1. Russell Brand seems to think there’s something wrong with the world, and we need a “revolution”.

2. Which is completely absurd.

3. The world is perfect as it is.

4. For a start, wealth is distributed according to work ethic and talent.

5. Everyone has their basic needs met.

6. Because 1% of the wealthiest people on the planet like to share.

7. The people who run our country care deeply about improving our futures.

8. And would never steal from us by using the ‘expenses loophole’.

expenses scandal

9. Or allow big businesses to avoid taxation.

10. I wish people would shut up about equal rights too.

11. Women get treated fairly in society. 

12. Racial minorities never get discriminated against.

13. Or murdered by enforcers of justice for no reason.

14. The slave trade ended hundreds of years ago.

15. Also, everyone is allowed to express their sexuality.

16. Including their beautiful and unique identity.

transgender identity

17. It helps that we care so much about mother nature.

18. Especially the way we treat earth’s creatures with love.

animal poaching tiger

19. And preserve their natural habitat.

Deforestation animals

20. Which, of course, means our own too.

21. Climate change? It’s a complete myth. Get over it.

22. There’s no evidence.

climate change

23. If only people looked outside, you’d see there are no problems.

 Syrian Free Fighter

24. The best thing to do is accept the way things are.

Martin Luther King Jr.

25. Why make a fuss?

26. Or waste your life worrying about things that can’t change?

nelson mandela speech

27. #YOLO.

selfie with homeless person

28. #ThrowBackThursday.

29. Seriously, we don’t need no revolution.

starving child death rate

30. There are more important things to worry about.

russell brand hypocrite

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