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Midnight Gospel: Being, Doing, and the Search for the Self

An examination of being itself through the lens of Midnight Gospel.

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Acceptance is the Key That Unlocks Human Flourishing

Turning pain and suffering into success and flourishing through radical acceptance.

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Patrick McKeown: How to Breathe in a Pandemic [Video]

The nose is a remarkable organ. The more you breathe through it, the better it works, and that’s something we’ve seen with thousands and thousands of individuals. Patrick McKeown, HEx Podcast #38 Patrick McKeown is the author of the acclaimed The Oxygen Advantage. I was first recommended this book by my friend and mentor Justin

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The Productivity Ninja Manifesto: Change Your Life One Task at a Time

That’s why some of this stuff is not a joke. We’re talking months of work—useful work—not busy work, not garbage work, but useful work done in days. At the beginning we asked the question, ‘Can you be productive to build the life you want?’ Imagine if you could move this quickly toward the thing you

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Use Ancient Stoicism To Transmute Anxiety, Worry, and Fear into Unshakeable Confidence and Resilience

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