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It is all about the community.

We created HighExistence with simple goal in mind - to connect freethinking individuals who strive for a higher existence in order to help each other to rise above the norm. We present personal stories, self-improvement techniques, philosophical musings and spiritual reflections in a highly engaging form which leaves our readers with a sense of awe and inspiration.

In the last 5 years HighExistence has grown into a unique community that combines the latest scientific knowledge with wisdom traditions of the past in order to bring happiness and a more meaningful existence in people's lives. We encourage others to explore their own minds so we can work together and create a sustainable and nourishing future for all beings on planet earth.

We reach well over a million unique organic visitors a month through various sized social media channels, our inhouse e-mail list, podcasts and community relations all around the web.

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The Numbers

  • 3 million page views / month
  • 1 million unique visitors / month
  • 16,732 email subscribers
  • 137,352 registered users
  • 0 Facebook fans

Audience Demographics

  • 85% under the age of 30
  • Top Geographics: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India