Understanding the hunt for Earth 2.0

The hunt for ‘Earth 2.0’ is amazing. But it’s also not being explained well to the general public. It will be a while before we truly see an Earth 2.0. On Voyages, I explore the most interesting stories in the world of astronomy.

  • Dhyan (37) August 6, 2015

    I hope we wil not find another planet, we don’t do a lot of good to planets

  • Eyeofpanther (7) August 7, 2015

    How about all of those scientists work on taking care of what we do have first, cleaning up our crap, and being sustainable before we go gallivanting off to someone else’s planet and try to “colonize” aka steal it like white people have done since the beginning of civilization

    • Dhyan (37) August 7, 2015

      White people? Sorry but get your facts straight, yach!