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You are GOD *Feat. Bashar & Abraham* NEW

As a grid worker, 95% of the work I do (for the detriment of my poor little ego) is unconscious to me, and it should remain that way for good reasons. But the 5% left is any way, means or form I have...

Breaking 2Night – Eric Prydz & OceanLabs

Original songs : Ocean Labs – Breaking Ties Eric Prydz – 2Night

Martin Solveig Smash Episode #4 “The Night Out”

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Alive Inside Clip of Henry.m4v

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments. Check out to learn more! This is an excerpt from Alive Inside, a documentary about the Music and Memory nonprofit...

One year in 40 seconds

One year in 40 seconds


An animation describing Conway's cellular automaton and game of life.

Meditate Everywhere with Tara Stiles Meditation everywhere! Deep breaths! Upload a video of you meditating. Would love to see you! xo

What we can do in 15 years.

Bill Gates quoting Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Thumbed up my Mark Zuckerburg.

You want to Know God? – Feel & Heal your FUCKING Shadow

Unless we heal our ‘Dark’ Stuff – we’ll never really know God, ‘Save the Planet’, Create Peace, Stop Polluting, stop killing animals etc. or Heal anything. Tobias...

A Message the real Jesus(yeshua) Christ Would Tell You.

Jesus H Christ, it’s a reupload, I felt its an important message.

Andrea Gibson – “Birthday” (Keuka College – September 30, 2009)

Andrea Gibson performing “Birthday” at Keuka College in Penn Yan, NY, on September 30, 2009. Part of the upcoming Elephant Engine High Dive Revival DVD.

Society of the Spectacle: Is Donald Trump the End of Politics?

8-Bit Philosophy have really outdone themselves this time. You will never view our culture and society the same way after watching this.

The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience | OFFICIAL RELEASE 2011

Please consider donating $1 to our next documentary Please support the film in this festival!!...

Bashar | 2012 For more wisdom visit If you’re the formal owner of this content and you don’t like this to be shared, contact me personally and I shall...

Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover)

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World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary – In Real Life by Anthony Rosner

Like many gamers, Anthony Rosner became addicted to World of Warcraft, to the point where it affected his personal life outside the game. But with a strength of will that any video game hero would be...