Will our kids be a new species? Technology and brain processing.

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The point he brings up with autism and the climbing rates with no known cause. In conjunction with the fact that our new technology enhanced lifestyles ARE demanding that our brains be able to process such vast amounts of information at once really struck a chord with me.

There are so many interesting disorders; autism, schizophrenia, down’s syndrome, etc. that go hand in hand with intellectual savants in one way or another. They also can’t be thoroughly explained by modern day science as to why they occur.

Rapid evolutionary mutation is a very very interesting concept indeed. Your thoughts?

July 8, 2012 at 9:43 pm
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@jeslyntweedie, Unfortunately we don’t have the medical data from far back enough to conclude these are new phenomena, or if they now occur in larger proportions. It has crossed my mind that autism, espescially asburger syndrome, could be a beneficial mutation for mankind.
I think it’s entirely possible that we ourselves will become a different species. If the technological singularity occurs in our lifetime, then many of us will merge with machines, creating human cybernetic hybrids. Other than that, without scientific intervention, I think it will probably take millenia to become an entirely different species.
When we do finally settle other planets, I imagine humanity will split into many species. Which would be interesting to see.

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There are around 10,000 different bird species humans named and they still depend on which classification system is used, so it really depends on how humans name it. Interesting talk, but I don’t believe a fast evolution is happening and new species are going to exist.

@imhotep, true, these conditions were discovered just the last century and that is the main reason the diagnosis autism is spreading, it’s more likely to be discovered/diagnosed more, not really increased. Although the fact that people are getting dependent too much on technology (TV, Internet, video games, not playing much outside, but smoking weed instead) and becoming more anti-social – may have an effect on kids with their communication and perception skills.

Also, I can’t get into the idea that “like-minded” people really exist, people like to change their minds all the time and treat themselves however they choose, even if they don’t have have a choice.

What I don’t understand is how this talk starts with saying that the researches were terribly abused and misunderstood over the last century, because of human stupidity and now there is another radical theory that new species are going to develop. Yep, it is arrogant in my opinion.

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