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would like to open up a discussion of peoples thoughts on “the sacred name of God” or Yod He Vau He. I’m reading “the lost teachings of atlantis” and this part in the book is really interesting, something to do with pyr a mid or fire in the middle. when i do the yod he vau he mantra in the mirror, light takes on a different quality and my face kinda shifts around. I kind of feel like I am God and I am everything. Would like to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject!!! :D

August 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm
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It does sound interesting. I am not familiar at all with this. Can you explain more about this he vau he mantra?

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@beyond, this is the excerpt from “The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis” by Jon Peniel
The Name of God that is the Formula for Creation
As I studied various ancient texts in the library, I found it amazing that there were so many different names for God. Not gods. But different names for the “One God”, even within the same religion sometimes. For instance, Elohim, Jehova, the God of Abraham, etc.. As Gabriel was putting away some scrolls behind the table I was studying at, I asked about this.
“Why are there so many names for the Universal Spirit?”
“Ah, it is a question. Sometimes it is because of different cultures or languages, sometimes it is because of translations from one culture or language to another, sometimes it is translations within one culture, sometimes it is for control and con- fusion – to change the truth or meaning of God.”
“What is the most ancient name for the Universal Spirit? Great trivia question, isn’t it?”
“Trivia?” “Yes, like a game show or something?” “Game show?” Gabriel was an elder Adept monk, who had been there a long time, not to
mention that he was also a librarian after all. I may as well been asking him about Disco music. So I dropped it, and went back to the original question.
“The most ancient name for the Universal Spirit, is Yod He Vau He. But this ancient name is far more than just what another religion calls their version of the concept of God, or even a name. In fact, it was not meant to really be just a ‘name’ at all. It is from before our time of human manifestation on Earth. It is the physi- cal word equivalent of a vibrational, or thought form. It is an actual representation of the Universal Law that governs the ‘primary pattern’ [discussed earlier]. The name itself, is the key to creation, and the representation of the Universal Law of polarities, and the replication/reproduction of all vibration. And remember, EVERYTHING is vibration. Contained in this one name for the One, is the actual formula for creation, and the manifestation of all life within the One. Thus this name of God, is probably the single most significant metaphysical concept there is.”
“It sounds pretty deep and heavy.”
“No. It is the simplest thing in the Universe, just the hardest to really under- stand by the un-initiated, and unenlightened.”
“There’s no way I’ll be able to get it then.”
“Not at all. ‘The name’ is represented by four letters of what is now called the Hebrew alphabet, which have numerical, as well as symbolic, meanings.”
“Oh, that is very clear now…”, I said respectfully but with playful sarcasm. “So
what is the name already!?” “I told you, Yod-He-Vau-He (YHVH) [allegedly Pronounced Yohd-Hay-Vah-
Hay].” “Right, I’m sorry, I got off on the letters and numerology thing.” “You asked about why different names for God within the same religion. This
is one that was changed through time, translation, and misinterpretation, to many variations of the original, including, within several religions. Consider the similari – ties: Yahweh, Ya-Ho-Wah-Ho (YHWH), Ya-Ho-Wa, and Je-Ho-Vah, to name a few (Jehovah and Yahweh stuck pretty well). YHVH is also sometimes referred to as “the tetragrammaton” in magic and metaphysic circles. The first part, which was
the positive polarity or “father” part of the name of God, was Yod, yes? See the similarity there even – Yod, God, Yod, God – not to hard to change through time and even pronunciation.”
“Yes, someone with a lisp or speech impediment could have started a whole new name of God to fight over.”
“Ah… yes, I suppose that could be.
The ancient teachings say that ‘He who can pronounce this name properly opens the gates of heaven’. This saying is vastly misunderstood. But even now, in some major religions it is forbidden to even attempt to pronounce YHVH.”
“In the early days of ‘religion’, certain ‘priests’ or high priests in power posi- tions, who wanted more power, didn’t want the common people to know this great key. They wanted people to need to go to the priests and turn to the religion for their understanding of God and spiritual matters.”
“Hey – how else are you going to make a buck and control everyone???”
“Exactly. This gave them great power and control, so they hid the name, changed the name, or made it forbidden to say by anyone other than the ‘high holy people’.”
I later asked Zain more about it, and he not only explained the details of the name, but taught me how to chant it as a meditation. It created major changes in my consciousness.
“The symbolism and structure of Yod-He-Vau-He is simple, yet deeply pro- found. And when its few simple elements combine, they give birth to the entire complexity of life. In part, YHVH represents that perfect simple pattern we spoke of earlier – the atom or solar system. It also speaks of human procreation, and stel- lar/planetary procreation. The first part, “Yod”, represents the positive (+), “Sun”, “light”, “the Father” principles. The first “He” represents the “negative”, not in the sense of “bad” or “evil”, but in the sense of (-), negative polarity, pure dark- ness like that of the void of space, the receptive, the Mother principles. “Vau” is the meeting of Yod and He; the place of interplay, intercourse, and combining of the first two principles. It is its own principle, and the place of conception of, and the birth of, the second “He” (again, pronounced “hay”). The second “He” is the offspring of Yod and He, the result of their interaction, their subsequent creation. The second “He” has the same attributes as its Father, the Yod, in that it actually IS a Yod in its own macro or microcosmic realm. The second “He” is on a vibra- tional plane an octave apart. The second “He” begins the cycle (Yod-He-Vau-He) again, but AS THE YOD in micro-cosm or macro-cosm, and its polarity is reversed from its “father” YOD. Interestingly, the “father” principle, Yod, was distorted through translation over time from “Yod” into “God”, which is also often given a “father” principle connotation.”
This took me some time and deep contemplation to grasp the entirety of, and the great significance of it. But I eventually did. In fact, it ultimately led to a great deal of scientific research I conducted, applying the name to light, sound, and music. I have included some other profound aspects, and an attempt at giving you examples that may help certain of you understand it better. Understanding vibration and music can make it easier.
The cycle of YHVH creation continues as an Infinite spiral. It can best be
understood intuitively, but maybe these illustrations will help a bit.
(Infinite HE
vibrational VAU
spiral) HE/YOD
YHVH makes a spiral (similar to DNA double helix don’t you think?), each Yod in the same place on a circle of the spiral, but just above, or just below – on its own circle. These are “octaves” of vibration, and can represent a micro or macro-cosm world of existence.
To further help understand the way YHVH works, consider the vibrational realm of sound, and facts relating to music.
A common frequency of the musical note of “A” that is universally used to tune instruments, is 440 cycles per second (also called 440 hertz [hz]). But there are an infinite number of “octaves” of “A”, above and below 440hz. For instance, the next octave of “A” above that is exactly double, exactly times 2 – i.e., 880 cycles per second, whereas the octave of “A” below that is 220 cycles per second, exactly half, exactly divided by 2. Note that the next higher note of “A” is exactly double, and the next higher one from that is exactly double, etc., and that vibrational doubling will go on infinitely, even after it goes beyond the realm of sound. Likewise, the next lower note of “A” is exactly half the frequency, etc., etc.,
“A” x 2 = “A” x 2 = “A” x 2 = “A” x 2 = “A” (etc., continuing infinitely)
55hz 110hz 220hz 440hz 880hz (etc., continuing infinitely) octave octave octave octave octave
The “A” represents YOD; the multiplication by 2, represents the HE, and its intercourse (VAU) with the YOD; the next octave is the second HE, which is the off- spring or creation of the YOD and HE’s intercourse (VAU).
Below is another way of looking at it. In this example, the YOD and the first HE are of equal value (hz), and the combining or intercourse of the two (VAU) is represented by the equals sign (=). The numbers shown below the YHVH’s are the cycles per second of octaves of “A”.
YOD + HE = HE/YOD + HE = HE/YOD + HE = HE/YOD 110 + 110 = 220 + 220 = 440 + 440 = 880 (again, this continues infinitely up and infinitely down)
Don’t be frustrated if you don’t understand it easily or even for quite a while. I didn’t. Then one day it just hit me and all fell into place.
Yod-He-Vau-He represents many things in One. It is comprised of a numero- logical sequence that represents all things in the first four numbers. Einstein said
we never need to count more than four to understand all things. He understood YHVH. Here are the One, Two, Three. Four. Such as: the Infinite ONE; TWO: the dichotomy, polarities positive and negative, Yin and Yang; THREE: the three- fold nature of spiritual, mental, and physical; the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; etc.. FOUR: the rebirth, the offspring, the cross, crucifixion and the transition to a new plane. Thus YHVH is both the formula of the “primary pattern” – and the formula for the procreation of the primary pattern.
YHVH’s most important representation is: the means of transition and mani- festation of creation infinitely throughout ALL. As we have partially shown, this may be seen through studying the Law as it is reflected in music. In one octave of vibration is a Universe! Every octave is a duplicate of another except that it is of a higher or lower frequency. The note “A” is an “A” whether it is played in the high- est octave of an instrument range, or the lowest. As the frequency of vibration increases, and goes beyond the range of hearing, it eventually comes within the range of sight. But the same law that dictates the repeating notes of various octaves holds true. Colors are like the notes in the octave of vision. Each color has a “note” – each color is a note, each note is a color. This principle allows you to find any note, in the “octave” of any vibrational frequency band. For instance, you can take the frequency of 440 for the note “A”, and keep doubling it to find the higher octaves. You can keep doubling it past the frequency band of sound, and on into the frequency band of light. You can then match your figures against the known frequencies for colors of light, and precisely determine the color of each note! Who could have imagined you could do such a scientific thing using the oldest name of God?
If one truly understands YHVH, one understands the Law governing all vibra- tion, and all creation.

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That is a very complicated way to look at the name of God. I read in the Bible that Jehovah, Yahweh, YHWH, or however you want to put it, simply means “He who causes to become” which can be expanded to mean “That which comes forth from his mouth returns to him fulfilled”
Elijah is a common Jewish, Christian and Muslim name which, when translated means Jah is Eli=Allah=God Jah is God, so simply Jah is an acceptable name for God.

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St Emilion (2,989) (@manimal) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

I like Neville Goddard’s explanation a lot. Though there are many great translations of the name of Jahovah.

The interesting things about those old languages is that every letter is a word on its own, and each of those words has a few different meanings, that all have something in common.

Jod is a hand, He is a window or eye, Vau is a nail. The hand can also mean man, the window or eye can mean consciousness, the nail could be anything which ties together, such as the word “and.”

Thus, you got man + consciousness + consciousness = Jahovah. Man which is conscious of his consciousness. The omnipresent observer.

God in man is Elýon or Elion, El (god) + yon (supreme/most high)
= Elion. God most high. This is the “almighty wise lord god,” but it can refer to Lucifer (the lightbringer, wisdom) or Satan (“lord of destruction,” God of the land, the destructive forces of nature) or any of the Elohim (gods, or the aspects of the one God.)

Though the so called “ultimate” name of God is Jarbulon, not Jahweh or El. Jah (divine) + baal (lord) + on (supreme) = Jahbaalon = Jarbulon. Divine lord supreme. Believers thought this word alone was very powerful, that it could grant you supernatural powers and what not, crazy stuff. I think it just sounds like the name of a cartoon alien though. Jarbulon is the favoured “name of god” for those strange cabalists and spiritualists that there are so many weird stories about.

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@manimal, Absolutely, every letter is a word on its own and accademics can gather from their study of ancient texts what they could mean but as the orginal languages that these were written in are officially dead languages, we can never truly be certain of their exact meaning.
The language Abraham spoke was no doubt different from that of Moses (but a lot of the faith survived by word of mouth, or perhaps some kind of writting, from Abraham to Moses) and when the Jews went into captivity in Babylon, the writtings of Moses only survived by word of mouth and the very language they spoke going into captivity was vastly different from the language they spoke going out of captivity.
Then there was Persian, Greek and Aramaic influences that changed things up yet again. What they are left with is basically a Chinese wisper of the meanings and pronounciations that Moses, and Abraham before him, intended.

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St Emilion (2,989) (@manimal) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

@trek79 That is assuming that Abrahamn and Moses existed, and weren’t just fictional characters or symbols. There is no evidence to support that they ever existed, so that can be tricky.

As for the influences of other languages, there are many things that seem to imply that the material that became the holy book was gathered from all over the middle east, and even beyond that, Egypt and India for example. The holy book seems to be nothing more than a compilation of various teachings of the ancient mystics. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Christianity, paganism 2.0” before.

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@manimal, Yes, a lot of it has similarities with Brahman, Egyptian and even ideas put forth by Hammurabi code. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_of_Hammurabi
And when you look into ideas like what is on here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_years_of_Jesus
The Bible says that Abraham, if you believe he existed, was from the East, and a lot of religious people doubt it he was from as far as India, but it would make a lot of sense as far as Hindu, Krishna and Buddhist philosophies have similarity. Also it is said that Jesus was taken to the land of his forefather Abraham as a child to protect him from Herod, and that is obviously not Egypt but in the East.
So basically you can see strait up all the confusion surrounding the real history, and like you said, if there actually was historical events associate or if they are simply tools for providing the people with some solid root in origin. If you add up the lifespans of pre-Abraham ancestors then it arrives at points in history where there is overwhelming evidence of heaps of people and early cultures.
That is contradictory in many ways, including the Biblical reference to the time of Noah, there is activity of prospering ancient cultures that were not destroyed by any such flood. The only possible way for it to have any merit is if they are talking in family dynasties, rather than just one person at a time, that could span hundreds of years each over a period ranging as far back as 10,000 years, the last time an apocalyptic deluge struck the world. (but even then, no where near all of humanity was wiped out leaving one family to rebuild, there were many survivors of that)

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The east and the south etc, even names associated with countries and geographical places, they all have other meanings too. They didn’t have as many words back then, so they used the same word to refer to several different things, with some kind of similarity. Kind of like how the greeks talked about the bronze sky, when the sky isn’t bronze colored at all.

Many of the stories of the bible actually refer to biological processes within the body, or workings of the mind. You know, back then you couldn’t just describe things to people like we do today because they didn’t have much science and no agreed-upon terms and explanations. So they referred to the various variables of the things they wanted to explain as people, just like we still often do when teaching children. Egypt, for example, could refer to the small intestine, and Jordan to the spinal cord, Jericho to the cerebellum and God to the cerebrum.

Biblical places often have names that hint at this too. Golgotha means “base of skull” and there are three nerve crossings (the crosses where Jesus and the gang were crucified) there, bethlehem means “house of bread” which is the belly. Jericho means place of scent, it is walled in, just like the cerebellum which is responsible for the perception of scent is covered from all sides. Johannes (john the baptist) means “oil,” Jesus (yashuah) means “fish,” John baptized Jesus in the Jordan and he became christ, the oil in the spine baptized the “fish” to christen it. This sounds awfully similar to the so called kundalini process.

So the great flood most likely isn’t talking about an actual flood at all. It’s some kind of analogy for something else, most likely something relating to the human mind or body.

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Ray Butler (1,421)M (@trek79) 4 years, 5 months ago ago

An ancient Greys Anatomy has a lot of merit, I can see that. Sure they did not have the technology to study human functions back then but they did have three main things: 1) Time 2) Human subjects and 3) None of the binding protocols for human subjects that we have now.
It is both an intreguing and scary prospect as to, not so much the study of humans but the way they fugured out the functions of each part. I’m talking about opening up the skull and experimenting with live subjects, even conscious subjects who were present of mind enough to explain what was happening as the surgeon was tinkering.
Given an experienced surgeon and a large supply of co-operative patients, progress into studying the human brain and its functions could produce incredible results. As morbid as that sounds.@manimal,

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@beyond Oh! I forgot to add about the mantra, here is what it says, remember its important you read what I posted before because its important you understand what Yod He Vau He means, you aren’t just dogmatically reciting words~
Mirror Exercise-Chanting
As we said elsewhere, the Children of the Law of One were the most knowledgeable in the advanced Atlantean vibrational sciences. “Modern” science has just begun to consider things like the physical health effects of electromagnetic fields from power lines, computers, TV’s, etc.. And they have only recently discovered that the body has bio-electric and energy fields, and even the brain gives off electricity in the form of brainwaves.
We have always known that people are always transmitting various energies, and always receptive to various energies.
One of the mechanisms of energy transfer, is through the eyes. The left eye is receptive to vibration, the right eye transmits. Doing the following meditation regularly will, over time, train you to be in the habit of looking into a person’s left eye (which to you will be on your right). This will allow you to instantly “plug in” to their vibration, transmit yours, and avoid being unduly affected or influenced by energy coming through their eyes into yours.
The mirror exercise develops: Concentration; Self-discipline; Your abilities to “read” higher frequency vibrations/”auras”; Your visual communication abilities; Your abilities to influence others via energies transmitted through the eyes; Your abilities to defend against others influencing you through the eyes; Awareness of previous incarnations of yourself and others; Your circumvent force (the area of vibrational influence that surrounds you like a giant aura).
This exercise should be done in a darkened room, using a candle or two in front of the mirror you’re using. The mirror need not be large; as long as you can see your eyes it’s fine, although it’s more desirable to see your entire face. The mir- ror should be placed one to two feet from your face.
If you can, burn a little pure (crystal, gum, or powder) incense before starting the exercise (Frankincense & Myrrh are strongly recommended if possible).
You may either sit on the floor or in a chair, whichever is most comfortable for you; the important thing is to keep your spine straight & erect.
To begin the exercise, look into the eye of your reflection that is on your right side (this would actually be your right eye) and start chanting a mantra. Refrain from blinking if you can, especially when you are seeing phenomenon or other faces (it can jolt you out of the altered state that is allowing you to see these things). Continue doing the exercise for at least ten minutes. A half-hour will generally yield more results.
Selecting a Mantra
Select a mantra (word or words used for chanting) that you feel drawn to. “Om” and “Yod-He-Vau-He” are both excellent mantras. A mantra helps develop concentration, and can affect you in many ways through the vibration of sounding the words. It can stimulate upper chakras, stimulate your attunement to the “sound current” of the Universe and thus Universal Consciousness, and invoke the energy of all the chanting that has been done throughout time, by those who have used that same chant. But it is also important that you understand the meaning of the mantra you choose, and it is best if it represents a profound idea or ideal. We have already described the meaning of Yod-He-Vau-He in the chapter on vibration.
You may experience a great deal of phenomenon doing this exercise, i.e., seeing all kinds of faces from past lives, “auras” etc. Whatever you experience, stay focused on what you are doing, don’t allow anything to lure your attention away. You may come to experience what some call “The Dweller on the Threshold”, the hideous devil that is nothing but your selfish separate self, your fears, desires, etc., (discussed in the chapter on the death experience). If you do, let me remind you that the Dweller is also “The Angel guarding the Gates of Eden”, and the only way you can pass, is through love, Unselfish Love. Look that beast right in the eye and love it. In this way you can transcend self and return to Paradise, Oneness with the Universal Spirit.

~~~I have done this meditation a lot and let me tell you, i have seen CRAZY SHIT, its like tripping but you arent on drugs, for a year when I was really into this stuff I didn’t drink/smoke anything/do any drugs at all, and I was vegan and fasted on the reg (now i am kinda going down the left hand path, but thats another story). I’ve done the meditation tripping too and it is EXTRA WEIRD, its strange when I am tripping and look at people in the eye and do this, their face looks like a kind of picasso painting of what I think I look like, and somehow their eye is more my eye, than my own eye, sounds weird but its the only way I can describe it. Also one time I took mushrooms and or acid, maybe both, i dont remember, but one of my friends seemed to turn into this sort of intergallactic slug monster, like really turned into it, it freaked the fuck out of me, i felt like i was seeing something that i wasnt supposed to see and maybe the monster could trap me in its dimension or something, and then my friend came into the house from work, he wasnt tripping at all, he looked fine but if i looked at him in the same way i looked at my other friend, i also saw another slug monster, and my friend said that my form started to distort and get all weird, and he wasnt tripping or anything. Me and my sister used to do the meditation facing eachother, with a candle lit in a pitch dark room. For some reason being in a dark room with just a candle lit makes you see more, something about the flicker on the face, but anyway, she said she would see my face look like i was screaming but i was just sitting there, another time she said i disappeared and she could see behind me (that was in daylight tho), many times saw various different people. She looked like an old woman and various other people too. Let me know if you try it!!! :D Live One Vibrational Energy!!!

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With the tuning at 440, which wAs mandated to replace the natural tuning of 432, it’s instigation wAs at Rockefeller and goebells insistence.  Before that it followed along the line of sacred geometry, perfectly.  Can you tell me how this would change the configurations of your explanation?  

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