The Ascent

You're among the few to been invited to this unique transformational journey.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Pursue your highest calling, discover meaningful work, and share your unique gifts alongside a like-minded tribe.

Highlight Blindspots and Built Momentum in Weekly Mastermind Sessions

Every week you’ll join an actionable mastermind session. Here is where you build bonds with the other participants while erasing obstacles from your path and building momentum towards your desired future.

Feel Supported and Energized Through Empowered Community

You will do the ascent with a tight-knit cohort of inspired individuals. They will lift you up and support you. This one ingredient will have a dramatic impact because you will create a self fulfilling prophecy around your progress.

Absorb Wisdom and Learn New Skills With Frequent Deep Dive Workshops

We’re bringing in various experts to share transformational tools and valuable skills. Meditation, breath work, emotional processing techniques, and so much more. You aren’t required to attend each session. You can pick and choose but you’ll have access to all of the recordings so you can watch back later.

Stay On Track With Your Accountability Partner

Well we’re going to partner you with another participant and they will serve as your accountability partner. You’ll have a brief call with them each week so you can celebrate your wins and help each other stay on track.

Retain What You Learn Using “Audio Refuels”

Have you ever read a book and hardly retained anything or put it into action? This is not going to happen with The Ascent. Each week you’ll be sent a short audio track to help you review your insights and remind you of your discoveries so the most important lessons don’t get lost in the shuffle.

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