) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

Hello :) Like you, I have had different answers to your questions. I smoked some weed back in the days when I was waaaaay to young, together with my friends at parties and stuff. In my opinion, it’s really important that you are mature enough to use cannabis. Fortunately, I grew up, stopped partying, focused on school and everything.

After a couple of years with low selfesteem, unrealistic expectations to myself, shitty friends, a maniac mother and in general a lot of shit, I became really depressed. At a point, I could barely walk out of bed. This made me loose myself completely. Everything I used to love, I now hated. I stopped seeing my friends and family, stopped working out, hated music etc.

Then I met my boyfriend who I now live with and who makes me really happy. Either of us has any history of using drugs (other than my teenage-weed-episodes), we both have ordinary jobs that we go to every day, we don’t drink any alcohol(maybe a few times a year) and yeah.. We’re just normal people, I guess.

We started to use cannabis together after we moved in together last summer. In first I was sceptical, but after a bit I understood that there was no danger at all. Just me, a person I feel comfortable with and a harmless substance(by proper consumption).
Now, we smoke every now and then. Maybe 3-4 times a week. Some periods we smoke every day for weeks, then have long breaks. It depends.. If I work a lot, I can’t smoke to often, because I feel tired and low on energy.
We just love coming home, closing the door, put on some comfies, smoke, make some food, talk a lot with each other, listen to music and watch movies and series. Simple as that.

After I started smoking, I have become more calm. I don’t really care about what people say about me anymore or what the devil on my left shoulder is telling me. Now I don’t have the same unrealistic expectations to myself anymore. I’m more reflected. I have started to see my friends again, working out etc. For some reason, I feel more in control than earlier. I am 100% sure that the cannabis has something to do with all of this.
So yeah, there’s many reasons for why I use cannabis. Mostly for making my body and mind relaxed, but also for exploring inner-me and finding out who I am. Also, cannabis is the best pain relief ever.

Nobody really knows about us using cannabis. Our parents are super-straight. I’m talking about my father working at a department for drug-related psychiatric and addiction. This just makes everything more exciting. It’s kind of our little secret and it’s so good that nobody knows what’s going on inside our four walls.

My boyfriend knows a lot about all kinds of drugs, because he’s very interested in reading about it. This makes me so comfortable with using drugs with him. I feel really safe. We watch documentaries and tripreports together, mostly about pshycadellics. A couple of times we’ve experimented with shrooms and LSD, which we just loved.
I know my limits and have never been afraid of going the wrong path or anything. We just do this things for fun and to evolve ourselves. Can’t see how this possibly could cause any harm :)

Garrett Payne (17) (@gpayne44) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

Thanks for your response! I’m actually in a similar situation with my girlfriend, although we’ve both been using cannabis in different frequencies and amounts for a couple years prior to meeting one another. We’ve lived together for several months now and I always look forward to our nights of smoking, hanging out and just being with each other.

I absolutely agree that people need to be mature enough to use cannabis properly before they begin experimenting with it. In my opinion, the typical ‘stoner symptom’ of laziness and just generally shirking responsibility has more to do with one’s own habits and internal state than what drugs are being consumed. Being mature and having a solid idea of what you want your life to really be about can only enhance and clarify the insight and perspective that cannabis can bring; otherwise, one can end up wasting a lot of time with cannabis use instead of finding a direction in which to take one’s life.

I too love to use psilocybin and LSD (I much prefer psilocybin personally), although now I use these only very sparingly. When I first came into contact with these substances I was a bit overzealous with my exploration, so now I save these for times when I feel that I need to really delve into my own psyche and realign or discard conceptions and mental models which no longer serve me. I prefer to take psychedelics alone now because the level of introspection I can reach with them is unmatched by anything else I have experienced. I feel like psychedelics are the ultimate microscope for the mind in that they allow me to make connections between various parts of myself and reveal my most basic motivations that then influence my sober actions. Essentially I feel that they give me more power and control as the architect of my own mind. However, taking them with my girlfriend can also be a great experience for both of us and it isn’t always so serious and introspective for the entire duration.

I’m glad that you and your boyfriend can share those experiences together. Hopefully more and more people can discover what cannabis has to offer as legalization spreads :)

Renée (1) (@Renee-Parrinello) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

I can’t partake because of my job. I have to be alert for the people I care for. But, as somebody who has chroni pain and illness, I wonder if it would help with that. I would like the pain killing effects without the looped out bits. 

Daisy Cheng-Milano (0) (@Daisy-Cheng-Milano) 1 year, 2 months ago ago

Hi Garrett,

I just got my medical card here in CT and have been using it legally for a month now due to my PTSD.  I keep my Sativa pen by my computer in my office and my Indica pen by my bedside.  2 puffs of Sativa during the day to help me calm my anxieties and 2 puffs of Indica at night to help me sleep.  Lately, I have days where I don’t even use the Sativa during the day because overall, I’ve been quite calm.  That is an unusual but wonderful feeling because my heart rate isn’t going crazy all the time anymore and I can focus on various things I’m doing and see them to completion.  I feel a bit sad to know that this is what normal feels like, even though I’ve been told numerous times there is no normal; I feel like all my life up to this point could have been better without all the panic attacks and depression :(  Nevertheless, I’m here now thanks to cannabis.  Even though it’s not formally prescribed for me, I will consider this a prescription drug when I do that 30 days of no drugs, alcohol, and caffeine challenge because I am not going back to panic attacks and depression and not do any of the other challenges.  

I understand that cannabis affects different people differently – from my experience, the Sativa strain doesn’t make me feel lazy or unmotivated – in fact, it does the opposite.  I’ve done a lot of creative things, can focus more,  and have been more functionally productive because of it.  I know to use the Indica or hybrid type before bed since my aim is to sleep, it doesn’t matter if I’m lazy then :D  I think that’s the greatest thing about having a legal status… I can pick and choose and use various types to help me achieve different effects.  Not having it legalized narrows only the psychoactive Indica version available to users because recreational users want to get high so they are less apt to get the Sativa version (and those may not be widely available outside the medical arena as well which is a sad thing.)   

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