There is a massive stigma associated with “drugs,” making the majority of the population think that every drug from salvia to heroin is unhealthy and addicting. With a little bit of research, however, this stereotype is easily disproved…well at least for the good drugs. Here is a list of those safe and enjoyable additives to life:

1) Shrooms a.k.a. Magic Mushrooms, Mucks, Ooms, Caps
Duration: 4-7 Hours — Average Street Value: $20 per 1/8th gram

Far from popular belief, shrooms do not attain their effect by making your brain bleed into your spinal cord. Psilocybe mushrooms are metabolized into Psilocin, which mirrors other neurotransmitters in the brain. When the Psilocin reaches the brain, they fit into receptors which results in over-stimulation or “trips.” Among the effects of these trips are:
– mood life/giddiness
– intense feelings of wonder
– closed and open eyed visuals
– vision looks like it is in High Definition due to large pupils
– creative and profound thinking
– paradoxical thinking and deep change in psyche
– physical pleasure

Yes, bad trips do happen. If a person goes into a trip with any sort of fear, anxiety, sadness or any other negative emotion, they risk experiencing very disturbing imagery and feelings. However, bad trips can be ended easily by trip-setters, or sober people that look after those under the influence of mushrooms. A warm, loving hug and words of assurance do wonders at turning a bad trip into something profoundly positive.
Note: While mushrooms are poisonous, which is the reason one feels their effects, you cannot die from eating them. Keep in mind alcohol is a poison too!

2) LSD a.k.a. Acid, Cids, Blotter, Tabs, Electric Kool-Aid, California Sunshine
Duration: 6-8 Hours — Average Street Value: $5 per/tab (50-150 micrograms of LSD)

The term “Acid” has come to have a very negative connotation, however LSD is one of the safest drugs out there despite its Schedule 1 categorization by the FDA. Developed by Albert Hoffman in 1938 to stimulate circulation, LSD is now used recreationally to induce visually-astonishing trips and life-changing experiences. Although scientists are not entirely sure how the lysergic acid in LSD stimulates said effects, they are sure that there are no long term effects on the body except for occasional flashbacks experienced by a small percentage of users. Acid is ingested into the body in the liquid form, usually on individually sold tabs or blotters, but can also be found simply in the liquid form. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless so LSD can be dropped onto anything edible and eaten with no discomfort whatsoever. What follows is up to 12 hours of tripping, characterized by:
– closed and open-eyed visuals
– morphing of objects
– lights and sounds are more vibrant
– synesthesia
– unusual thoughts and ideas
– feeling of being able to go beyond the mind’s normal boundaries
– mood lift
– change in perception of time
– light trails and halos coming from moving objects

As with most drugs, there can be some temporary side-effects including nausea, panic, confusion, fear and other small physical changes such as pupil dilation and goose bumps. A little stomach sickness, however, is going to be the last thing on your mind after you see the world around you move in ways that you never thought possible. As with shrooms, users should only ingest LSD in a safe and comfortable environment in the company of at least one trusted friend. Users should also pick a day with no responsibilities and one when they are in high spirits in order to reduce the chance of having a bad trip. It is also recommended to try shrooms prior to LSD because shrooms are the less intense of the two psychedelics. Happy tripping!