your friend is a prostitute, what would you say to her about it? I am prostitute

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I didn’t start it because of money.

I was bored of my life and wanted something new and exciting. I’ve been doing it since beginning of this year and never told anybody because I have no ideia how are they going to react it.  And I really feel to talk about it…

Feel free to ask me whatever you want as long as you tell me what you think about whores!

April 18, 2017 at 4:01 pm
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Peter (116) (@Gismo) 2 months ago ago

I think I would say that there’s alot of other new and exciting oppertunities out there you could try ;-) but I’m not here to judge you, if you want to do that, have tried it and want to do it again, then it’s a free world and it’s your life experience – like with drugs I believe everybody should be allowed to follow their own gutfeeling/intuition and learn/grow from experiences.. Though I would be afraid that you’re suddenly thrown into a situation that ends up overstepping your boundaries, but then again I don’t know under what circumstances you’re doing it, etc. – mostly I have the assumption that whoever’s doing it, is doing it because of money and/or lack of choices, so it’s “interesting” to me that you would choose to do so by yourself..  I don’t see it as love being expressed but some sort of basic/primitive desire furfillment which only last for so long untill the person tries to fill that void again with something else, so I wonder what you’re gaining from it or if you’re in some way doing the same thing?

In relation to talking about it with others you’re probably gonna encounter alot of stigma/dogma, but if you feel like talking about it, I hope you have some friend(s) you are very comfortable with that you can start sharing it with ’cause it’s something new and it would probably be good to talk it through with someone who knows you well.. and it IS something you’re doing, so it IS.. we shouldn’t run from or hide what IS, but society/culture makes it so.. 

There’s a thought arising that maybe sometimes, because of boredom or “too much standstill” we can start doing “extreme” actions to stir up the situation we find ourselves in, but maybe the action isn’t the answer, but the feeling or “question” that brough about the action, is.. I don’t know, but I’d look at what brought about this random choice of path and make sure that it’s what you really want and not just a move Away from something rather than Towards something – and I’m of course saying this from a cultural imprinted attitude that I don’t like prostitution even though I’ve never tried it, but honestly I don’t see myself going that route as it just doesn’t appeal to me..  I wish you the best of luck in life, with or without prostitution! :-) 

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chopsticks (3) (@chopsticks) 1 month, 3 weeks ago ago

If they weren’t doing it out of financial need, all I’d say is be careful and be safe, learn self defense, make sure someone always knows where you are and who you’re with, and never ever work for a pimp.

Everyone I know who’s done it has done it out of desperation, not because they thought it would be fun. They all used a lot of drugs to keep themselves calm and to make the actual sex bearable, and they usually worked in teams of two because it’s too dangerous around here to work alone. Too many times they’d wind up getting forced to do something they didn’t agree to and then they wouldn’t get paid. It’s not glamourous, but it isn’t my place to tell anybody what they should or shouldn’t meddle in for some jollies.

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